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Lee Roy Mitchell started the Cinemark Theatre brand in Texas fairly recently in 1984.

Interestingly it has expanded globally and is now the biggest movie chain in Brazil.

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Officially the chain states it was founded in 1984, however some evidence suggests it may have been operating as early as 1977.

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The chain is known for its colorful insides and video game arcades.

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Cinemark offers its patrons the opportunity to help improve its service with a survey.

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When you take the Cinemark survey after making a purchase at one of its theaters, you are entered into their monthly sweepstakes for a chance to win free movies for a year, which comes in the form of 52 $10 Cinemark giftcards.

So, take a seat and let’s get started with what the survey prizes are and then go through how to take the survey.

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Cinemark Survey Prizes

Winning the Cinemark survey sweepstakes means you’ll get free movies for an entire year. What a great prize!

  • Free movies for a year at Cinemark theaters
  • Specifically, 52 Cinemark movie passes each valued at $10

**Join Cinemark rewards for even more prizes including free movie tickets:

  • Earn 1 point per $1 spent
  • Advance movie screenings and tickets
  • Redeem points for food, movie tickets and swag
  • Survey Details

    Can Enter1X per period
    LocationUS, District of Columbia
    Purchase necessary to enter?No
    Entry MethodsOnline, Mail

    Take The Cinemark Survey

    You may enter the sweepstakes online or by mail. If you don’t want to make a purchase or do the survey, the mail-in entry is for you.

    No matter which entry method you choose, you are limited to 1 entry per monthly entry period.

    How To Enter Online

    1. Go to a Cinemark and buy something such as a movie ticket or anything where you get a receipt
    2. Hold onto your receipt until you have access to internet and a computer
    3. Go online to
    4. Answer all survey questions to be entered into the sweepstakes

    How To Enter By Mail

    The mail-in entry method is for you if you haven’t made a Cinemark purchase or don’t want to take the online survey.

    1. Write by hand your name, address, phone numbers, email, birthday on paper
    2. To be entered in the survey, mail the paper to: “Free Movies for a Year Sweepstakes,” c/o HelloWorld,
      Inc., P.O. Box 5006, Department 833244, Kalamazoo, MI 49003 Homepage

    When you land on the Cinemark survey homepage you’ll be greeted with a classic white and red homepage: Rules

    • Must be 18 years old or older
    • Must be a US or District of Columbia resident
    • No purchase necessary to enter
    • Employees and affiliated people may not enter
    • Mail-in entries are limited to 1 per envelope
    • All entries are limited to 1 per monthly entry period

    To view the winners list after the contest dates go here

    For the full terms and conditions of the Cinemark Survey go here

    Contact Cinemark

    contact cinemark

    Phone: 1-800-CINEMARK, 1-800-246-3627

    Contact Online

26 thoughts on “ ― Take Cinemark® Survey ― Win 1 Year

  1. I love going to see movies at Cinemark’s Valley View on Canal Rd. I took my sister to see Mission Impossible Fallout, enjoyed the movie Also l like to add that the employees are very professional and theater so clean. We both enjoyed are time there. Thank You for your hospitality.

    1. I love going to the movie, s my sister and I take my mom she is 75 years old loved the madea movie and seen a lot if good movies on the preview can’t ware till they come out to.go see them we go to the theater in ashland ky on Winchester great place to go always

  2. The first day 8/16/2]18 opening in Rialto, staff very pleasant and courteous. Staff very attentive, my dad is 89 year old WW2 Veteran he loves it we have been three times already.

    1. I am trying to enter but it will not let me open up the state.When I click on the state it changes color but will not open up

  3. The theater in Palmdale C.A is a complete disaster and the staff very slow, restrooms are not being cleaned .Just a messy situation all over the front entrance..

  4. Customer service oriented, polite and very well service oriented. I wanted to see more movies often . Hsve a good security and very clean movie hkuse, including their bathroom.

  5. I went to and it didn’t allow me to submit! The State function isn’t working. Please check into this. It’s false advertising and misleading to offer contests when the website doesn’t work. Thx.

  6. We will never go back to this theater. A child was crying during the movie. I spoke to the manager who informed me that children are allowed in R rated movies. Theater ID:1076

  7. Access code on survey wants an email address not code fix it . Or this is an invalid survey subject to the laws of TEXAS

  8. I am attempting to complete the survey. When I try to enter the access code it tells me I need to add @. When I attempt it is too many figures and can’t complete entry.

  9. I am always happy to attend this theater due to the ease of buying a ticket, finding my film, easily buying treats, etc. Also it’s only 10 minutes from my house, and I’ve loved moviegoing for most of my life. As far as I’m concerned, you are doing everything right. However, I sometimes question your choice of the movies that you show. Would you consider dedicating one theater to more unusual movies for the arthouse crowd?

  10. I attempted to complete the survey, but it said that there was an error with my email address, but my email address was correct. So, I was not able to complete the survey online.

  11. Am movie buff and attend weekly…Theater ID 479…lovely theater, friendly staff and fantastic recliner seats!!

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