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Founded May 8, 1959, the Little Caesars pizza chain has been around for quite a while. It has had quite some success and is the third largest fast food pizza chain in the United States.

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One of its famous marketing efforts is its catchphrase “Pizza!Pizza!” meant to signify you can get 2 pizzas from Little Caesars for the price of 1 pizza from a Little Caesar competitor.

They introduced this catchphrase in 1979 and it still stands out from the crowd today.

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You can take the LittleCaesarsListens survey to give the company feedback, and have the chance to win a huge $15,000 prize each monthly survey period.

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Little Caesars prides itself on bringing its best to customers every single day, and this survey allows it to do that.

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Little Caesars Survey Prizes

  • 6 grand prizes awarded, 1 awarded per month
  • Grand prize awarded every month is a $15,000 check Details

Need a purchase to enter?No
Entry MethodsMail, Online
LocationUS, District of Columbia
Receipt Valid For3 days
Online Can Enter1 time per period
Mail Can Enter2 times per period

Contest Dates

Monthly Entry DatesStart Date 12 AM ESTEnd Date 12PM ESTDrawing Date
JanuaryJanuary 1, 2018January 31, 2018February 12, 2018
FebruaryFebruary 1, 2018February 28, 2018March 12, 2018
MarchMarch 1, 2018March 31, 2018April 12, 2018
AprilApril 1, 2018April 30, 2018May 10, 2018
May May 1, 2018May 31, 2018June 12, 2018
JuneJune 1, 2018June 30, 2018July 12, 2018

How To Take The LittleCaesarsListens Survey

No purchase is necessary to enter the Little Caesar’s survey. If you want to enter without a purchase you’ll need to use the mail in entry method.

You may enter a max of 1 time per month using the online entry method, and a max of 2 times per month using the mail in method.

How To Enter Online

  1. Make a purchase at a Little Caeser’s
  2. Keep your receipt so you can enter online
  3. Go online to and answer all survey questions

Remember, you must enter within 3 days of your purchase at Little Caesars, and you can only enter one time per month!

How To Enter With No Purchase

If you want to enter without making a purchase, you’ll need to make a mail-in entry, which is limited to 2 entries per monthly entry period.

  1. Gather a 3″ x 5″ piece of paper
  2. Write your full name, address, phone numbers, email, and birthdate on the paper
  3. Mail your paper to “Little Caesars Listens™ Rewards,” c/o HelloWorld, Inc., P.O. Box 5085, Department 832964,
    Kalamazoo, MI 49003

Remember, max 2 mail-in entries/month! Survey Homepage

When you land on the survey homepage, you’ll see this beautiful orange and white webpage: survey

Little Caesar’s Listens Rules

  • No purchase necessary to enter
  • Must be 18+ years old
  • Must be a US or District of Columbia resident
  • May enter a max of 1 time per monthly period using the online entry method
  • Must enter within 3 days of your receipt date
  • May enter a max of 2 times per monthly period using the mail-in entry method

To see a full winner’s list after the contest has ended go here

For full official rules go here

Contact Little Caesars

contact little caesars

Phone: 1 (800) 722-3727

Contact online

39 thoughts on “ ― Take Official Little Caesar’s® Survey

  1. Just want to make a complaint Sept. 8, 2018 Order #145 at 413 W. Bypass Andalusia, Al. 36420 (334-427-7070) half pepperoni. pizza / half was suppose to be, pepperoni/mushroom/green pepper/onion/Italian sausage/black olives. The pizza had very little pepperoni and had no olives. We ate it because we were not going to be out gas to return and wait for a reorder and wait longer to eat. We rarely are disappointed with Caesars, but this is about the third time we have. We were not charged for the olives, so I’m guessing the lady (Madison) did not hear the request. It’s not big deal, but the lack of pepperoni is a big deal being I am paying for that.

    1. I know how you feel!!!!
      Well I’m very dissatisfied wait time was to long when every one after me was getting there order first store ID 01181-0004 Carson Ca. is this how your training go’s or you need new employees? Yours truly never to return. Thanks for the bad Experience.

  2. The first time I pay a pizza at Alexander City locate I’m told it will be 6 minutes before it is ready. Though even though it’s advertised as hot and ready it is not. I will not be back.

  3. Latasha at your location on Long Point Road in Houston, Texas did a great job of taking care of my order. When it didn’t come out as promised, she went to the back and boxed the pizza herself (once all of the customers up front were helped). Thank you, Latasha!

  4. Little Caesars in Eden N.C. always gives good customer service. I went there yesterday and the young lady that worked the drive thru was awesome.

  5. Lawrenceburg,tn L.C. is worthless! When I walk in to order a pizza,and then be told I can’t buy it before 4pm,is just plain stupid! Will go to a REAL pizza store that sells pizzas in the future!!!

  6. Little caesars in Tacoma Washington was wonderful there always kind and on time with delivery’s I suggest going here.

  7. I don’t like writing bad reviews, but this cannot go unmentioned. I walked in and made an order for pizzas. I didn’t mind the 10 min. Wait. After seeing the commercial for the thin crust pepperoni and cheese, and seeing the cheese all stringy, I just had to have one. I ordered 1 pep. And cheese, and 1- 3 meat. Before I ordered, the girl told me she had some already made. I said NO. I wanted fresh. I should’ve stayed and waited. I left and came back. Took my pizzas home, and they were the worst pizzas I’ve ever had from Caesars. She must have given me the pep and cheese one that was already made, because it seemed over baked, hard, and cheese was brown, not like the commercial. Like it had been sitting. And since when do you cut a pizza in the box. Instead of on a cutting board. There was knife marks on the box. I know I won’t be drawn for the contest, but just thought you should know. This was the Tumwater, wa. Shop. On Trosper Rd.

  8. Went to the Little Caesars in Longwood FL. That place is terribly run. Asked for my pep pizza fresh out the oven along with my onion pizza and the Manager on duty gave me a “whatever floats your boat” comment. Then the pizza had a huge bubble on it that took up 2 slices. The other pizza had a cardboard piece from the folded box ontop of my pizza. 2 pizza and had to wait 30 minutes and only 2 other customers in the lobby. LAST time I go there.

  9. LC on Broadway in everett,wa. Tried to get 2 pies for $19. Gave clerk a $50 Bill. She said they can’t take a bill that large. W TF.
    Scraped up enough small bills and change to get my grandson hid pizza. Will never go to another lc.

  10. The worst customer service ever. We Want in at 9:30 Tuesday night and was given a pizza that look like it was old and there all day. So we told him we would like a fresh cheese made, tylee said yes it does look old. he said their throwing it out and told the guy to make a fresh cheese.
    In 10min. They gave us a pizza said it was fresh. it wasnt they reheated it and gave it to us.
    we came back and told him this pizza is not fresh he said oh. I can make another 1. Knowing what he did. At that point we just got our $ back. Who ever own this location the 2 employees working Tuesday night 1/22/2019. are lazy and very unprofessional.

  11. I do not like the way you guys charge to much for a Hawaiian whit mushroom pizza ($12.50) that is to much while the regular price with out mushrooms is $7.75 and my other 2 pizzas was over cook this on Peoria, Arizona. Cactus & 75 ave…

  12. I went into the location at Golflinks and kolb in Tucson was told is going to be 15 to 20 minutes. I had no problem with that but when it rolled around to 45 minutes and then I had to walk up to the counter to see what’s going on is where the issue comes in. It took 58 minutes to get my pizza after I ordered it standing in line while watching five or so other customers get refunds because they got tired of waiting. When asked to talk to an area director or regional manager, the store manager said you can just report online that’s the only way you can make a complaint. I run a multi million dollar store myself And understand customer service very well being in the retail business . The store manager told me out right that web orders get priority over everybody and that corporate would get upset if they did anything different from what they are told. At that point time I asked for a corporate email or phone number and was told I couldn’t have it that I could only post something on here. His exclamation was minimum-wage was just recently raised and we’re trying to get good qualified candidates in . I couldnt believe what he was telling me give me excuses rather than customer service. For the most part I’m a very understanding person that things happen but was a palled by all the nonsense excuses that I was getting rather than an apology or anything I just got a smirk. I think with the problems that this location is having maybe they should have better trained staff or possibly proper step in the right positions to run the store. The customer service and explanations at this location we’re very unacceptable in the least . I guess at this point I’ll be more than happy to pay a little bit more for pizza that I can have within a reasonable amount of time from other companies. I’m sure nothing will come of this but you guys have my contact info if you would like any further information on this , thanks again .

  13. The African American lady at the little ceasars store located at 200 w Oregon ave 19147 has the best customer service. she greets all the customers, makes sure that you see your pizza before you leave, and even remember regular customers order. everyone leaves with a smile. I hope she can get a promotion or raise because she deserves it!

  14. Not a complainer. This is the third time I’ve returned home in a crummy mod after buying pizza at Little Caesars Leeds, AL.(store ID 03346-00026) My order #731014. When I placed my order, the cashier (Kelly S.) told me my pizza was not currently in the “Hot N Ready” line up so it would take 10 minutes to prepare and asked if that would be okay. I said that was fine, thinking it was only a few minutes wait time. At 15 minutes I made eye contact with the person behind the counter who said “thin crust?”, I said “yes”. She said “it’s coming, be out soon”. At 18 minutes I stood up, crossed my arms and again inquired with eye contact to which the manager-looking person now Lelandbehind the counter. This time she said “it’s working, it will be right out”. At 25 minutes after placing my order they finally brought it out. I had been totally courteous the entire time, but when that same person handed my order to me and said “I’m sorry it took so long” I refused eye contact as I took my pizza and left. She had lied to me. My question to you is, “Does that kind of treatment deserve my two to three pizza per week business?” My wife had a very similar experience there too. We enjoy your food, but can’t abide being lied to!

  15. purchase 2-20-19 La Verne California about 5:45 did not give receipt got the pizza home and it was not that good . First bad experience with your Company I Got the Pretzel Crust looked the it got ran over by a truck.

  16. I just left your 6th ave Decatur, Al store order #186 the lady at the front announced several times it was her
    4th day and she didn’t know how to print tickets. She was very unprofessional and using profanity. She said more than once that the place was already on her f*****g nerves. She was shuffling her feet like she was wearing house shoes. Just not a good experience at all.

  17. The LC in Phoenix AZ 59th AVE & Thomas RD this was the first time this happened but 1 time is enough I went to get pizza there was 1 other gentleman there already I waited for over 10 minutes and no one came out of the back to help us it was about 15 minutes and another 4 people before we got any service. They were all just standing in the back talking to each other not the best way to do business.

  18. Had a good experiance at the drive thru at the myrtle beach store on rt 707. Gina was polite and joined me in the rewards club. Thanks Gina!

  19. I love the thin crust pep’s but, today 3/20/2019 I stopped in for a thin crust and hot and ready. When I got home the crust on the thin crust was so hard it crumbled parts of it was almost black, I could eat the center of the pizza but not around the edge. I was very upset and mad because this was our supper!

  20. Well I’m very dissatisfied wait time was to long when every one after me was getting there order first store ID 01181-0004 Carson Ca. is this how your training go’s or you need new employees? Yours truly never to return. Thanks for the bad Experience.

  21. customer service needs to be taught and professionalism starting with management ! Quality of time is Good but not the customer service at store 03346-00006 phone 205-781-4004 located in Birmingham, AL

  22. Last Thursday I went to get a pizza Thursday night an the door was locked but the sign said open tell 10pm .I went there at 9:30 it was locked. The second time I want was this Monday at 10:20 am the door was locked but it said it was open I knocked on the door no answer I went today Tuesday 20 2019 I asked why they door was locked Monday the worker said he was not working so I asked to talking to manger but blewoff I bought two hotreadypizza but instead of being given my pizza first other customers came in ten minutes later got hot ready pizza before I got my I gruess I have to go to other pizza place for better service.i get the pizza here for quick meal.or snack for when I get up to go to work I work 3rds so it’s quick meal.

  23. I ordered a pizza with half ham and pineapple and onion..on the other half..vegetarian with bacon…It looked like they just threw a bunch of raw vegetables on the vegetarian side and there was NO bacon…I’m sure it was a one-time mistake

  24. I ordered a cheese pizza and a thin crust pizza with BBQ wings and crazy bread I waited in the store for well over 35 min when they said it was be 10 min I waited and waited and waited so I asked was my wings ready they were laughing as they were talking in the back the lady came back out an said it will be five minutes I told them I been there for way over 30 to 40 minutes waiting she said they been buying them up I said how was that I been here for so long even before the pick up window so I asked them for a refund for the wings from the girl at the front register she got the girl from the back to void it off no sorry for the wait or nothing the people in the back was still laughing so I asked for a refund of my whole order all the girl said to me was it will be a couple of days before it go back to my account I waited all that time for nothing

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