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Did you know that Walgreens literally invented the malted milkshake?

Guess the year they invented this wondrous creation?

If you guessed 1922 you are correct and deserve a gold star. We are all blessed to have been born after Walgreens invented the malted milkshake.

Now, neither the milkshake or Walgreens came out of thin air. They were both preceded by a very special man named Charles R. Walgreen Sr.

walgreens store

Charles Walgreen was a pharmacist in a small Chicago drugstore in the late 1800s where he dutifully worked each day saving up his monthly paycheck.

In 1901, he had finally saved enough money to purchase the drug store he worked in and loved day after day.

Today we know this tiny store as what it turned into. The mammoth drug store chain called Walgreens that we shop in today, named by Charles after his own last name.

Charles loved what he did with a passion which is why he purchased the store in the first place. Once he owned the shop he even started to manufacture his own drugs so he could give all his customers the highest quality and best prices.

He served his customers with a passion, and it wasn’t until 8 years later he was able to open the second Walgreens, in 1909.

walgreens display

By 1916, Walgreens was no longer a well-kept secret, with 19 stores starting to take over the world.

By 1926, the 100th store opened in Chicago, making the chain well on its way to infamy in the pharmacy store chain world.

Keeping the business in the family, and of course, keeping the family name intact, the company has been passed on to Charles’ son, named Charles Walgreen Jr, and then to the son after that, Charles Walgreen III.

In 2012, Walgreens opened it 8,000th store in Los Angeles, California. The company has grown to epic proportions, and to think it all started by a man with a dream in a tiny Chicago drugstore.

As it continues to grow, Walgreens offers customers the chance to take a feedback survey online at in exchange for sweepstakes entry where there is a grand prize winner of $3,000 awarded in the form of a check.

They offer the chance to take the survey with or without a purchase.

With a purchase and receipt you’re eligible to take the survey online. Without a purchase you’ll need to take the survey by phone or by mail, which you can read the details on below.

WalgreensListens Survey Prizes

  • $3,000 cash grand prize awarded as a check

WalgreensListens Details

Grand Prize$3,000 Check
Enter ByOnline, Telephone, Mail
Purchase Required?No
Receipt Valid For72 hours

How To Take The Walgreens Survey

Online entry is the only method entry where a purchase is necessary to enter, for entry by telephone or mail no purchase is necessary.

Online Entry

  1. Make a purchase at a Walgreens and save your receipt
  2. Visit
  3. Fill out the survey questions within 72 hours of making your purchase
  4. You will automatically be entered to win the $3,000 grand prize

Entry By Telephone

  1. You may call the number 1 800 219 7451 and answer the questions to be entered into the sweepstakes with no purchase necessary

Entry By Mail

  1. Write your name, address and day and night phone numbers on a 3″X5″ piece of paper
  2. Mail this entry form to the following address:

    April 2018 customer satisfaction sweepstakes
    Dept-S7592 P.O. Box 4006
    Grand Rapids, MN 55730-4006

Mail in entries must be postmarked by April 30th 2018 and received no later than May 12, 2018 Homepage survey homepage Survey Rules & Eligibility

  • Must be a US resident
  • Must be 18 or older
  • Must not have direct affiliations with or be a Walgreens employee
  • Must complete survey within 72 hours of receipt invitation

See the official rules page for more detail

Your Walgreens receipt will have survey information as well:

walgreenslistens receipt

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ’s

What is the Walgreen’s Survey?
A survey put out by Walgreens to help it get feedback and improve, while allowing customers to enter a sweepstakes for a chance to win prizes at the same time.

How do you take the WalgreensListens Survey?
You can take the survey by mail, telephone, or online at after you make a purchase, using your receipt number to fill out the first page. Or you can choose the option to take the survey without a purchase to enter the sweepstakes instead.

What prizes can you win in the Walgreens Survey?
Taking the survey enters you in the sweepstakes for a chance to win a $3,000 check.

Does the WalgreensListens Survey have any limitations?
Yes, your receipt is only valid to take the survey 72 hours after you make your purchase. However, you don’t need to make a purchase to take the survey. See the official rules page for details. You also must be over 18 to take the survey. Visit the official rules page for more details & restrictions.

Are there any Walgreens Survey Hacks?
Yes, you can actually take the survey without making a purchase. See the official rules page for more detail.

Contact Walgreens

Contact Online:

contact walgreens

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      1. I’ve given my comment already, there was no respond whether you accept it or not; if you didn’t accept it, then why asks to give customers a survey. Also if you didn’t accept my comment, I won’t fill out surveys anymore.

        1. I given my survey on the $3,000.00 Winners, you only said at the end 33% Complete. Afterward, I select the Word—‘DONE’; I’m not sure whether you received it or not or whether it was not accepted.

    1. I never have any problems finding what I need. All of the employees are friendly
      My Granddaughter knows everyone by name and they know her name too.

  1. Just visited walgreens in Oak Ridge, TN store. I got my medicine and went up front and found a snicker candy bar for 79 cents and a York mint bar two for a dollar. I went to pay for it and the clerk wanted $4.69 for it. Left and my never go back because of it. There are other places to get my medicine.

  2. The Manager’s were courteous and the pharmacy group was proactive to help with questions. I like going to Walgreens more than the rest because they have more items I like.

  3. The clerks and mangers went out of there way to help me locate all my cosmetics. I was offered similar alternatives at great prices and earned rewards too! Thanks for all you do!! Audrey Henderson-Mulkey

  4. Ive been a customer for 17 years so it obvious i like the staff and customer service.I ve been taught how to get my photos on my own with the printer.thank you for ur great service also my medication is always on time!

  5. There is a young lady at the Walgreens on 1st in Maywood her name is Brittany Jones and she is so welcoming and helpful! I

  6. Thanks to excellent service provided Manager ASIF of Pharmacy department in Walgreens located on 2050 45th street in West Palm Beach , FL.33407
    We appreciate his help and professional skills for many years .

  7. I appreciate excellent service provided by Manager ASIF of Pharmacy department in Walgreens located on 2050 45th street in West Palm Beach , FL.33407 ASIF is very helpful and very professional for many years .

  8. My husband uses Listerine Mouth Wash twice a day. He ran out. I had a nice surprise when I went to Walgreen’s.
    It was buy one and get 50% off another. It was a nice surprise.

  9. Walgreens is best place to go and shop,because all the employees and staff are friendly and they are the to serve always went u

  10. Mark and Patricia,were very kind to me the other day. Mark actually went and got me a bag of cough drops and brought them out to the card because my knee was,so bad I couldn’t walk. This store is on Rt 9 South Marlboro, Nj! I couldn’t take the survey as it shUT me out after 3 days and I had lost my sales slip and then found it. I’m not looking for entry into your cash prize but to get them noticed for being such willing and kind customer service reps! Please put this on their records. Thank you for being there.

  11. I visited the Pharmacy at 2745 Long Beach Road to get my flu shot. Zena, who always helps me in the pharmacy department, checked me in. She greeted me by name. Her smile is so welcoming. Shafia, administered the shot. She was just lovely. We chatted while she gave me the shot. It was done before I knew it. My husband and I love the treatment we get at this store.

  12. I only get my meds at Walgreens. So many allergies, I also use a walker and a hospital bed. So you can see why I only buy my meds at Walgreens and they are in walking distance for the average person. I am eighty-six years old and do not go out much so going for my meds at Walgreens is my night out. HAHA

  13. I enjoy going to Walgreens! Excellent saving on a variety of cereals for my grandchildren. I also find savings on other household items that have me grabbing a shopping cart. I found Walgreens to meet much of my needs, and wants.LOL

  14. Walgreens is very near our residence and convenient in and out the store by vehicle. Always a pleasant staff and helpful each time. I try to visit the store at least once a week.


  16. I go to our local Walgreens for all our meds and also for some personal needs and gifts. The Asheboro Walgreens is always friendly, clean and well organized.

  17. Walgreens is a convenient neighborhood drugstore that is customer friendly and offers great sales. Sue has a great personality and the sales clerks neatly dressed.

  18. We went in to pick up two prescriptions today. Danny was there taking care of things. We love him very
    much. ha always says the nice things to us and always remembers everything about us.
    Danny (Daniel) is so smart and many ways.

  19. This is why I shop at CVS. I used to shop at Walgreens and get my meds there as well but that ended about 5 years ago when I grew tired of the long pharmacy lines and the rude pharmacists. I still drop in now and then if it’s convenient. Like today for instance. I needed a bottle of glucose and a few other things. I needed to go to the bathroom but the door was locked and I was told the floors were wet and to come back in 15 minutes. So I did my shopping which took about 20 minutes and came back and the door was still locked. I walked around looking for help and I found a young man stocking items. He just about ignored me and could care less about my issue. He kept asking me did I try the door. What? Of course, I tried the door! I repeated my issue a few more times and he reluctantly got up and found someone that went to the bathroom door and put her combination in. It was like, why was that so hard?! Anyway, I’ll stick to CVS. So glad I didn’t make a mess for the young man to clean up, lol. Thanks for the reminder.

  20. I had photos printed today at a VERY busy department at Madison, WI Walgreens today. The two workers there this afternoon navigated the complicated process of taking orders and expediting printing with calmness, efficiency, good humor, politeness and speed!! I commend them for superior service, all with a smile!

  21. Stores are clean, well stocked, employees are very friendly, butttttt. Your ID policy for the purchase of alcohol is the most absurd I have ever seen. I’m nearly 70 years old and I’m required to remove my driver’ s license so the back of it can be scanned to prove I am over 21. This is insulting to me and makes your employee serving me look out and out stupid. I’m sure your staff hates to ID a senior too. I was told that if purchasing alcohol with another person accompanying me (i.e. My wife) she would also have to produce her ID. If she did not have it with her or decided your policy was beyond the realm of necessary and refused, NO SALE. Use some common sense Walgreens.

  22. Our Walgreens is very clean and always smells good and the workers.are very helpful and super nice they care about their customers thinks a lot from Melvin willis oh one more thing they greet u by name

  23. Our Rite aid store was recently purchased by Walgreens and after a rocky startup, it is doing great. The one problem we have with prescription’s is if a brand name is substituted with a generic (state law) the brand name is not also listed on the prescription bottle. Rite aid did this and was very helpful for our age group to keep the proper meds organized.
    Staff is extremely courteous and knowledgeable. Thank You!

  24. Very friendly staff, the pharmacists are very professional and cheerful all the time. One can see that they love their job !

  25. I must comment on the Walgreens in Chesterfield Twp., Michigan. I’ve been using this Walgreens for many years. Everyone here, and I mean everyone, are so nice and friendly. In my opinion, I feel this specific Walgreens is more like a little neighborhood store. As busy as they are, it’s a pretty nice feeling when you walk into the store and they say hello to you by name. So that being said, I would like to comment on the pharmacy staff at this specific Walgreens. When you look for a doctor you’re looking for someone who is compassionate and understanding and will take the time to listen. Well I feel the same way when it comes to pharmacists. And that is why am leaving a comment because the pharmacist at this specific Walgreens is by far the most compassionate.I have witnessed pharmacists and their staff treated horrendously by patrons as I’ve waited to get prescriptions filled here. Not once have I ever seen the pharmacist nor the staff retaliate in any way. When I see this I just wonder if corporate realizes just how often this happens and if they’ve ever thought about what they would do if they were in that predicament. I’m not sure if people realize that pharmacist is basically an extension of health service. Not only do pharmacist fill your prescriptions, they are also cross check it to make sure you have no interactions with other medications. I must give a shout out to Heather, my pharmacist, so caring & true!!! Thanks girl you’re amazing!!!!!
    Sincerely, Mary D

  26. Having just moved to Colorado, from Florida, we were very pleased with the simplicity of transferring our prescriptions here. Sarah was extremely helpful and polite, even wishing my wife a Happy Birthday (4/21)

  27. Our Walgreens is always clean and very easy to find whatever I been. The Staff is always friendly and helpful. The Pharmacy Staff always go out of their way to help with any problems.

  28. Walked into the store to get fast relief. Dulcolax suppositories were buy 1 get 1 half off. The cost and the product were double relief. YES!

  29. I shop regularly at Walgreens . Over the course of a month I’ve probably purchased something from every department. I am most dependent on the pharmacy and I’m there so often I’ve come to know so many of the people. The people in your pharmacy excellent. I stand in line while someone is handling a difficult or confused customer. How can I get irritated. The person needs help and they are so kind in the way they take time to explain everything.
    There are two pharmacists that stand out. Joe M. and Marion. Their kindness to everyone is a pleasure to see. Two the the assistants that stand out are Judelyne and Vee. Alsways pleasant, always smiling . It’s a real pleasure shopping in store 03471.

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