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iHop, as it became known in 1973 for marketing reasons, is short for International House of Pancakes, and was originally founded in 1958 with the longer name.

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As the name suggests, the International House of Pancake’s focus is breakfast food including its infamous pancake selection.


iHop was founded by two brothers, Jerry Lapin and Al Lapin, along with Albert Kallis, a professional artist who designed the restaurants’ logo and posters.

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The popular restaurant chain now has 1,650 locations all over the world.

It also acquired Applebees in 2007, so next time you visit Applebees, be aware you’re actually financing the iHop regime.

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iHop now offers a survey to its customers so it can improve its own restaurant experience. In exchange for taking the survey, you will receive a free stack of buttermilk pancakes.

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YUM, that is a prize worthy of a few minutes of your time.

If you don’t like buttermilk pancakes, you can also choose to order whatever you want and use your survey code for $4 off instead.

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Keep reading for survey details and instructions below:

iHop Survey Prizes

Choice of:

  • Free stack of buttermilk pancakes


  • $4 off your purchase
  • TalktoiHop Details

    Survey PrizeStack of Buttermilk Pancakes or $4 Off Order
    Purchase Required?Yes
    Receipt Valid For3 Days
    Coupon Code Valid For30 Days

    How To Take The TalktoiHop Survey

    1. Make a purchase at an iHop
    2. Save your receipt
    3. Go online to to take the survey and fill out the survey online
    4. Write the validation code at the end of the survey on your receipt, and bring to iHop on your next visit to redeem for your choice of a free short stack of buttermilk pancakes or $4 off your purchase!

    You must take the survey within 3 days of your iHop purchase, and you must use your validation code within 30 days of completing the survey Homepage

    Here’s what to expect when you land on the iHop Survey homepage:

    talktoihop survey homepage Rules

    • Must make a purchase at an iHop location
    • Must save your receipt to take the survey
    • Must take survey within 3 days of receiving your iHop receipt
    • Must redeem coupon within 30 days of completing the survey

    Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ’s

    What is the iHop Survey?
    A survey put out by iHop restaurant so they can listen to their customers and make improvments as well as give back in the form of coupons to loyal customers.

    How do you take the TalktoiHop Survey?
    You can make a purchase at an iHop, save your receipt, go online to and answer all survey questions to complete the survey.

    What prizes can you win in the TalktoiHop Survey?
    You will get a coupon for a free stack of buttermilk pancakes or a $4 off coupon that you can use on your next visit.

    Does the iHop Survey have any limitations?
    Yes, you must take the survey within 3 days of your purchase, and use your coupon within 30 days before it expires. See your receipt and the full official rules page for more details and restrictions.

    Contact iHop

    contact ihop

    Phone: 1 (866) 444-5144

    Online Contact Form

    58 thoughts on “TalktoiHop ― Take iHop® Survey, Free Pancakes

    1. I wanted to take the online survey but there was no place to start the survey. I looked at everything on the surveys it took to me were banks. Where is the survey for IHOP?

    2. Our family visit the IHOP Rosedale NY 06/28/2018 6:40 p.m.The server was great. Your staff was very friendly and very helpful. Would definitely recommend to my friend and family. Thanks ,Memphis Tenn

      1. enjoyed my last visit so much, I couldn’t wait to go back–the first time, I had the garlic butter burger–it was fantasticand was disaapointed that I didn’t order it agin–will next timefor sure

    3. Hi we come to your IHOP at lease 2 or 3 times and yesterday 8/23/18 We were not happy with the server we had her name is Brooke J We waited at least 5monutes before she came to our table to take the order I only order a milkshake &my husband order a meal the milkshake was by 1 & get 1 free never got that the I had to go up front to try to pay for the bill .the hostess had to go find Brooke so we could pay the bill which took almost another 5 minuets for her to come back to the table to & take the bill up to the register so we could leave. I left her a tip but I really did not want to .I guess she was having a bad day.thanks mary

    4. My husband and his support dog and myself go to the Oceanside I-Hop and they have a great staff. Yvonne, Marissa, Anne, Robert are all great. We get the best of the best service too. Kudos to all of them.

      Bruce and Robin … and Kazon =)

    5. Went to the new I Hop in Lincoln RI, #3640, wont ever be going back there again. They cant even cook eggs, mine were raw and I sent them back no better, bacon was burnt. Hash browns were cold, could not eat the food, Waitress was nice but inexperienced . After we left there we had to go out to get breakfast somewhere else.

      1. We had s very similar experience at Dover, De. Worst breakfast I have ever had. Been there twice and both times it was terrible. Will never go there again.

        1. Went to the I-Hop in St. Louis, Mo on Clayton Rd. It was the worst breakfast I ever had. I left there and went to a fast food restaurant to eat. the fried egg was too fried, bacon cooked too hard, hash browns was like shredded paper. the server was ok. I could not believe how I once really liked IHOP food and now it’s for the pigs(slop)

    6. We had a late night dinner with a friend we had just picked up from the airport. It was his birthday. We htold this to our server, Darren. He made our experience an awesome one, keeping us smiling and laughing throuhout our whole meal. He then brought our friend dessert and sand happy birthday to him. Our friend had just lost his father, was actually flying back from handling his affairs. Darren put a smile on his face. He was awesome!!!

    7. My wife & I had the best food and service at any breakfast place in the Des Moines Iowa area by Andrea J. [7130] This is a well managed establishment who care about customers.
      Don’t believe anything you hear on Facebook.

    8. My wife and I have had nothing but bad experiences at the Dover Delaware location. We have been there three times and it was always horrible. For example, today we ordered the 2-2-2 with French Toast. My wife’s order came without the French Toast and was told it would be right out. Well when it didn’t come in five minutes she went to the kitchen area only to find that our server was off talking. Eggs were barely cooked and the bacon was raw. Never again

    9. We went to Paducah, Ky I Hop between 2 doctor’s appts thinking we had PLENTY of time to eat & take care of some errands before the 11:15am appt. WRONG!!!! Resturant was fairly busy, no one at hostess stand. Finally seated. Server came & got drink order, brought drinks, took food order. Then the WAIT BEGAN. It took 25-30 mins to get our food. No one around us was getting food in a timely manner. It took 15 mins for someone to take the customer behind us order. He food still hadn’t come when we left. My waffle wouldn’t even melt the butter. The bacon had that “old” taste. My husband’s omelet was over cooked & maybe had been put under heat lamp. His hash browns did not look appetizing but he said they tasted pretty good. When we left, there were several patrons waiting to be seated. I told a few people if they had limited time they might want to eat somewhere else. We don’t eat breakfast very often but we won’t be eating at this IHOP for a while. We’ll just go to Waffle House.

    10. Each time we visit the Emporia, Kansas store the service gets worse. We ordered fish and chips and soup. We got charged extra for the fries. When I asked about the extra charge, I was offered the sr. Discount which I should have received anyway. We have been going to this location even before it was an IHOP but this location has had so many mess ups that time was the last time for us. The

    11. I went to the IHOP by Wal Mart in Williamsburg, VA about 3pm on Sunday, July 7th. My order was wrong and service was slow. This store does not get any better in my opinion. When you ask for crisp bacon and get barely cooked bacon there is something wrong with the kitchen or front of the house. I did not keep the whole receipt but do have this number #2027070726779.
      Thank you

    12. i just left the Freeport store. i was looking forward to having the Junior spooky combo. i was told after i placed my order they didn’t have the icing to make my combo. A few minutes later another table ordered the spooky combo. They received the spooky combo with the icing and spider web. I’m not sure how or why I was over looked by our server. Honestly it was not fair or nice. I am going to tell my friends about this. I’m not sure what you can do but I would like to let you know about this

    13. On my visit to your restaurant I had the pleasure of being served by Beth. She was very helpful & suggested a nice breakfast meal which I enjoyed. I think she is an asset to your company. I will be back again & tell my friends about the great service & to ask for Beth. Thank you.

    14. My husband and I love to go to IHOP but I feel they are very stingy with their portion sizes. My two eggs always looks as though a pigeon layer the eggs otherwise it’s good.

    15. Selena W. is so great a server. she is always so friendly. we go in a lot for dinner and look forward to her wonderful smile. All the people who work in our IHOP are so wonderful.

    16. Can’t get on IHOP Survey. The START button opens Amazon survey. The reason for this I don’t understand why there no IHOP at Irvin Marketplace in the city of Irvine, CA. The area is growing with new development–young families. The IHOP can serve as that place for families.

    17. Haven’t eaten at an IHOP in years. Our waitress~Linder, was great!! Great food-great service!!

    18. Clayton at the Cabot, Arkansas store is the best, even amidst the pandemic. Very professional, pleasant, polite and talented (handles 6 plates on one arm!!). We will be back. Thanks again Clayton!

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