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CiCi’s Pizza no longer exists. Now it is called Cici’s.

They took away the “Pizza” section of the name as well as the second capital c. What is up with all the brands taking away the capital letters from their names. *mastercard* I’m taking about you *ahem*.

What is also up with all the pizza brands taking “Pizza” away from their names?! *Dominos* I’m talking about you *ahem*.

Cici’s CEO says the name change was about letting customers know they sell more than just pizza including salad and soups, so I guess that seems reasonable that Cici’s dropped the Pizza part of its name.

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The name change, including the Pizza drop and lower case c, was announced as part of a marketing campaign in November of 2015.

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The store has been around since 1985 when Joe Croce and Mike Cole founded the original location in Plano, Texas.

The chain took off almost as soon as it started and 5 years after its founding it had grown to over 500 locations.

Crazy explosive growth, due to its popularity and the tastiness of its offerings. It is actually the fastest growing pizza chain the US has seen.

cicis pizza

Cici’s is a pizza and American restaurant chain store based currently in Irving, Texas.

Part of its core is the trust it gives those who operate its stores. It “likes to open stores based on handshakes” and trust “independent thinkers” according to the brand’s website My Story page.

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Prize: Coupon to redeem the offer printed on your receipt, offers varies by time and location Survey Details

Purchase Required?Yes
Entry MethodOnline
PrizeCoupon Printed On Receipt

How To Take The Cicis Visit Survey

  1. Buy anything at a Cicis Store
  2. Don’t throw your receipt away, you’ll need it for the next step
  3. Go to the website and select your language to begin the survey
  4. Take the entire survey and answer all questions
  5. At the end you’ll be presented with a screen that gives you a validation code you can bring along with your receipt to redeem the coupon offer printed on your receipt on your next Cicis visit. Homepage

The homepage is divided into two halves by a red line painted over two gorgeous pictures of mouth-wateringly delicious pizza pies. It invites you to choose your survey language either English or Spanish in order to start the survey:

Cicis Survey Rules

  • Must make a purchase
  • Must keep your receipt
  • Must take the online survey to get your coupon code

Contact Cicis

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Contact Cicis Survey Online

Contact Cicis Online

2 thoughts on “ ― Take Cicis® Survey ― Get Coupon

  1. Have a complaint i went 3.23, 19 at store 754 you have advertise pizza 5.99 3.49 child two days ago i went clermont fl the 5.99 was honored but you manager refuse and embarrassing me in front customers had to pay full price 3 adults and was with me also he had 2 adults 3 kids please try make some kind of adjustment for future trips have big family with yearly passes to parks thank you robert alonso

  2. We hadn’t been to your store in over a year because the buffet was nothing but leftovers and scraps so, we decided to see if it got better. Unfortunately, It has gotten worse. First off, the music was set to acid rock/biker tunes and was playing so loud you had to yell to have a conversation. The buffet was so sparse that people were lined up, waiting, and when a pie was put out, it was gone in seconds. The crew in the kitchen wasn’t paying attention to what was piling up at the end of the oven belt. They obviously were there just to suck up hours for a paycheck. There were 3 pies served up and all 3 were jalapeno. I don’t like jalapeno. The cheesy bread was soaking in butter and slightly burnt. The salad bar was in dire need of fresh veg’s. There was NO cinnamon rolls or dessert of any kind. At 5:30 pm, the store should be ready for any crowd with a large variety to choose from , not just 1 or 2. We were charged for 3 drinks and 3 meals. 2 of the drinks were just water and we never got the meal because waiting over 1/2 hour was ridiculous. I asked for a refund and was told that I had to see the manager but he wasn’t there. Ticket #258589 $29.09 I will be sure to put this on Yelp and we won’t return again.

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