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Got a ticket in New Jersey and need to pay it? Your options are paying online, by mail or in person. It’s annoying to make a trip out to pay in person and who wants to wait in those lines *ugh*?

By mail you have to waste a stamp and a check, so online is the easiest option by far.

The only downside is the $2 convenience fees seem unfair to me as you’re making the in person lines less and lessening the bureaucratic workload by decreasing their in-person and paperwork load, but the government sees it as easy money and maybe they have high website upkeep fees, who knows.

If you’ve decided to pay the convenient route and are going online, here’s some help to make it easier for you.

Payment Details

Payment OptionsOnline, Mail, In-Person
Online Convenience Fee$2
You'll needTicket, License Plate, Credit Card, Court ID
LocationNew Jersey

How to pay your ticket using NJMCdirect

Go to the NJMCdirect website:

You’ll need the following information handy to pay:

What You Need To Pay Online
Your Ticket
Your License Plate #
Your Credit Card #
The Municipal Court Code ID

NJMCdirect Homepage

Here’s what to expect when you land on the official homepage:

NJMCdirect homepage

If it doesn’t look like this you’re on the wrong site.

Once you land on the site, enter the information specified in the table above (ie your license plate #, your ticket info, your municipal court ID and credit card info) then submit the payment and you should be good to go.

Good luck and let me know how it goes in the comments below!

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