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Brothers Burt and Irv (Baskin) of course, actually started separate ice-cream shops, Burton’s and Snowbird ice-cream in 1945 and 1946.

Do you think they supported each other fully, or was there any brotherly competition?

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I think there was competition at first, but then realizing they could do better as a team. The brothers merged their stores in 1953, officially founding the Baskin Robbins we know today.

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A fun fact is they were able to merge their flavor selection as well, making the total offering 31 flavors.

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Baskin Robbins has some very good ice-cream.

They also happen to have a great survey prize when you give your feedback online at

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The prize is a $1 off your next purchase of $4 or more. Nothing like supporting a family-started business while getting a great prize for taking their survey.

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Read more below to find out how to get your free prize.

Baskin Robbins Survey Prize

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  • $1 off your next $4 or more Baskin Robbins purchase

How To Take The Baskin Robbins Survey

  1. Make a purchase at a Baskin Robbins
  2. Save your receipt
  3. Go online to
  4. Choose your language
  5. Take the Survey
  6. Write down and save your validation code to redeem your coupon on your next visit in the next 6 months

TellBaskinRobbins Rules & Eligibility

  1. Must make a purchase
  2. Must save your receipt
  3. Must use coupon before expires in 6 months
  4. Cannot use coupon to buy a gift card or K-cups or Keurig brewers
  5. Cannot combine offer or copy or duplicate offer

See the full official terms and conditions here

Contact Baskin Robbins

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Phone: 1 (800) 859-5339

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