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Canada is the home of the first non-US McDonalds which opened in 1967 in Richmond, British Columbia, Canada.

Every day in Canada, more than 2.5 million people eat at a McDonalds.

There are 1,400+ McDonalds operating in Canada today. The chain also employs 90,000 Canadians in Canada.

Crazy to think how huge a behemoth it as become.

The cool part is 85% of the Canada McDonald’s are owned locally by entrepreneurs in Canada and not by the McDonald’s Canada Corporation.

mcdonalds canada survey

McDonald’s is a huge part of Canada’s economy, as the largest buyer of ground beef in the Canadian restaurant industry.

Additionally they pay a ton of taxes that all go to Canada’s governement. This includes $75 million in Payroll taxes each year, $34 million in business taxes each year, and lastly $130 million in corporate income taxes each year.

Personally I think taxes should be lower for everyone, including McDonald’s, and that we should heavily cut back on government spending and handouts across the board in countries including the US and Canada. A lot of the government expenses are deadweight or heavily bundled in bureaucracy and unnecessary.

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Support your local McDonalds, including the many local entrepreneurs, and the Canadian government, which gets to profit off of all the taxes by taking the and sharing your opinions on how they can improve.

When you do so, you’ll get a nice little coupon you can use on your next visit, see details below.

Mcdonalds Survey ca Prizes

Prize: Free medium fries or side salad and medium soda WITH required purchase of a large sandwich

NOTE – Prize may differ by location and date, so see your receipt for your specific details

Take The McDonalds Survey ca

  1. Buy something at a Canada McDonalds location
  2. Keep your receipt until you are able to go online
  3. Go online to
  4. Complete the survey and save your validation code
  5. Bring the receipt and validation code to your next Canada McDonalds visit to redeem your coupon Homepage

The McDonald’s survey ca homepage features a dark haired girl smirking at the camera. It asks you to choose your preferred language, either English or French, in order to start the survey:

McDonalds Survey ca Rules

  • Purchase required to get survey access
  • Online survey required
  • Purchase also required to redeem your coupon – see your receipt for details

More official rules

*Make sure to read the full McDonald’s website and rules pages, not all listed here, for full terms and conditions

**See your receipt for additional details as well

Contact McDonald’s Survey Canada

Phone: 1-888-424-4622.

Contact Online

To take the US McDonald’s survey, head online over to

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  1. Yes My Name is Cleo Gascon I Got a Complain About McDonald in Hanmer On .Last Sunday Dec the 6 Got To McDonald At 5:20 Am It Was Close No Light On 3 Worker was Waiting For The manager To Open The Door One Of Them Told Me She Not Here Yet So I Left Came Back At 6:am Still Not Open They Were 4 Workers Still Waiting I Left Came Back at 6:30 Wait For a while She Finally Show up It Was 6:40 am Very Poor Manager . 4 Workers Getting Paid To Wait on The Manager To Open The Door. They Loss Lot of Customer That Morning .

  2. Not only was the service at 25032 terrible but your survey site refuses to cooperate. I have never had such slow, noisy and inefficient service in a “fast food” restaurant. 7:52 and the place was jammed with people trying to use the machines–ours would not print a receipt that had to be printed at the counter–and people waiting for delinquent orders. Lots of running around and defeaning noise but little service. So much for a fast coffee and sandwich while commuting.

  3. Malvern Town Center store. Dirty tables, I told the cashier twice that I wanted 2 number 10 and 1 number 8 didn’t get that. We got 1 number 10,1 number 8 and my husband got an English muffin breakfast sandwich he didn’t order plus he got a number 8. What happened to my food? I didn’t get it. The cashier is an idiot. She can’t get orders right. We went there for 7:00 am.

    1. I went there at 8:00 am and did not get my food until 10:43 and the lady who got there at 9:00 got her food at 9:15 I was like WTF!
      Me too

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