Why Us?

Why Us?

Time is your most valuable resource. Why not use it for activities you can do better than anyone else and that are the most high impact cost-effective ways for you to spend your own most valuable resource, time. Why take a best-guess at something crucial to your business’ growth, when there are already existing proven methods to succeed that are ready to be implemented on your business. The value you can add to your business using your most valuable skills combined with your most valuable resource, time, is so high that your time is best spent on those activities.

I deeply care about businesses of all stages, types and sizes and am personally invested in their growth. I’ve felt this way ever since I started my own swimming lesson business in the summers I was home from college.

I know it is not easy and that some people in the 87% majority will smile uneasily, not understanding what you are doing as it is different than anything they have ever known, and they are unable to fit it in their worldview. This is through no fault of theirs, just a different worldview and different experience, however it is much easier to surround yourself with people in the other 13% who have the experience and worldview of creating a business so they can offer support and advice instead of nervous, judgmental smiles.

I know it is not easy and that it takes consistent hard work while also being the thing you think about before going to sleep every night as well as after you wake up in the morning and many times throughout the day. I know it is also incredibly rewarding when you start seeing clients come in and sales increase and realizing that maybe you’re not as crazy as everyone else seems to think.

The first year of my swimming lesson business, I had 3 customers and made so little money compared to the rest of my friends with normal 9-5 jobs that I wondered if it was worth it or if I should give it up and get a job teaching swimming lessons at the community pool the next summer. I decided to stick with it because I knew it had potential. I had a good service (I was Lifeguard and WSI certified and had swum competitively for 15 years competing at State and National levels), and I had fun helping my students learn to swim.

Moral of the story, I stuck with it for the next 2 years, growing my practice to over 30 returning customers, working fewer hours than most of my friends and making more money than most of them at the same time. This was my first experience with starting and growing a business, and what I learned was that the most rewarding part was not the “fewer hours” or “more money”, but the reward of helping others and seeing them succeed in learning a life-saving, valuable skill, as well as tending to and watching my business start from nothing and grow into something valuable.

Now when I work with any business, these are still my favorite parts. I love seeing how the business adds value to its customers’ lives, and I love being a part of that business’ growth.

Let me do what I’m good at (online marketing), while you focus on your strengths and we both help your business grow! Contact me to talk further if interested in learning more.