TalktoiHop ― Take iHop® Survey, Free Pancakes

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TalktoiHop iHop, as it became known in 1973 for marketing reasons, is short for International House of Pancakes, and was originally founded in 1958 with the longer name. As the name suggests, the International House of Pancake’s focus is breakfast food including its infamous pancake selection. iHop was founded by two brothers, Jerry Lapin and […]

Coupons ― Take Dollar General® Survey

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DGCustomerFirst The founding of the Dollar General is an interesting story that proves you can succeed in life if you work hard, even with limited education. The first Dollar General store was founded by James Luther and his son Cal Turner on June 1, 1955 in Springfield Kentucky. The father of the founding pair, James […]


TalktoSonic ― Take Sonic® Survey ― Free Drink

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TalkToSonic Imagine this: “You are comfortably sitting in your car next to a high-tech curbside speaker, talking to the speaker and telling it what food you want, and then having your steaming hot, delicious order brought out to you while you sit in your car very happy with the way things are turning out.” “Well, […]

Surveys ― Walmart® Survey, Win $1K

Posted on Fondly known as “the Father of Walmart”, and more specifically and affectionately known as “Mr. Sam”, Sam Walton started the first Walmart in 1950. Walmart started when Sam bought an existing store from Luther E. Harrison in Bentonville, Arkansas and officially named the first Walmart, not Walmart, but “Walton’s 5 & 10”. Sam realized […]

Surveys | Walgreens® Survey

Posted on Did you know that Walgreens literally invented the malted milkshake? Guess the year they invented this wondrous creation? If you guessed 1922 you are correct and deserve a gold star. We are all blessed to have been born after Walgreens invented the malted milkshake. Now, neither the milkshake or Walgreens came out of thin […]

Surveys ― Five Guys® Survey

Posted on We can all thank the Murrell brother’s parents, Jerry and Janie for being the reason Five Guys exists today. In 1986 the parents gave the four brothers an ultimatum that they could either go to college or start a business. The Murrell brothers decided it would be more fun to open a burger joint […]