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Hungry Jack’s Survey

If you live in Australia, you’ve probably heard of Hungry Jack’s.

If not, you’re probably more familiar with the Burger King name.

When Burger King was putting restaurants all over the world, they hit a snag in Australia, as a smaller burger company had already trademarked the “Burger King” name.

As a large company, Burger King already owned a lot of trademarks, so they sifted through their existing trademarks to find a suitable name for their Australia locations.

They settled on the name “Hungry Jack”, a Pillsbury pancake mix name, as they own the company Pillsbury.

happy hungry jacks

A fun fact is they also added an apostrophe to make it possessive.

Later, they decided the Burger King’s actual name would be Jack as well.

In the US and other places in the world, the Hungry Jack chain goes by the name Burger King, and has the online survey named mybkexperience, while in Australia the exact same chain and survey are known separately as myhjexperience.

hungry jacks survey

Read more here to find out how you to take the Hungry Jack’s survey on your own.

Hungry Jack’s Survey Prizes

    Free burger with next purchase

How To Take The Hungry Jack’s Survey

  1. Make a purchase at a Hungry Jack’s
  2. Save your receipt
  3. Go online and take the survey at
  4. Save your validation code and receipt, using both to redeem your free burger at your next visit in the next 30 days. FYI You must make a purchase along with your validation code in order to redeem your free burger on your next visit as well!

MyHJExperience Rules & Eligibility

  • Must make a purchase at a Hungry Jacks
  • Must save your receipt and take the survey online
  • Must use within 30 days of taking survey
  • One offer per person per visit
  • Not to be combined with other offers
  • Must purchase something along with using your validation code in order to get your free burger

See full terms and conditions here

Contact Hungry Jacks

Phone: 1 300 852 326

Online contact information

17 thoughts on “ | Take Hungry Jack’s® Survey | Free Burger

  1. I want to get a job at Torrensville hungry jacks my another half works at bedfords in torrensville on eastern parade.

  2. Twice now ordered no onion and onion was put on at Arana Hills Qld; second time put onion on and then took off wrapped and served. Some people are just plain stupid or ignorant. If allergic to onion, the fact that onion has touched other ingredients in the burger is enough to trigger allergic reaction. Please educate your staff.

  3. Ordered a medium chips..charged $3.15
    And when I got home to find about 16 chips..what a rip-off .. got a photo to prove it!

  4. Oh my never ever had such horrible experience 15 minutes in drive thru was only car they stuffed order up twice finally get our order get home stuff missing

  5. I vow to myself not to go to hungry jacks but rather maccas. I did go to hungrys this morn24/03/19. As always the meal was just terrible. You have to wait sometimes 5 minutes to get service as there is only two staff on in morning. One serving one cooking. The COFFEE is just terrible cold. There answer to the coffee is blame the machine. I have had to give it back only for them to put some warm water in. Like I said I vow never to go back MacDonald will get my business.

  6. Absolute terrible service. Twice given wrong product, not told of price increases between products and advertised products missing from order.

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