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Enter the infamous Taco Bell survey after eating, or even without any purchase, for a chance to win one of 4 $500 check prizes every contest period.

Taco Bell was founded in 1948 by a man named Glen Bell, when he was only 25 years old.

The poor lad originally sold hot dogs in a stand, but watched in awe as a taco cafe across the street from his hot dog stand had out the door lines while he clearly did not.

At first he tried to copy their success by putting together a taco recipe on his own, but it wasn’t working.

After he kept asking them, the successful Mitla Cafe owner actually allowed him to see not only their exact recipe, but also exactly how they made their infamous tacos.

I’m not sure why they would have allowed a competitor who was set up across the street have their secret golden child recipe, but go figure, they were very nice and maybe not competitive at all.

taco bell tacos

Anyway, in 1951, Glenn Bell happily scooped up their secret taco recipe and used this information to open a new stand across the street from his overly kind competitor.

He scrapped his failing hot dogs and started to sell his competitor’s exact tacos in his stand across the street from their overflowing restaurant.

He first called his new stand “taco tia”.

Not surprisingly, since the restaurant he “stole” the recipe from was a runaway hit, his the stand ended up booming and becoming a huge success.

In 1962 Glenn Bell decided to get a little more narcissistic, as most restaurant owners do, and opened the first “Taco Bell” restaurant, using his last name and the word taco to christen the place’s name.

The restaurant boomed and in 1964 the first franchise was opened, marking the beginning of the ubiquitous Taco Bell fast food restaurant chain.

taco bell inside

Taco Bell was founded by Bell in San Bernardino California.

Surprisingly, it’s not the only runaway fast food hit founded in this part of the US. McDonald’s, which also has an McDVoice survey for a free burger, was also founded by the McDonalds family from the same location.

Pepsi actually bought Taco Bell in 1978 and still owns it. Perhaps the most controversial aspect of Taco Bell today is how it prepares its food including using genetically modified ingredients.

Regardless, the original Taco Tia recipe is a classic, and truly stand the test of time. Taco Bell strives to always improve, which is why they offer the chance for all customers who fill out their online survey to be entered into their online sweepstakes with the chance to win a $500 prize.

Read below for more information on how to enter the survey on your own.

TellTheBell Survey Prize

  • Entry for chance to win $500 in TellTheBell sweepstakes Survey Details

PrizeChance to win $500
Number of Prizes4 Prizes per entry period
Prize Limit1 Prize per household
LocationUS, District of Columbia
Entry Limit1 time per person per entry period
Winners NotifiedWithin 1 week of drawing date Survey Homepage

What to expect when you hit the survey homepage: survey

You’ll see a homepage prompting you to enter the 16-digit survey code you can find on your receipt. If you would like to enter without a purchase, you’ll need to follow the mail-in instructions below and won’t be able to enter online.

How To Enter The Taco Bell Survey

Entering the survey is very easy, and all you’ll need is to save your receipt from your purchase to be able to enter online.

To see the specific survey questions you will be asked before completing the survey, see our TellTheBell page which lays out every single question you will encounter during the survey.

We’ve made it even easier to enter by compiling specific step-by-step instructions below:

  1. After eating at a Taco Bell in the US or District of Columbia, save the 16 digit code at the top of your receipt.
  2. Visit and enter your receipts 16 digit code to start the survey.

Secret Survey Hack – No Purchase Needed For Mail-In Entries

How To Enter With NO Purchase by mail

Many people do not realize there is a way to enter even without a purchase at a Taco Bell, and this secret entry hack is called “mail-in entry”. Hack your way to no-purchase survey entries by entering via mail.

We’ve compiled the specific mail-in entry instructions below, complete with the address you’ll need to mail your entry to:

  1. Write your name, address, city, state, zip code, email address, and date of birth on a 3″ X 5″ piece of paper.
  2. Mail your paper in a business size envelope to:

    Taco Bell Survey Sweepstakes
    PO Box 251328
    West Bloomfield, MA 48325

TellTheBell Contest Dates

Contest PeriodStart Date (12AM CST)End Date (11:59:59PM CST)Winner Choosing Period
54/17/195/14/19 6/7/19
109/4/1910/1/19 10/11/19
1311/27/1912/31/19 1/10/20

Terms & Conditions

  • To enter you must be over 18 years old
  • Open to US and District of Columbia residents
  • Limit 1 entry per person per entry period

Taco Bell survey official rules Winner Selection

  • At each drawing contest winner date in the table above, 4 winners will be selected randomly from the drawing pool. So you have more than one chance to win, making it even more fun to enter the survey!

  • Winners will be contacted by telephone and prizes will be sent over mail
  • Each winner will receive (1) $500 check made out to their name
  • Winners will be posted at

Australian Taco Bell Rewards

If you’re in Australia, you are eligible for the sweepstakes and their special Australian-only rewards program on the Taco Bell Rewards App.

Here’s what you’ll get when you sign up for the app:

  • Special rewards as you rack up points with purchases and invite friends to use the app
  • A free meal on your birthday

How to take the survey if you live in Australia:

Contact Taco Bell

  • Business Headquarters: 1-949-863-4500
  • Customer Service: 1-800-822-6235
  • Taco Bell Address: 1 Glen Bell Way Irvine, CA 92618

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157 thoughts on “ ― Take Taco Bell® Survey ― Win $500

  1. I have been having a terrible time entering my survey….Please consider me for the chance to win Survey code: 6163-3023-1032-1401. Thanks you..

    1. service and employees are friendly and efficient like to go here and try all the different things on the menu

    2. I love Tech bail I have more money I would eat everyday and Taco Bell This is one of my favorite food Taco Bell


    4. Your survey can’t be used. There is something wrong with your survey set up. Here are my codes 2619-1021-1458-2409. thanks Also, you advertise that Nacho Fries are $. They are NOT that at the store.

  2. I have been having a terrible time entering my survey….Please consider me for the chance to win Survey Code: 6163-3032-1032-1401…Thanks….I will still send in my 3×5 information…Thanks……Annette Bibeau

  3. we just waited 35 min after ordering, even then it was wrong , management is a joke.
    code 2273-2029-1877-2227
    cashier was great when she left the counter she was even better doing orders. She should be the example for what they need to do, if we see them working again we walk.

  4. I think your food is great. But when you advertise on Tv that the nacho frys are 1$ that’s what they should be at every franchise

  5. Cold Taco box including the fries…Ellenton FL 2nd time out of many….more good than bad but really, taco fell apart like it was soggy?

  6. Taco fell apart like it was soggy. Got the 5 dollar box…fries cold. I ate them as soon as I got them. TB hardly ever disapoints me!
    Ellenton FL Hwy 301 N

  7. Love the Chicken Cassadee is on the dollar menu board I also love their fries are the best fries ever I hope they never get rid of them thanks Taco Bell

  8. For some reason I cannot get the survey started. I just went through drive through at the Taco Bell in Elkhart, In on CR 17. Another terrible experience. My unsweet tea was sweet. I had to park the car and go inside to refill my cup with unsweet tea. The tea dispenser sprayed some weird orange liquid. I then went to the counter and got a new cup of tea and the server was very accomadating. As I was leaving I saw 20 people sitting a tables not eating. They were still waiting for their food. It’s always slow at that location, with a 20 minute wait inside the restaurant. I got back to work to eat my #3 – 3 Crunchy Taco Supreme tacos and there is no sour cream or tomatoes. I only got the #3 because of the sour cream. A waste of time from start to finish.

  9. I cannot enter the survey, I just ate at Taco Bell 002621. The food was good and the service was great . Please enter my Survey Code 6824-1026-1122- 0307.

  10. I,m trying to put in the survey code,and my. I pad Is not letting it get thru. I enjoy taco supreme so much and Apple pie. Please enter me for the prize. Thank you. 2444-9035-1413-020785

  11. Great survey site when no one can leave comments! Had a Quesadilla had only had cheese and chicken on 1/2 nothing on the other 1/2. Service was good however. 8114-2029-1174-3506

    1. As always the food was great eat the same thing every time I go there at 2 in the morning where else can you eat at 2 in the morning have a good food didn’t give a place for me to punch in my code so I don’t know if this is it where I’m going to do it or not but my code is +22-362-030-2898 3403 that is my code thanks should make this entry form a little bit easier to figure out or I either click on the wrong thing or something

  12. It’s was very deligios and really nice team work I love coming to the Taco Bell and very fast service

  13. A cashier was very unpleasant to me and asked me am I going to give her the change or not all snotty and rushing me

  14. A cashier was very unpleasant to me and asked me am I going to give her the change or not all snotty and rushing me

  15. Please enter me in Survey Code: 2614-6034-1966-2213 The Food was good as always. Service fast and Employees always friendly. Thanks

  16. My food was not so great but I’ll still like to be entered. I’ve been eating at the Bell since I was 18. I’m 52 now and I’ve never had a bad experience, just a toothache and can’t afford a dentist! 6724-8027-1598-2519

  17. I have been unsuccessful in being able to enter the survey…..I want to be considered for this contest. I have nothing but praise for Taco Bell. I eat there at least twice a week. The employees have always been helpful and pleasant. My survey code is 2944-6042-1541-2028. Please consider this my entree.

  18. It was good I loved it so much. I got a $5 cravings box and it was so good. But I do still hope Taco Bell keeps coming up with great ideas

  19. I have my receipt with my survey code but it went let me put it in. What do I do. I want to enter. PLEASE HELP ME.

  20. It’s was very good but I would like more chicken on my nacho bell grande. I only had a few pieces of chicken

  21. I am gluten free and Taco Bell gave me hamburger meat that I can’t eat in the #3 and we paid extra for steak on all three tikis and they put hamburger on all three of my tocos and made us pay for $3 of steak. And my sister got hot foretos on her foreto bareato.

  22. My survey code is 9535-3011-1082-2100. I also cannot enter my code per your instructions.Our visit was very nice.Nancy was very courteous & food was good.We went to TB 023183. Very clean.

  23. Your $500 survey is fraud. Take time to look at web sit. Myself and many others are unable to put in your 16 didget code.

      1. code 6475201313042316 taco bell 027302 5/14/18 had taco. cashier alexandria g , food was good ,husband had chicken

  24. 1st,my wife & I came to location 22376,ordered items we wanted,forgot to tell the cashier we wanted boxes,had to get a mngr there to fix it,we sit down & see the mngr lecturing her about not reading back the order,when she did,the girl was upset,understandably & when we were finished,i came up to the girl & apologized.1st off,the cheesy smiles,fake niceness,profusely apologizing for things that are not their faults,is tall tale signs that your company,highest to lowest rank mngt are mentally,emotionally & verbally abusive to your workers,even for a lousy $1, & so is what I witnessed!we won’t go back to any taco bells,won’t recommend it & surely won’t promote or encourage that type of treatment to workers,thank you.

  25. Had a horrible experience.. No nachos.. 30 wait for beef.. Sad. Need to do something about this.. I felt rejected

  26. Code 4725-6024-1379-3109
    I want to thank Emily who was very helpful and very responsive when I asked questions and even brought my food to my table when me and my son were eating. Thanks so much.pickens place was awesome.

  27. Kailua Hawaii store recently renovated and is really great- you’ve been in Kailua a long time and I go there about once a week. I’ve got to tell you you need to work on your survey access. I’ve been trying to get to it for over 20 minutes now with no success. Hope to enter through this access. My receipt had no 16 digit code on it but the store # is 001701, I was there yesterday 5/12/2018, my order # was 202922 . The service was great as usual, I’m always amazed that your employees seem much happier and friendly than other fast food places . My grandson and I had the best lunch of Quesadillas and tacos and we always enjoy going in the place instead of through the drive-in because the staff is always so accommodating Keep up the great service and delicious food.

  28. Taco Bell should not say to do an online survey when they won’t let you do one as I tried today and it won’t let me. False advertising.

    1. Could not get survey to. come up. My code is 1727-1030-1996-3521 always have a good experience when I go to my TCo Bell 0032091.

  29. Was unable to get the survey started. My Code is 1325-3028-1833-2526. My hubby & I are 82 and have been going to this Bell 022833 since they opened years ago. Have many times commented on how nice the cashiers were but TODAY was unbelievable . Diana was at the register. Every person ordering was greeted with the biggest smile and welcome. She said I am Diana and what is your name sir? Ask about our day as she did to everyone. As we ate we couldn’t keep our eyes off of her. She never stopped smiling and made EVERYONE feel special. We told the manager that she needed a raise. When we first went in I thought SHE was the manager because she was so nice. Please try to keep her with your company. What an asset she is. We will look for her now because it made our lunch so pleasant.

  30. Went to Taco Bell on Tuesday 5/29/18,went inside to order.The floor had straws,napkins and trash on it.Someone at drive thru said they did not get their taco and employee said’I made that bitch.Cashier did not know how to make change for a $10 bill.What a joke!

  31. Service was fast, order was right and glad it was warm. Had a employee being trained that waited on us, turned out right. Only thing we were getting ushered out, gave notice of 5 minutes until closing, the people I was with ate so fast, but I wanted to sit and finish. Noticed that napkins and a piece of candy was on the tables when we were leaving so I picked up one each for all three of us that went to eat inside. 0565-7020-2130-2334

  32. Here’s my number I too could not type them in. Love the food though:), My number is 4046 9010 1473 2306. Thanks, Diane

  33. I have tried entering my survey code several times and it will not allow me to move further 3896-8036-1167-2302 Creve Coeur Mo 63141 store number 029688. Please enter me for the drawing. After getting back to the branch with my order I began to eat and noticed a pungent taste coming from my pizza. The tacos were fine however I phoned the location and spoke with Shontel to let her know there was something spoiled on the tacos. Shotel express to me it was not the meat and probably the shells. I asked if they had reports of this and she didn’t answer which tells me the location knew of the spoiled shells. Ruined my lunch and too far for me to exchange, I was so disappointed because I had my mouth set for that pizza.

  34. I eat at Taco Bell at 2 in the morning just about every morning foods good service is always good didn’t have a place to put in my code so I guess I should put it in here which is +223-620-302-898 3403

  35. I have been unsuccessful in being able to enter the survey…..I want to be considered for this contest. I have nothing but praise for Taco Bell. Survey Code is: 7466-0034-1109-1008

  36. I too could not get the survey to start. My survey code is 2826-4033-1896-3026. This is not a good reflection you or your services. Also, please tell whoever wrote your intro, ‘infamous’ means ‘having a very bad reputation’. What they may have meant is ‘famous’ which means ‘well known’, renowned, first rate, excellent. Of course, you have just acquired an infamous reputation for working surveys.

  37. What good is a survey that you can’t open? If you would like my opinion allow me entry to your survey site! 3426-1023-1467-3322 Store#032361 Store was great, survey sucks. Good way to save money!

  38. I could do the survey either survey code: 3536-9033-2260-3236 Store #033369. I purchased the $5 steak nacho box with a watermelon freeze. The freeze was great but the steak nacho box was salty.

  39. Starr H was so nice and friendly when she waited on me ,She will make you want to go back Thanks Starr ,,could not open up the survey,,the code is 4227-5034-1875-3507

  40. Can’t get on your website. My code # is 2607-9033-1860-3329. Store #030369. Kathleen was a sweetheart: very friendly, courteous, helpful, etc. The meal I ordered was so delicious and filling. Keep up the good work.

  41. I also could not get into your survey, my survey code is 3627 3023 1574 2020 dated 7/24/18 @ store # 022373. Brayden was great and the food was yummy as usual…actually everyone is great at this TB!!! I am hooked on TB…while I was still working, I went to TB for lunch 7 days a wk for 20 yrs, my wife would go with me sometimes. Since I retired in 2011, I cut back to 3 to 4 days a wk. how to make me happy…BRING BACK THE MEAL DEALS… without the chips would be ok!

  42. your website does not work. my number is 0587-2035-2518-1427. you might want to do something about it. I eat more T.B. than Mickey Dee.
    store 018512

  43. To Whom This May Concerned: I am so HAPPY to read all the comments about the exact same thing. I have tried multiple times to NO avail to enter the 16 survey code for a chance to win $500.00 cash, but I cannot click the boxes for the numbers. Please acknowledge my receipt with survey code: 2627-9021-1486-0329, and how will I know if it was entered into the system. Order 200106, and cashier name was GILBERTO M. Thank you in advanced for your support in this matter, and it is greatly appreciated. Have a wonderful day!

  44. Very disappointed I ordered 2 5-layer burritos and got 2 beef burritos, when I went back the manager was very rude and said that I ordered the wrong thing.

  45. Went to Taco bell in Deert Hot Springs on Palm Drive my cashier was Noah and he was very friendly and helpful he answered all my questions when I wanted to know about different food and what was in it I give him 5stars ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

  46. Could not enter contest but the Nachos Supreme we ordered today (98256) from Adrina M. was perfect. The server at drive thru was very nice too. Thank you Clearlake

    The Nachos Supreme we ordered thru Drive Thru today was perfect. (98256) Thank you Clear lake, ca TB.

  47. My name is Lisa and I’ve been trying to enter my survey code and there’s a problem with the website apparently and was not taking the fillable information from me… Please except my survey code which is 1928–7 038–1 480–0328… The lunch I ordered from the Taco Bell on Thunderbird and Cavecreek was fantastic and everything was made perfectly.


  49. all I wanted to do was come on and compliment a specific server, but I cant click anywhere or do anything. I don’t even care about the prize, I just wanted this guy to get some recognition. now im annoyed -_-

    1. My name is Donna Allen I think Tabitha Casey has done a great job of serving me today thank you for your service and I will be back again February 23rd 2019 may he bless her everyday with a great smile

  50. I was attempting to enter the survey, but could not enter the 16 digit survey code in the required field. Is there a trick to entering this?

  51. I ordered two chalupas and both of them were so tough that they were difficult to bite into and cold. I figured they were left over from the Holidays. I should have gone to Chicken E as they always give good food and it is fresh. I have had bad food ever since they remodeled the store.Also as so many others with the same complaint have experienced , I cannot get my survey code to enter Store # 016170 / Survey Code:2862-0131-1978-1223

  52. The food was good, the service was excellent, but the survey stinks. Impossible to start the survey. Something is fundamentally wrong. I want to think that it was not designed so, purposely.

  53. Just below “Terms and Conditions” there is a “LINK” click on it and start the survey. The one above is just an example, it looks like it is good but it is not, that’s why it won’t work.



  55. My name is Donna Allen I think Tabitha Casey has done a great job of serving me today thank you for your service and I will be back again February 23rd 2019 may he bless her everyday with a great smile

  56. What happened to the Apple empanadas….. And like all other comments it will not allow you to put you 16 digit number in. Mine is 6176-0023-1356-2110 Thank you!

  57. I am having the same problem, cannot enter my survey number. I suggest that you get this fixed!!! Thank you.

  58. Tue,Apr.14
    2:43 Pm
    The Store 033826 –
    Ryan Reyes –
    Gives Great service that is fast and he has a Photoshop Memory that help Explain Menu.
    He Polit with Manner’s and Extrememly good at what he does

  59. I cannot enter my Survey Code: 2724-7024-1029-0409 … Absolutely will not let me insert the numbers.
    Karolyn Lively
    Purchased a Nacho Bell Grande 4/9/20 … Order Number: 507 … at your Lubbock, TX store oo2427

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