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Ever wonder how Cracker Barrel got its name?

The dictionary defines “cracker-barrel” as, adjective, “suggestive of the friendly homespun character of a country store.”

cracker barrel country store

This means you could say or even sing a song that says, “I can’t wait for my cracker-barrel visit to Cracker Barrel.”

Not that anyone except you and I would know what you meant!

Unless they happen to read the dictionary for fun or have a very large vocabulary.

The adjective cracker barrel originates from the barrels full of soda crackers that were sold in early 1900s country stores.


The soda crackers were similar to the saltine type crackers we all know and love today.

The visitors to the early 1900 country stores would sit around the soda cracker barrels and chat, much like people congregate around the coffee machine and chat at workplaces.

cracker barrel table

That is how the adjective “cracker barrel” got the “friendly homespun character” part of its definition.

The cracker barrel logo itself tells this story well with its country gentleman leaning on a rocking chair next to a soda cracker barrel, ready to chat with whoever came in the store next.


Cracker Barrel wants to chat with you as well, which is why it asks you to take its online survey at

When you chat with the online survey you’ll be entered to win a sweepstakes prize, keep reading for details below.

cracker barrel fireplacev

Crackerbarrel Survey Prizes

Prizes: Grand Prize winner can choose between following prizes:

  • Cracker Barrel rocking chair (ARV $150), OR
  • $100 Cracker Barrel gift card (ARV $100)

Limit one winner per family or house per sweepstakes period. Details

Survey PrizeRocking Chair or $100 Gift Card, Winner's Choice
Mail-in Entry LimitUnlimited
Online Entry Limit1 Receipt Survey Per Week
Purchase Required?None
Entry MethodsMail, Online Entry Periods

Starts 12:00:01 AM CST on July 1, 2018 and ends 11:59:59 PM CST December 31, 2018

Survey PeriodEntry Period Start: 12:00:01 AM EStEntry Period End: 11:59:59 PM ESTMail-In Entry Received DateSurvey Drawing Date: On or Around

Take The Crackerbarrel Survey

There are two ways to enter the Crackerbarrel Survey, one is online via an invite on your receipt, and the other is via mail, where no purchase is required.

Enter Through Receipt Invite

  1. If you enter via receipt, you are limited to 1 receipt invite entry per week.
  2. To enter via receipt, you’ll need to shop at a Cracker Barrel store
  3. Then you’ll need to look at your receipt to see if you have a survey invite
  4. If you have a survey invite, you can go online to and choose your language to start the survey.
  5. Once you finish the survey you will be automatically entered into the sweepstakes!

Enter Via Mail

  1. There is no purchase required to enter via the mail-in entry option.
  2. Handwrite your name, address, age and phone on a postcard and mail it using first-class mail to:
  3. Cracker Barrel Survey Sweepstakes, PO Box 16500, Rochester, NY 14616.
  4. Mail entries need to be postmarked by the end of an Entry period and received by the mail in dates laid out on the official contest date chart. Homepage

The light gray and blue Crackerbarrel survey homepage is written in both English and Spanish, and gives you the choice to proceed in your language of choice:

Crackerbarrel Survey Rules

  • You are not required to make a purchase to enter the survey
  • You must be a resident of the 50 US States or District of Columbia to enter
  • Minimum age is 18
  • Limit 1 receipt invite entry per week
  • Limit 1 winner per household per sweepstakes period
  • Crackerbarrel employees and those affiliated may not enter
  • Prizes are non-transferable
  • Winners are responsible for all taxes

You can view the full official rules here

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124 thoughts on “ ― Take Cracker Barrel® Survey

  1. Survey not easily negotiated. I’ll just leave comments. Visited store #59, 10-15-18 at 1:38. Ordered GM sample maple 9.69. Received eggs pancakes apples and meat. Big ball of butter on pancakes. Ate eggs meat apples and started on pancake. Finished pancakes and the size of the butter remained the same size throughout meal including two coffees. Just lets you know that the entire meal was room temperature. Poor kitchen management. Won’t visit this location again. It will take awhile to visit any. Sorry. We travel Georgia Alabama Mississippi Arkansas Florida NC And Tn. Visiting children and grandchildren Bye Bye

      1. Could not do survey with my code!
        San Marcos Tx

        I always go to Cracker Barrel, it’s actually one of my favorite restaurants. I was VERY disappointed with my meal…they brought me out pancakes instead of French toast & when the french toast came out it was not cooked & made me sick!

        1. Rehoboth Delaware location. Our food was cold. The manager was useless. The waitress went above and beyond to rectify the disaster of a meal, even after being treated disrespectful by the manager.

      1. There is no way I can access the survey. I get a bunch of ads for Crackerbarrel. but no way to get to the survey. Big disappointment

    1. I visit Cracker Barrel often. Food is always great, and love the shopping. My husband ate there every Saturday when I still worked…arriving at 6:30 when it opened…no waiting for food and waitresses had time to visit with us. My husband is quite the talker. He always got the Pecan Pancakes. If fact they would call out to the cook that a Scott was there. In other words, put on the Pecan Pancakes. My favorite store item is the $19.99 fancy shirts…with bling on the front.
      Bought one this morning, plus a scarf and wedding photo frame. Since my husband died six years ago, I don’t get there by 6:30, more like 9:00. When I take people to the doctor, I then take them to eat lunch at Cracker Barrel. Most are morning appts. One son was in the Navy, and the other on went to A&M. They make a rocker for each one of those. I’d love to winarocker. I’m 76.

    2. Always enjoyed the food and service at the Hamilton location. Ronessa was the best and most pleasant I’ve ever had . The Cracker Barrel south of this location the retail employees I found were too pushy on selling products . Very annoying. Could not navigate the survey on my PC. We will continue to go to Hamilton and request Ronessa.

  2. Store 688
    1331068 erica r.
    Plate did not come as advertised, had to ask for item missing.
    Bread came out about halfway finished meal.
    Waiter came remove plate and removed items that I was still eating.

  3. Survey page won’t open up, error. Visited #281 10-26-18, food & service were great.
    Access code is 281-299-942-713

  4. Store 704 Sterling VA.
    Ordered Steal, medium well, Baked Potato, Salad with French Dressing. Got the Salad with Ranch Dressing, about 10 minutes got Steak, medium rare, baked potato not ready. Brought baked potato half baked, took Steak back, brought another Steak after about 10 minutes, medium rare. My last stop at Cracker Barrel.

  5. We ate lunch at the Cracker Barrel in Temple, tx. we used to go there often, but had stopped for a while because food was awful. Went today, got the lunch special of turkey and dressing. It was absolutely sickening. I found long sprigs of asparagus in my dressing, which should not have been there. Turkey tasted terrible, like processed canned turkey. Won’t go back.

  6. Wow , this is a hard survey to figure out. I went to Store #568 on 11-1-2018…first bday of my dad since passing. Service was good, waitress fine. But had to take my hashbrown casserole to go, none was ready to go with my breakfast. Drove over 45 min to go to a CB. so disappointing. access #568-305-686-231 . On a Thursday, not crowded should not have been out of a popular breakfast item. Thanks

  7. The cracker barrel in horse heads NY.needs serious food was burnt they replaced it with more burnt wife was done with her meal before I received my second cup of coffee.they offered to not charge me.I wasn’t going to pay to be insulted anyway.

  8. All the Cracker Barrels are to cold, you have to wear a coat in them, and they all say the temperature is controlled at the corporate office. Poor management

  9. Visited Cracker Barrel in Gadsden, AL. Store #396. I’ll have to say I’ve never had a bad meal at any Cracker Barrel! The service was great and we have no complaints, except the survey wouldn’t work! Survey code 396-312-086-810. Just send me a free rocking Chair and the $100.00 gift card!

  10. Survey sites sucks, all advertisement. I was trying to complement a server on a job well done and this site offset all of my gratitude! Since you’ve taken my email address I suppose I’ll get sent a barrage of advertisement.
    The question: Is your company worthy of its employees?

  11. Went with my 3 friends last night to the Cracker Barrel in Sellersburg Indiana store #303 and was extremely disappointed with the service and food. We visit the store on occasion and it seems each experience is getting worse. Sorry Cracker Barrel but you “struck out” and we will not be back.

  12. I agree this survey is VERY HARD to get to. IMPOSSIBLE. I worked at a cracker barrel (cashier) for over a year and when we went to store # 89 Lake Park, GA we were expecting an OK meal. My waitress Madison had a beautiful smile and was nice. When our meals arrived I noticed my mashed potatoes were cold but gravy was hot. We pulled Madison over and told her. Within minutes Shaun ,the manager brought me a hot replacement explained that I was so right and apologized. The meal was GREAT. Madison with 4 stars never came back to our table except to drop off our check. Please teach this younger generation to politely ask if everything is ok and do we need anything else before dropping off our check. Dessert would have been nice. I thanked Shaun before I left. Great Manager. Very noticeable. Saturday night and not busy.

  13. Like others the survey page wont open up. WAs not greeted as I entered store which is uncommon for this store. I did get seated right away and my food was tasty and correct. My waitress was very attentive although I am not sure why the jelly is such a premium. I may just start bringing my own. I also had to wait to check out while one clerk was on phone and other was playing with candy This is the Prattville AL store

  14. Can not get the survey to open up! A survey should not be this difficult to take, especially since I was going to give a glowing report on this visit. It is Store #148 in Cape Girardeau, MO. We always enjoy Cracker Barrel and rarely have issues with our experience. Our experience today was no different. Looking forward to going there for Thanksgiving dinner. When will I receive the gift card? Just Kidding!!!!!

  15. I answered all the questions in your survey. It took @8 min. I got to the last question & before I could answer it I was cut off. Very very aggravating. My code # is 173-323-739-023.

  16. Trying to take the suvey, but it’s impossible. Access code 073-326-014-112 . Server was Courtney D , Store #73 Bradenton, Fla.
    Thanksgiving day at 2:15. Place was packed, but in just 20 minutes our party of 7 was seated. EXCELLENT service, food was GREAT and everyone was happy. Perfect choice for Thanksgiving. No dishes to clean up this year at home, and our server kept our drinks filled and checked on us often. We have already decided to make this our Holiday dinner stop. Thanks Cracklebarrel. 🙂

  17. Survey won’t work. Access code480-326-536-010. Ordered Thanksgiving to go, upon arriving at requested time, my food was not ready. 15 unhappy people were ahead of me with the same problem, as I had to wait an hour to get my food. Not a Happy Thanksgiving with people at my house waiting. Won’t be back next year. Major fail Cracker Barrel.

  18. Surveys are a joke. After completing the entire survey, somehow I could not enter the results. Complete waste of time.Shame on Cracker Barrel.

  19. Chaotic scene in Waldorf MD at Cracker Barrel. Escorted to dirty table. Waited to be acknowledged. Ten more minutes for coffee. Watched party of four seated at unwiped table. Food arrived room temperature, some burned, some missing and overwhelmed waitress hard to flag down. Food was mediocre at best and we were herded out as quickly as possible. Should have gone with fast food. Mediocre but less than half the price. Also menus were wrinkled and sticky. Will not give Cracker Barrel another chance. Survey does not work.

  20. A friend and i went to store 699 for breakfast and we had to ask for our toast and ordered hashbrowns bit didnt get them so i doubt we will be going back there

  21. Survey wont open up and I guess it is a good thing! Visited store #313 in Murrells Inlet, SC. Server Leanne was outstanding. We had 11 people in our group and 5 of the 11 order was incorrect when it arrived. Leanne apologized and did her best. I think the kitchen management is in serious trouble!!!! Green Been casserole was nasty…that is the only way to describe it. Our server Leanne worked herself to death trying to fix what the kitchen messed up. food was luke warm on the first pass…somewhat better the second time. If it had not been for Leanne I would NOT go back. I will try again as soon as I can forget this food experience.

  22. We have been to 4 different Cracker Barrels in November. I ordered Meat Loaf in all 3 and got a similar response that they had just run out.

    Secondly, all 3 were very cold.

    Thirdly, we failed to get our order correct at any establishment.

    I hope that 2019 will bring some enhancements to the service we had come to expect from Cracker Barrel.

  23. Had a good lunch today but desert ( hot fudge Sunday) was misleading, it was chocolate syrup not hot fudge. The waitress said they no longer use fudge.

  24. My Mother, brother-in-law and myself ate today at Cracker Barrel in N.L.R,Ark store 468 . We had a wonderful waitress by the name Lydia M ! She went out of her way to give us special care and with a beautiful smile and pleasant attitude ! A job well done . We will definitely be back and recommend to all our family and friends . The food was also great and very good . Thanks to all the staff at Cracker Barrel . Jay in Forrest City, Arkansas

  25. Survey would not open. So much for trying to win a prize!! The food was delicious at store #225. Only mistake was I got green beans instead of green bean casserole. The waitress corrected the error. Will return to any Cracker Barrel whenever I have the change.

  26. Survey would not open. Ate lunch at store #68 Findlay, OH. Food and service were good. Our server, Deanna M was very attentive and very personable. Great job. Code #068-342-415-326.

  27. Since our business moved closer to a Cracker Barrel we tried it for lunch. It was GREAT! Where we we located previous there were no places to grab a reasonably priced and tasty lunch so yeah for us! Looking forward to continued visits at store #312. Service was good but missed the biscuits that should have come with the meal but didn’t need them!!!
    Survey did not open and from what I read no one else can either so that’s a shame and promotes bad responses for sure.
    Code 312-348-143-111.

  28. Survey doesn’t work. Food was on cold side and the time given waiting to get in was an out right lie. Have been there three times and each time told 30 to 35 minutes. Actually it is well over an hour to a hour and a half. Food not that good for that wait. Three strikes your out won’t be returning to Cracker Barrel again. Tired of being lied to to keep you from going somewhere else due to the long wait.

  29. Survey did not open. Amazing that the company cannot get this right. We had lunch at CB #611 Alpharetta GA. We ordered the Monday lunch special, they were out, ordered the Monday dinner special and they were out. Very disappointing. Ordered the Fried Shrimp, over cooked, very dry. Not coming back anytime soon.

  30. My boyfriend and I frequent your store#547 Tampa, Fl.He is originally from Tennessee and loves that country cooking.Every visit has been exceptional.Today however was a different story. We were in a bit of a hurry but thought due to past experience we would be alright. We were greeted by the Lady walking around the shop when we entered then stood at the podium for a good five minutes waiting to be seated,the hostess apologized for our wait. We were seated,ordered our food and drinks together.then waited for food. seeing the time we asked to have our food to go.Thirty minutes was too long to wait from start to finish.We would have understood if they were busy but on Tuesday it was pretty slow all around.

  31. I have never had a bad meal at Cracker Barrel. If I ordered something I did not like, there was no problem in changing to another menu item. Their prices are fantastic!

  32. I attempted to complete the survey and it does not open. My survey invite is 212-356-085-213.
    I went to store #212 in Newnan, GA. on 12/22/2018. This is the 3 rd time I have visited this store in the last 2 months. The service is always very slow at this store. Usually it is because it is so crowded. This time the store was not busy at all.
    It took almost 30 minutes to get our order. All of the orders were cold. The bacon was burnt and the eggs were very underdone. The server, who was great by the way, was very apologetic. This is becoming to be a regular thing at this store. I don’t know what has happened but this store used to be great.
    I’m not sure it’s worth the money , my time and bad food for me to continue to go to this store. This type of service is not what I have become accustomed to from Cracker Barrel and since this is such a busy store they could and should do much better.

  33. Store 191, 20 year customer I’m looking for new restaurant,
    Hostess has brace on knee, walks with limp, has NO personality, no smile, doesn’t mean greeting?
    Waitresses don’t listen to my order changes, slow with coffee.
    What am I suppose to do – retired, widower.
    The bacon now days is so thin, nothing like years ago – thick cut?
    Gladly hear back from you!
    What am I supposed to do, retired, widower don’t mind spending the money for good service & good ?

  34. I have loved Cracker barrel for years! Had breakfast in the one in Sturbridge, Mass. the day after Christmas and never disappointed. It’s a tradition. Our server, Mia,I think her name was, was wonderful. She was so attentive and sweet. I adore your gift shop and can spend a hour in there easily, Kudos once again for Cracker Barrel. Karen Carneal

  35. Visited Store #536 located in Ferguson Mo. The server was good but the price for a simple breakfast was way too much.
    I wanted a Western omelet and pancakes, easy right, Wrong. I didn’t see the omelet on the menu. That should’ve my first clue and I requested sausage I didn’t realize the omelet didn’t come with meat or a side (pancakes).
    The waitress gave me a kid pancake order ($7.08) so I could get sausage and pancakes and the Western omelet ($8.69) that otherwise would’ve basically been two or three fried eggs with onion and peppers. I also requested mushrooms witch was an additional $1.59.
    This was the most expensive breakfast I’ve had. Sad…..

  36. Survey not set up very well, especially since your restaurant are great and the food always good.
    Access code=072-360-442-311
    Store #72 server James excellent and very very mannerly, great service

  37. Survey wouldn’t open up . Visited store 526, not happy with the breakfast, food was not very warm, bacon was tough . very disappointed in the visit.

  38. Ate at CB #364 in Ormond Bch., Fl. on Dec. 26, 2018. with family. Haven’t eaten in a CB for a couple of years because the chicken pot pie tasted like the chicken had just been slaughtered in the kitchen, UGH Thought we’d try it again for breakfast. Food was OK tasting but bacon was raw and some of the food was cold and had to be sent back. Tried survey but it wont open Access code #364-360-121-011

  39. Survey not available as of 1/1/2019; store #cb0203 has become a huge disappointment. The wait for two people was over 30 minutes at 5 pm on 1/1 when we were told 15. It took forever for the waitress to take our order and once we received our food she was no where to be found. Evidently management at this facility is lacking. As many people waited to be seated and served, one quarter of the restaurant tables sat vacant. It was apparent they did not have the staff available or working to take care of their customers. I would say this was an isolated case but this is the third time in a year we have had this experience. It seems that CB would be better served to find qualified management and staff for this location.

  40. We love to eat at Cracker Barrel and never had a bad experience at the many stores we have visited. BUT the store # 419 in Walterboro, SC experience was not good, it was very busy and we were seated fairly quick, but it took along time for our server to take our orders. Just a note, our server was fantastic and she was doing the best she could. She said some of the items we were going to order, they were out of. Potatoes, onions, sweet potatoes, even napkins and straws, they had to go to Walmart to get some of that. They were also short on servers, but it looked like all the servers were doing the best they could. We overheard that the managers had let some go home early? What I know is that we will bypass this Cracker Barrel on our trips to North Carolina in the future.

  41. The Cracker-Barrel located in Cape Girardeau, MO is the ONE to visit!! The wait is not usually a problem and if it is folks are very patient , because they(locals) know the service and the food will be exceptional. The Hostess and our waiters and/or waitresses are exceptional! The cooks are great, would never think of returning anything that we’ve ordered- never had a bad experience when visiting this store. Even enjoy the shopping!! If you’re ever in SE Missouri stop in the Cracker-Barrel at Cape Girardeau, they treat ya special.

  42. We ate lunch at Crackerbarrel in Junction city store#392 on an. 6, 2019. It ws a great experience. We had the nicest waitress and she took good care of us. It was a great meal.

  43. Can’t get in to the survey Nothing will work on the page.. clickclick NOTHING NOTHING NOTHING!!!!
    We did eat at the #33 in Peoria and the service was fast and the food was great and Jesse the waiter was attentive. Now I just want the $100.00 or the rocker!!

  44. I go to cracker two times a month out of the last (4)times i was there i was served bad food two times yesterday the food was cold.

  45. We enjoy eating and shopping, especially for gifts, at Cracker Barrel in Casyville, IL off !64. We live nearby in Fairview Heights. My husband enjoys the Maple Pancakes, being lunchtime, I chose grilled lemon trout with that delicious chopped kale and brussle sprouts salad with a little onion, pecans and cranberry plus cornmeal muffins. What is the sweet dressing? Great place to get your choice of breakfast and lunch at fair prices.

    Servers are great, especially the ones who have earned 4 – 5 stars.

    Got to go back Wednesday evening and get the Wednesday special, white fish with creamy cheese sauce and broccoli. My only complaint, should have it more often.

    Thank you, Mary Richardson

  46. We ate at cracker barrel 269 whick is Hickory, food was good an the waitress was so sweet an nice. Great place to eat.

  47. Cannot find the survey. So I’m just gonna comment. We went to Cracker Barrel yesterday for dinner and my daughter got Uncle Hershel’s favorite and her hash brown casserole had hair in it. I ordered the turkey dinner and the turkey was horrible tasting. It tasted like it was old and was sitting around forever. The stuffing was gritty. We ordered salads before our meals and we had our salads for 30 seconds before they brought out our meals. I hate that!!!! The Cracker Barrel that we went to is on Transit Road near Buffalo NY.


  49. Survey would not open. Access code 201-021-118-119. Store #201. Typically have good food & service. Tonight I ordered ONE pancake. It was cold, the butter did not melt. I asked the server for a hot pancake. It took between 10-15 minutes to get another pancake that was cold & again the butter did not melt. (It wasn’t the same pancake). Very disappointed. It will be a LONG time before I go back.

  50. On 1/21/2019 Alma, Ar. Store #332. Waited to be seated approximately 5 minutes watching 3 servers running back and forth from kitchen to tables, finally one of them came and sat me saying I’ll be back with your water. Finally another male waiter asked if I had been helped, no, took my order…waited another 15 minutes for food. 2# hamburger steak shriveled up and burnt to the 1# size, dry hard to cut with a fork no gravy on it at all, mashed potatoes had some gravy, dumplings were the only thing fit to eat! Biscuits were hard, not warm enough to attempt to melt the frozen butter. 3 young waiters were running as fast as they could to serve us but the kitchen must have been another story. Worst experience I have ever had at any Cracker Barrel…a sure sign of poor or no manager what so ever! I go there fairly often but will be a while from now on hoping someone gets their act together and hires someone to run the place like it has always been. Very Sad for the few good workers there to have to put up with that type of working conditions! My ‘Code’=332-021-366-511, for what it’s worth. Just fix the problem is all I ask.

  51. Always enjoy Cracker Barrel. Great food, and fast, friendly service. Waycross, Kingsland, and Brunswick, Ga. and most recently, Altamonte Springs and Sanford, Fl. Sometimes at the Cracker Barrel on the westside of Jacksonville, Fl at I-10 and Chaffe Rd.

  52. Can’t do survey for some reason. We had breakfast at store #449 and wanted to say that our waiter, Dakar G was amazing!! Please keep this man around, he was by far one of the best waiters/person we’ve encountered in a restaurant in years!!! The food was excellent as well, but he made our visit by just being himself, amazing!! You really should let him know he’s valued!

  53. We like going to all Cracker Barrel Rest. great food/friendly service & people. Just eat & leave happy!!!! Access Code 425-022-444-639

    How many times do we have to tell you? Wish I could sit on the Rocker while waiting for
    The SURVEY to work. My Code is 282-029-182-810. Store #282 , Venice, Fl

  55. Visited store #44. Unable to leave comments in survey so I will leave them here. Waited almost 40 minutes for food and when we questioned the waitress about it, she snapped at us “I don’t control the kitchen” and turned her back and walked away. We asked for manager and he informed us that our food was dropped on the way out of the kitchen and had to be re-made. We waited another 10 minutes. We had to ask for coffee and drink refills when our cups were clearly empty. We traveled 40 miles to get to the restaurant, not sure how soon we will go back! We expected a little better customer service!

  56. I am a Cracker Barrel regular but have had several terrible experiences recently at the Gainesville, Florida store #167. BAD FOOD AND DISCOURTEOUS SERVERS. I hope they can fix their problems.

  57. I completed the survey and the comments but it wouldn’t finish after I did the comments. We had 24 people in our party that wanted to say thank you for a pleasant experience on Valentine’s Day 2/14/2019. Servers Mandy, Tracy, and Tori were great.Store #494 Alcoa, TN.

  58. Ordered my food online; first time trying their online. My food was supposed to be ready at 5:50pm. I checked in at 5:51pm. They closed my ticket at 5:53om. I stood there with my cane waiting and waiting and waiting….you get the picture. I got my food at 6:22pm. 30 minutes past the time it was supposed to be ready. Won’t be doing that again!

  59. Every time we have been to the Cracker Barrel, we have had excellent service and our
    breakfast is great every time. We will never stop going there.

  60. The survey is almost impossible to get to, then once you finally find it, to win a rocker or a $100.00 gift card, it says simply go to our website and take survey, but you can’t take survey without downloading a driver support program which you don’t need, then it ask you to buy it for $9.00, this is a ripoff and a waste of time and I don’t know why Cracker-barrel would be involved in a such a way. I am very upset with cracker-barrel that I wasted so much of my time and I never was able to enter the sweepstakes.

    1. I did forget to mention that the service and the food were both excellent, Cracker-barrel does have great service and food.

  61. wanted to enter the sweepstakes but the access code on my receipt is too long and the site will not except it . Visited store #CB0197 in Mesquite Texas on 03/22/19 the access code on the receipt is 019797202257108.

  62. We travel and live full time in our motorcoach. We eat at many Cracker Barrel’s as we travel this bueatiful country. We have spent the winter in the Rio Grand Valley this winter. We have ate several times at store #670 in Harlingen, Texas on our trips over to South Padre Island. Today was the 3rd or 4th time we had the honor of having J.B .As our server. This young man only has 2 stars but what an asset he is to your team at that store. Every time he has served us we have received top notch white glove treatment. From time to time we encounter the cream of the crop and that is what this young man is. I am the first to complain if things are not to Cracker Barrel standards, but I also want to give credit when credit is deserved. From a customer of 40 plus years employees like J.B. Is one of the reasons we keep returning. This young man needs to be told and encouraged from the top, what a great example he is projecting for your corporation

  63. Could not complete survey. Store 092. Only thing served at proper temperature was salad. Rest of meal (one was “special”) was lukewarm at best. Bread would not melt butter that was at room temperature and soft. Has management changed? If not being pressed for time would have sent entire meal back.

  64. So…your survey takes a while to load. 10 minutes later I’m still waiting for the last page to go to the next page. You want your stores to be held accountable and yet you are not!

  65. I am very disappointed that Cracker Barrel advertises that they give 20 to 30 perent discounts on food to veterans in some of their restaurants, but could not find one in East Tennessee, Hamblem, Cocke, Greene, Jefferson, Sevierville, Blount, or Knox Counties. You should not say you do, then not.

  66. I had come by last night to pick up (and pay) for the dinner my guardian and I ordered. GOOD News: It was RIGHT on the tab (Meatloaf, Buttermilk Pie, and a Chicken Fried Chicken dinner (w/ 3 sides) – BAD News: I think we had gotten SOMEONE else’s order, and OUR’s went to them. TALK about a PERPLEXING mix-up!

  67. I visited cracker barrel on 5-16-19 around 5:00 pm ,my access code is 282-136-690-024 . I would like to win the $100. Gift card
    Thank You and GOD BLESS YOU

  68. I can’t access the survey. I also would like to know why you don’t have the Camp Fire Beef this year. I always look forward to the Camp Fire Beef.

  69. My family eats a t Cracker Barrel a lot !!! Was there June 2nd 2019, and really enjoyed our meals !! I entered the contest for a rocker or 100.00 gift, but it only entered me in the rocker !!! CODE # 443-183-494-011 !! Will still be going to Cracker Barrel for our meals Very nice workers at Corydon Indiana !! Thank you!!

  70. Great food , great waitresses, enjoy the gifts on display . Avery pleasant and friendly restaurant with wonderful food !!! Corydon, Indiana is our restaurant of choice !!!

  71. have tried and tried to do the rocking chair or $100.00 gift card I’m putting the number that’s on my recite it will not take it if I can get it online will not use phone there eggs are so little don’t know where the get such little eggs only thang good about crack barrel store # cb690 the only good thang was my server Laura the casher Alicia this was 7:45am when I checked out 7/3/2019 the girls were grate

  72. Hi me and my husband eat cracker barrel at least once a week we live close to the one at meramec bottom St Louis Missouri we just love all the food there’s nothing better than home cooking and it cracker barrel you get home cooking we can go there for breakfast lunch dinner anytime of the day the food is delicious ❤️ so I have a access code I would like to put in for my chance to win either a rocking chair are a gift card that would be a very special gift to us 099 192 90411 1 thank you cracker barrel for the chance for us to be in the drawing best wishes

  73. I visited store #652 and I didn’t order the Chicken because I didn’t want to pay the $10.79 for the meal. Reason I have to budget my money and I wanted to try the banana pudding so I ordered a $7.99 meal and I asked the server if corn on the cob was one of the sides, he said yes so I got it. When I got the bill my meal (for one person) was $17.86. I said to him hey what happen here I got a $7.99 meal so I could try the pudding and now my meal is $9.28 for a $7.99 dinner (that isn’t counting the pudding and drink). He said you got the corn on the cob and that is extra, I told him there isn’t anything posted about that and you didn’t tell me it was extra. I could have order what I really wanted instead of what I got a tough pork chop, I went in for the chicken. No more going to Cracker Barrel because fault advertising because they should have had it posted some place that it was extra!!!!
    Good bye cracker barrel no more sucking me in…

  74. I went to Cracker Barrel on 5-16-19. This survey is very hard to navigate. I went to St. Roberts, MO and tried your new banana pudding. I thought it was wonderful, so when I went home to Lakeland, TN store #513 I brought my son and 2 of his friends bragging about the banana pudding. It was disgusting. It was soupy with very little flavor. So disappointing. Access Code: 513-197-268-216.

  75. At one point I LOVED Crackerbarrel. Food was always good.Service was good. HOWEVER, my family and myself went to the Bowling green ky cb tonitr,7 25 19. AWFUL!!!!! Service was good,but thats it. Food was cold and the country fried steak was terrible.Could not cut with even a steak knife. Silverware had dried food on it. The burger steak they brought to replace cfs made me ill. My fiances first time at cb, and sadly, OUR LAST!!!!!

  76. Store #651 Nicholasville, KY August 6, 2019. Three of us were there. We didn’t like the new menu arrangement so I ordered breakfast. They were not very busy at 6:30 P.M. It took a long time to get our order. When my order came the sausage was burned and had shrunk down into a disc no larger than a 50 cent piece. The scrambled eggs had been mixed little at the beginning and then fried. They would have been tough had I eaten them. The reason I didn’t was about a third of them were raw and runny. I refused the meal. The manager wanted to fix me another plate, but there was no way I would trust them to fix another meal for me. Why can’t a company so big with such a good reputation teach cooks how to fix something as simple as scrambled eggs that taste good?

  77. Sad that a once good resturant is so bad today. Poor service. Impossible to enter survey on reciept. You do not have gluten free menu items except eggs. I will no longer be going there. It is not worth the money or time to sit and wait for 3 eggs poorly cooked.

  78. This survey business is a joke. Why do you even put it on your receipts as an option to win a prize. I have tried multiple times to enter this survey only to get the run around where you must choose the survey you want which is extremely misleading and confusing. Then when you finally get to where you should be (I’m assuming – as I cannot get into the survey) the site tells you it has “timed out”. I visit Cracker Barrel a lot and am very unsatisfied with this survey stuff. I’m thinking this is some sort of a come-on tactic.

  79. trying to take survey wife and l like cracker barrel service and food always good could not access survey my access code 90551510382405

  80. I feel sorry for the person that reads these negative comments. So exhausting. If the Cracker Barrel you visited is crowded, yes there will be waiting time. Anyway, we went to #696 in Muncy, Pa on a Thursday afternoon. It was great. Teresa G. was very friendly and accommodating. In fact, all employees were friendly. Purchased some items at store where they held the items until we finished our meal. Can’t go wrong with price of meal with 3 sides. May I just add, if you bring your young children, please try your best to be respectful towards other customers. Thank you.

  81. Visited #77 and got to experience the “NEW” menu-not very pleased at all. Favorite items taken off and a few added. It doesn’t look like as many items on the menu either. Staff was exceptional apologizing for our favs gone. After 50 years of a good thing, why change? I love veggies but I just wonder how many Brussels sprouts/kale salad they actually sell per day. I would say that cheesy grits sold better. No pork chop except on certain days. The closest Cracker Barrel is 2 hours away and it’s usually a treat but not now. Our visits will now be few and far between.

  82. Did anyone who commented in 2019 notice that the last entry period ended on Dec 31, 2018! Yes, the survey was very hard to find. I had to wade through way too much advertisement. Got there and it said the page had timed out. What?! Why is the survey invitation still on the receipt if the survey entry period is over.
    I wanted to let someone know that our service was pretty poor today. It started with the hostess who thought we had a party of two because we did not all arrive at the same time, even though I told her we had would be four to eat. She wandered us around for a bit to find a table for four. Our server came over right away to get our drink orders, drinks came and he took our food order, left no straws, (had to ask another server for straws) and when it took forever for our food to come, we began to wonder if something had happened to him. One order came without the fries. We asked for ranch dressing, ketchup, and tartar sauce and those took forever to come. We had to ask for drink refills. Food was good, but the service left much to be desired.

  83. I have been a regular customer of CB for 9 years. Store #639. Food has gone down in the past 2 years. My friend and I went last week to eat. It was after 8pm, but not busy. I ordered the Sunday fried chicken strips or patties. The meat inside was tough and dry. Taste like it had been sitting under a heat lamp all day. waitress check on us and ask if I wanted to try the pork chops. I did and they were tender and fresh cooked. When I got my ticket, they had charged me for the chops. The dinner I order, but was not fit to eat, was less expensive than the chops. I ask her about it, and she said the manager told her to charge me for the chops! Who does that? I worked in restaurants, and never once saw a manager up charge a customer if the food was bad. I agree with others the food is usually cold or room temp. If I decide to eat here again, I will try to get there early and see if it is any better.

  84. We ate at store #158 in Daytona Beach today. Store was busy, eggs were cold, pancakes were at room temp. Our order took 36 minutes to get to the table. This is the 2nd time that this has happened to us at the same location. Poor management at best. Our waitress was very upset and said the same thing happened yesterday. NO EXCUSE

  85. Could not open survey. Access Code: 449 297 478 816
    Waiter 1823489 Anthony B. Store 449 Plymouth Meeting PA
    Waiter provided excellent service! Explained the difference between the two types of fried chicken when we asked. Great people skills. When passing our table he would inquire as to our needs. Love to shop in the Gift Store!

  86. My job requires me to travel quite often so I always try any Cracker Barrel that is the closest to my hotel. Last week I went into #634 and Vandy waited on me. I had the homestyle chicken and was very pleased. My service was excellent, she was by far one of the friendliest servers I have ever had at Cracker Barrel. She had 4 stars and was very informative about the menu.

  87. I was at the Cracker Barrel #CB0653 (Harker Heights, Texas) on 11/04/19. It was the worst service that I have ever had at a Cracker Barrel. We have been to CB restaurant for 20 plus years in 10 plus states. We decided to get a to go order and did not want to stand…so, we ask to be seated and that the beginnings of the worst customer services. We had to finally ask someone if she could come and take our order, order was wrong, taken back, still wrong, had to remind her to charge me for my second meal, overcharge my friend on her meal and had forgot half of it. Finally, after about a hour of this – we had just had enough and just told her to forget it, we would just take what we had. I have had bad customer service….but, never one that was this bad. We traveled for an hour to visit this Cracker Barrel and it was awful.

  88. I love Cracker Barrel but this survey is a joke. Multiple unsuccessful attempts to access the survey online. Called 800 # on receipt to do by phone and directed to someone trying to sell me a medical alert device! What a waste of time.

  89. I have a lunch group that meets every Wed. either at my home or at different places. This week we went to Cracker Barrel in Lawton, Ok. Our waitress was great, very attentive. The food was brought to us hot, our drinks were refilled when needed

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