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Don’t worry, that very cute dog was not abandoned in front of Jack in the Box.

His name is Cooper and he is standing outside Jack in the Box on purpose, he just happens to look a little sad in that photo.

Jack in the Box may not let dogs inside its stores, and maybe that is why Cooper looks so sad. However it does let them walk, or in Cooper’s case, mope around outside, but in the cute mopey way as Cooper is demonstrating.

A fun fact about Jack in the Box that many people don’t know is that the first store had a blow-up clown on the roof to “watch” helpfully over its customers as they ordered through a small intercom system.

The customers would then drove through the tiny drive through window, where hamburgers were available for sale for only 18 cents.

dog yawning outside jack in the box

Imagine being able to buy a hamburger for only 18 cents today.

Man, those were the days I guess!

You can see in the above picture Cooper is agreeing that he would like a hamburger for only 18 cents, with his mouth open wide waiting to receive it.

outside jack in the box

Cooper is still outside Jack in the Box, this time looking content, because he must have eaten his 18 cent hamburger already.

Cute Cooper loves to learn, so we taught him another fun fact, which is that no, someone named “Jack” did not start “Jack in the Box”.

The founder’s name was actually “Robert Peterson”.

Many people, including Cooper, are confused and still think someone named Jack founded the company.

The confusion is largely due to Jack in the Box’s 1995 fictional marketing campaign where they portrayed “Jack”, a fictional clown reminiscent of the old blow up clown on the original store’s roof, as the company’s founder.

dog outside jack in the box

Cooper is thoughtfully pondering this point as we explain how the marketing campaign confused a lot of people about the Jack in the Box “Jack” name origin.

If you were one of the many confused by that Jack in the Box marketing campaign, feel free to let them know in the JackListens survey.

Don’t worry, you weren’t the only one who was confused, so was I and so was cute Cooper doggie.

In return for taking the JackListens survey online, you’ll get 2 lovely tacos for free on your next visit. Learn more below.

jacklistens survey


jack in the box survey

Cooper is modeling in front of a Jack in the Box sign based in Austin Texas, however that is not where the chain was founded.

Still a US-based hamburger chain, Jack in The Box was founded by Robert Peterson in 1951 in San Diego.

By 1960 the Jack in The Box chain had seen enough success where it was able to expand, opening its first stores out of state, starting with Arizona and then moving on to Texas.

jack in the box menu

Peterson was doing well enough where he was able to open other restaurants in addition to his Jack in the Box chain, and a parent company originally called San Diego Commissary Co. that he changed to be called “Foodmaker Co.” in 1960.

jack in the box inside

In 1968 Ralston Purina Co. purchased the majority controlling interest in Foodmaker Co. and started expanding the chain like crazy, growing it to over 1,000 restaurants by 1979.

It saw more potential in the Southwestern and Western markets, opening many more stores in those areas while simultaneously closing many of its Eastern and Midwestern locations.

jack in the box wall

An investment group bought out Ralston in 1985, and it went public in 1987. Shortly after it was purchased by another investment group in 1988, again going public in 1992 selling 17.2 million shares at $15/share.

It has grown and now operates in 22 states. Jack in The Box serves classic fast food hamburgers, fries and other delectable snack or dinner foods.


As a courtesy to their customers, the chain offers a special survey that customers can take in exchange for two free tacos on their next visit.

Not sure where to start? Keep reading to find a location close to you, and learn how you can take the survey and get yourself a 2 free taco coupon.

Find a Jack In The Box Location Near You

Find a restaurant location near you using the official restaurant locator. Survey Prizes

In exchange for taking the survey, you will receive a code you can redeem for two free tacos at any Jack In The Box location

  • Two free tacos Survey Details

PrizeTwo Free Tacos
Receipt Valid For3 days
Coupon Valid For7 days
Can EnterUnlimited Times
Purchase Required?Yes
LanguageEnglish or Spanish
Survey Code Digits14

Take The JackListens Survey

  1. Go to a Jack In The Box restaurant location, make a purchase and save your receipt
  2. Visit to begin the survey
  3. Choose your language either English or Spanish to complete the survey in
  4. Enter your 14-digit receipt code into the survey when prompted
  5. Complete all survey questions
  6. Write down the code at the end of the
    survey to redeem your reward of two free Jack In The Box tacos at your next restaurant visit Survey Homepage

The black and white homepage is in theme with the Jack in The Box brand. The clown mascot playfully points to the center of the page where they politely ask you to choose your language, either English or Spanish, in order to begin the survey:

jacklistens survey homepage Secret Survey Hack

The secret survey hack many do not know, is that you can take the JackListens survey every single time you eat at a Jack In The Box.

This means you are eligible to receive two free tacos EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. you eat there.

Good luck, happy tacos, and let me know how it goes for you! Survey Rules & Eligibility

  • You must make a purchase to be eligible for this survey
  • You must save your receipt in order to take the survey
  • You must take the survey within 3 days of receiving your receipt
  • Must use the coupon within 7 days of taking the survey
  • One coupon per guest per visit
  • Cannot be combined with other offers
  • Non-transferable
  • Employees or employee-affiliates not eligible

See the receipt for additional rules and conditions.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ’s

What is the JackListens Survey?
A survey conducted by Jack in the Box to get feedback so they can improve their service and give customers coupons.

How do you take the Survey?
You can make a purchase at a Jack in the Box location, save your receipt, go online to and answer all survey questions to take the survey..

What prizes can you win in the Jack in the Box Survey?
Each time you take the survey, you get a prize of 2 free tacos you can redeem on your next visit.

Does the JackListens Survey have any limitations?
Yes, you must take the survey using your receipt within 3 days of your purchase and use your coupon within 7 days of your purchase. See official rules for more restrictions.

Contact Jack In The Box

contact jack in the box

Online Contact Form:

Mailing Address:
Attn: Guest Relations
9330 Balboa Ave.
San Diego, CA

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  1. Store 3183 I give them thumbs up not only for awsome service but my meal being hot and fresh and to Rafael keep up the good work to you and your team

  2. Worst service I’ve ever had . 3 cars ahead of me , took 38 min. Got to window had to sign for $5.29 . Got food and ate in parking lot . No salt or pepper for eggs everything was cold except sausage . Not worth the wait and girl at door more worried about taking orders then handing me mine . They need some training here . Last time I go there , it’s off to Kelso from now on , longer drive but worth it . Thumbs down for this jack

  3. All 5 meals were stone cold. 3 Frys, 3 10peice nuggets, and 2 burgers were all stone cold!!!!! Customer server in drive thru was extremely rude both on the com and at the window!!!!!!!

  4. Me encantó el servicio la señorita Rosario me atendió muy amablemente con una sonrisa y al darme mi orden todo estuvo perfecto good job. Pienso regresar muy pronto!✌

  5. Just received my order at the drive thru at store #3618 in Houston Texas. What a pleasant experience from young man who took my order. His name was Reginald. Very sharp and friendly young man. Wish there were more people like that working at fast food restaurants.

  6. 959608 874280When I originally commented I clicked the -Notify me when new surveys are added- checkbox and from now on whenever a comment is added I purchase four emails sticking with exactly the same comment. Possibly there is by any indicates you could get rid of me from that service? Thanks! 344561

  7. 4713 store is the best jack in the box every the best service clean inside and the bathrooms I give this a 5 star restaurant and this jack in the box can beat any other jack restaurant

  8. The jack in abox by Vacaville high school only has the drive threw open at 7:04am but has the dinning room close. I’m guessing because so many students come and sit in the chairs and Friday morning one of the workers came out cleaning a couple little garbage off the flore and said “disgusting freaken kids”. They also have so much mildew on the ceiling on top of many tables and also all tables are dam near broken Down. The place stinks everyday like it had sewage problems

  9. Love the food, service was fair. But while sitting and eating my husband and I had to listen foul language including the “F…” Word several times. Sould have a council meeting on work ethics.

  10. Survey app isnt working. Food is great. Window cashier was not.its raining so she wouldnt put her hand out to give me the bag. she was enrering an order. Seemed to ignore my request to give me the bag.and did not try to give me the food. I had to reach more then normal to get it. 14 digit code 523 109 700 585 81 date 2/2/2019 time of service 14:45

  11. Store 3813 went thru drive thru lady was rude rushed me thru my order and when i got to the window i corrected it she copped an attitude about and then scolled me on how i should have cooked for the superbowl. My girlfriend was in the hospital sick and i just want to feed my family after correcting my order 1 sandwich plan i had to wait another 10 minutes out front. Sad service and they weren’t even busy i had one car in front and one behind the lobby looked empty so i couldn’t understand the wait

  12. Went to Jack in box located in Kaufman Texas. 14 digit code 99743380422732
    Date of service. 2/23/2019. Coupon code 525. Ordered a jumbo jack. When I got home I found an artificial nail stuck in my bun. Gross! This is disgusting. Almost threw up!

    1. I don’t believe this survey. How would you have the number if you have to hand it over at the time ?? You could be a good politician some day

  13. Food was Good ,but the lady who took our order through the drive threw was very rude and when we got our food we was missing some .I went in to let them know and tge manager was rude didn’t even apologize and the one who took our order came up loud and had an additude.The Manager wanted to argue with me about my order , I just wanted the food I paid for finally after getting my food they still shorted me and i let her know and she argued again then gave me my missing item,She wouldnt even hand my food to me as she’s standing right there at the counter and had the women at the register give it to me.

  14. Survey wasn’t working. I went to jack in the box last Saturday and their service was amazing. All the employees had big smiles. Definitely going again soon.

  15. Claro que volvere a comer a jack me encantan los tacos y sus jalapeños además el cajero que nos atendio. Fue muy amable y atento con nosotros.

  16. As far as me being a member here, I am glad though that I am a member. When the article was published I received a username and password, so that I could participate in Comments, That would explain me stumbuling upon this post. But we’re certainly all members in the world of ideas.

  17. Store number 6629 worst service I ever had. The guy at the window seem to be on drugs the way he was acting. The food was so cold the cheese wasn’t even melted. We said no lettuce or tomatoes and they put everything on it. I will not be returning back at all

  18. I got a number 5 meal a kids meal and patty melt meal all of our Fries were overcooked burnt All hamburger patties were burnt in overdone on the patty melt the cheese was not melted and Onions were not even cooked waiters in line for 20 mints there was 3 cars ahead of me food didnt taste that good the lady who took my order was rushing me and ki da rude but the lady at the window was great nice and everything

  19. Ordered 3 Munchie Boxes one chicken sandwich PLAIN nothing on it, when I got it home the chicken sandwich had everything on it and it was cold. 23.38 and went to bed hungry.14 digit code 534 113 603 734 29 date of service 3/19/19.

  20. The Jack in the box on West Main in Grand Prairie serve me a old chicken patty. Guacalupe was my cashier in Drive thru. She rushing me through my order and no one in the store are Drive thru. I deserve better service than that.

  21. Been munching at jacks place for better than forty years, love the food. Today I am a little irate, when ordering breakfast you can not swap for fries or get any other drink but coffee or else it is an upcharge. I understand OJ but you should be able to get a small soda or milk. I do not drink coffee as much any more. Potatoes are potatoes what’s the diff small fries instead of those hash browns. I am irritated, because I had to drink coffee and those hash browns. Store # 5338 What are you going to do about it????? I still do not shop home depot for the last twenty years that is another story NOT GOOD.

  22. HI
    I just filled out a survey, and on the part RE cleaniness, I put poor.
    It was raining out, and the floor near the door was quite wet, one could slip and fall.
    Perhaps a rug or other material could have been put there, along with the WET SIGN. The restaurant part (tables, etc) was no unclean.

  23. JIB#1533
    I placed an order for two orders of onion rings at 4:10 PM on 9 April 2019 and they were closer to being incinerated then fried. They were crunchy to the point to only been surpassed by hard candy. Quality control is an important thing regarding edible consumables. The texture and condition of the onion rings were definitely apparent upon opening the packages and I believe should have been obvious to first the individual cooking the items and then the individual packaging the items. Thank you for your attention.

  24. Absolutely the worst fast food drive through experience of my life. I waited 10 minutes to place my order AFTER I was at the ordering speaker. After ordering , 20 minute wait to get my order and only 3 cars ahead of me. I ordered the special. When I finally made it to the pick-up window, they had a stack of ‘specials’ by the window, threw 2 in the bag and handed it to me. The ‘specials’ were made ahead of time, WAY ahead of time. They were cold and shriveled up, looked like they were made hours before. I figured there must be short handed in the restaurant to take sooooo looooooong, but no, they were packed with employees. No idea why they took so long. Incompetence. I will never go back to Gag in the Bag, if ANY alternative is available. San Mateo CA 3rd & Delaware

  25. I have not checked in here for some time as I thought it was getting boring, but the last few posts are great quality so I guess I will add you back to my everyday bloglist. You deserve it my friend 🙂

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