Surveys ― Walmart® Survey, Win $1K

Posted on Fondly known as “the Father of Walmart”, and more specifically and affectionately known as “Mr. Sam”, Sam Walton started the first Walmart in 1950. Walmart started when Sam bought an existing store from Luther E. Harrison in Bentonville, Arkansas and officially named the first Walmart, not Walmart, but “Walton’s 5 & 10”. Sam realized […]

Surveys | Walgreens® Survey

Posted on Did you know that Walgreens literally invented the malted milkshake? Guess the year they invented this wondrous creation? If you guessed 1922 you are correct and deserve a gold star. We are all blessed to have been born after Walgreens invented the malted milkshake. Now, neither the milkshake or Walgreens came out of thin […]

Surveys ― Five Guys® Survey

Posted on We can all thank the Murrell brother’s parents, Jerry and Janie for being the reason Five Guys exists today. In 1986 the parents gave the four brothers an ultimatum that they could either go to college or start a business. The Murrell brothers decided it would be more fun to open a burger joint […]

Surveys ― Dollar Tree® Survey

Posted on The Dollar Tree used to be named “Only $1.00”. In 1993 the owners changed the name from “Only $1.00” to “Dollar Tree” so they would have more price flexibility as inflation and wholesale prices might change in the future. And as we all know (I’m including everyone who has lived on this earth for […]