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The TellTheBell survey offers customers a chance to win $500 in a sweepstakes.

Make sure to always stay up to date on Taco Bell’s newest promotions, since their ultra-creative marketing team is always thinking up new promotion ideas and giveaways.

One of Taco Bell’s most famous promotions involved placing a target in the Pacific Ocean and saying if the Target got hit by a piece of the Mir Space station falling in 2001, every single person in the US would be eligible for a free Taco.

It took out a large insurance policy to support this gamble, but no piece of Mir ever hit the target, so they never needed to pay out. However, the creativity and uniqueness of this promotion was certainly worth the hype.

Another of the chain’s creative promotions was sponsoring one of the first X-Games in 1995.

taco bell survey ordering

Keep reading for more info on the chain as well as specific instructions on how to take the survey.

Glen Bell Founded Taco Bell in 1948, and the chain was purchased by Pepsi in 1978, and continues the tradition started by Bell so many years ago.

Taco Bell is a US based company with headquarters in Irvine California. It’s known for its fast-food tacos and Mexican dishes that are ready quickly, and have predictable flavors in locations everywhere.

In 2015, they actually moved the original Taco Bell building from where it was built in Downey, to the physical Taco Bell headquarters in Irvine California.

tellthebell store

Taco Bell has branched out to have “Cantina” version of itself, similar but with more special menu items and also serves alcohol!

There is currently one in Chicago in Wicker Park and one in San Francisco as of 2015.

Today, one of Taco Bell’s best ongoing promotions is its TellTheBell survey promotion.

This tellthebell survey means anyone who eats at a Taco Bell and saves their receipt is eligible to go online to take a survey and will then receive an entry into their sweepstakes for a chance to win $500.

Taco Bell Survey Details

PrizeChance to win $500
Number of Prizes4 Prizes per entry period
Prize Limit1 Prize per household
LocationUS, District of Columbia
Entry Limit1 time per person per entry period
Winners NotifiedWithin 1 week of drawing date

Take The TellTheBell Survey

  • To take the TellTheBell survey where you’ll have a chance to win a $500 prize, you’ll need to make a purchase at a Taco Bell and save your receipt
  • Then you’ll go to and enter the 16 digit survey code from your receipt into the blank webpage fields as shown below:

    tellthebell survey

After that you’ll go through and answer all the questions, after which you will be automatically entered into the sweepstakes.

The survey questions are as follows:

  1. Please rate your overall satisfaction with your experience at this Taco Bell

    tellthebell question 1

  2. Please select your order type

    tellthebell question 2

  3. Please rate your satisfaction with the appearance of your food, the speed of service, the friendliness of the team members, the portion size of your order, the cleanliness of the restaurant, the accuracy of your order

    tellthebell question 3

  4. Did you experience a problem during your visit?

    tellthebell question 4

  5. Earlier in the survey you said you were satisfied with your visit, tell us why you were not highly satisfied (optional)

    tellthebell question 5

  6. Did you purchase a hard shell taco?

    tellthebell question 6

  7. Thank you for your feedback, would you like to enter our sweepstakes?

    tellthebell question 7

  8. Please fill out the contact information below, this information will not be used for any other purpose
    tellthebell question 8

Enter TellTheBell Without A Purchase

You can also enter without a purchase. This requires a mail-in entry. To do this, you will need to put your name, address, email address and date of your birth on a 3X5″ paper and mail it to the following address:

Mail your paper in a business size envelope to:
Taco Bell Survey Sweepstakes
PO Box 251328
West Bloomfield, MA 48325

TellTheBell Survey Rules

To enter you must be:

  • Over 18 years old
  • Resident of the US or District of Columbia
  • Limit one entry per entry period per person

Here are the official rules and conditions

To view the winners list, you may go online to

TellTheBell For Australians

If you’re in Australia, you’ll need to go the Australian TellTheBell survey webpage to take the survey and enter the sweepstakes to win $500.

For more information on the sweepstakes, feel free to visit this page

41 thoughts on “TellTheBell ― Official Taco Bell® Survey ― Win $500

    1. If I eat @ TACO bell 2 0r 3 times weekly, why can I only enter the survey once? I should be able to enter as often as I eat there. Not fair to loyal customers. We should be able to improve our chances of winning. After all we ARE spending our hard earned money there. SOME don’t even eat there & all they have to do is send in a post card. How is thus fair?

  1. Went into theTaco Bell at 8433 Sierra College Blvd, Granite Bay Ca. 95746 on Sunday June 10, 2018. I arrived at 1pm. I waited until 2:05 pm to order. The 2 people working had been there since 6am. No lunches or breaks. The lady at the counter was very sweet and nice. When 3pm came around one person came on. The lady at the counter went outside for approx 18 minutes. The gentleman in the back ever left. The 2 employees that had been here since 6am are still working. I heard the lady explain to a customer that when she needs to go to the bathroom she just excuses herself, and then returns. This lady was taking care of the drive thru as well as the front counter. There was only one cook on. Not only is this breaking California labor laws but federal labor laws as well. I just heard the lady tell another employee who was just about to come on that she had just worked a 9 1/2 shift with no lunch break. The lady that just left said she has 74 hours in this week and with the days left she is looking at a 90 hour work week. There was so much trash on the kitchen floor it is a work hazard. I will be calling the manger. The two employees took it all in stride, but that is beside the point. Word of mouth travels fast.

  2. You can’t just enter a taco bell contest anymore they try to cram fifty other survey contests down your throat

  3. Michael Jordan....I'm white and I can't jump. I played basketball long before he was a glint in his mothers eye. says:

    I could not enter the sweepstakes on you website. My # is2207-2011-1387-2023
    I am a big fan of “The Bell”, at least 3 to 4 times per week. Always happy with the quick service and the meal

  4. I love Taco Bell it’s delicious , I can eat here everyday every Friday I bring my whole family .love how there service, food etc is great . I will recommend everyone to come eat at your nearest Taco Bell ❤️

  5. The taco bell in Savannah. Tn everyone is rude here at 8/10/18 11:42 am I asked question manager rolled her eyes at me was no help

  6. Bennestville S.C. Taco Bell drive thru at 11:45p.m. on August 21,2018. Order Cinn_ Buns 12 pack, they were cold, waited for cashier to come back to window told her they were cold, she took them back and I waited at least another ten minutes for her to tell me that they are supposed to be cold, she gave them back to me and I thought they were hot…… Wrong….I bited into one… was sooooo cold inside and the filling came out on my hand wheel……so I called the manager and was told again, cold not hot but cold……COLD CINNAMON BUN!!!!!

  7. I have visited the newly opened Taco Bell, #018402 a few times now, and I’ve been impressed with each visit. The new building looks great, the food is great as well and the service is fantastic. They do not disappoint at Taco Bell in Gilmer Texas!!!
    Keep up the good work!

    1. Needless to say your entry format lacks a lot to be desired. Cannot enter any info and will probably N E V E R return to Taco Bell. Your $1.00 Burritos are a joke. One with a string of chicken, like a straw, and the other, with what they call ” L A C K” of chicken. How would you rate a visit like that ? Go figure 1-17-2019 /STORE #002636, 1:10 PM

  8. they got they have so much stuff on this page that you can’t find where to take the survey just too confusing I want to take the survey but I don’t have time to read a million different topics to do so

  9. My son and I stopped at Taco Bell on west main St in Woodland, CA and ordered 4 of the new Grande Burrito’s with 2 Orange cream freezes and they were the WORSE BURRITOS I have EVER ATE IN MY LIFE. There wasn’t enough stuff inside to even try to eat. The shell wrapped around the filling over3 times. We thought they would be bigger burritos as the sign shows the sides of the shell hardly touching you know “GRANDE” doesn’t mean a forth the size of burrito that comes in the boxes. They were all flour shell and not worth even. 25 cents. We really once again got burned by Taco Bell. I think we’re going to graduate over to Del Taco as their food is wonderful and fulfilling and we don’t get screwed. Every time we come to this Taco Bell they always forget something, always. So someone or more aren’t doing their job.

  10. One complaint. Why can’t you just leave the french fries on the menu? The continuous guesing game is REALLY getting very old! It just told me I already posted this comment. Wrong. This is the very first time I have posted anything here.

  11. I had a great experience the young man was very nice not like he was doing me a favor waiting on me and he listened to what ordered. You need to hire more people like that thanks for letting me gave my thoughts.

  12. Re 456 Highway 90, Waveland, Ms 39576. MY LAST three visits have been most unsatisfactory. Today, all seemed to be premade, my chalupa box ,,,,,Chalupa was very most and gummy, like it was frozen , the taco ?, the 5 layer burrito as just almost wet. My root beer was NOT root beer. As a rule I never complain and be thankful for GODS BLESSINGS. But I surely hope this business survives. I personally won’t go back. KFC just closed in our area for lack of poor service. I am not complaining, JUST beware.

  13. lot of confusion with order. charging more than other location. new hire not well trained. will not come back to that location.

  14. It seems you have cut back on what you put in your Tacos. My wife bought 10 the other day and I was disapointed when I bit into it and found nearly nothing in it. I wondered if it was because it was a to go order. When we eat in they are much better.

  15. Love taco bell. Good, friendly and timely service. Food is good and consistent. I know what I’m getting and it’s worth the trip

  16. Tried the new cheese crusted chalupa. Did not care for it. Cheese or shell had an old taste. I think it was the cheese. Close to rancid. The filling was delicious.

  17. Theresa the cashier was so nice and sweet to me and my 3 grandchildren. Talk about customer service!! I will be back!! A very happy customer!!

  18. My Husband & I came into Taco Bell on Nov.5,2019 at 6:29 pm and we ordered 3 hard shell tacos, 1 crunchwrap supreme, 1 large drink it came to $ 10.23 I gave the cashier $ 20.25 and in return I got 5 pennies back I said where is my $ 10.00 back. The Manager on Duty was very loud and not professional at all to many workers standing around doing nothing at all.

  19. Was disappointed that they took the taco salad off the menu. Years ago I used to order the bell burger and you took that off. Please people they were good. The older generation needs food like that. Our stomachs don’t take easy to hot spicy hard to chew stuff. Have a heart.

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