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Dairy Queen is the place to go when you want great fast food and tasty soft serve. It was founded in Illinois, and has grown at a rapid pace ever since its inception in 1940.

dq cake

If you plan on visiting the famous chain, you might as well save your receipt and take the DQ Fan Feedback survey so you can get a free Dilly Bar coupon. I mean, why not? Prize

When you finish the feedback survey, you’ll get a nice little coupon. See details below.

  • Coupon for a free Dilly Bar

Take The DQFanFeedback Survey

  1. Eat at a Dairy Queen and hold on to your receipt
  2. Visit
  3. [UPDATE/ EDIT] If the previous website doesn’t work, try your receipt code on this site site
  4. Complete the feedback survey
  5. At the end of the DQFanfeedback survey keep the code to use for your Dilly Bar at your next visit Homepage

You’ll land on a fluffy blue and white cloud-like homepage to take the beautiful DQ survey:

DQFanSurvey Homepage

Secret: Take It Unlimited Times

You may not know this, but the secret hack is you can take the DQ Fan survey as many times as you want and use the promo code for a free Dilly bar as many times as you want.

DQ Fan Feedback Terms & Conditions

  • Purchase Required
  • Receipt Required

How To Contact DQ

contact dq

Phone: 1 866 793-7582

Online Form online contact form

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133 thoughts on “ ― Official DQ® Survey ― Free Dilly Bar

  1. The DQ was very clean and very well managed. Barb the manager was very nice and running the D Q very efficient. The bathrooms are very clean. I believe she should be training managers for you. We will be back to her DQ

    1. DQ was very clean and managed in a excellent manner the manager was running in a excellent, the restrooms were very clean

    1. this is the 3rd time i have tried to receive a dilly bar
      my receipts do not have a validation code, just blank lines

      1. My receipt has no code either. I really wanted to tell someone about the long wait in the drive-thru, the poor sandwiches I got (doughy bread, dried out meat patty, etc.) more than getting a dilly bar–which I do like.

      2. My receipt does not have 19 digit code number only a phone number. This is the third time I visited the store and the same on all receipts .

    2. Mr. Franco, you are absolutely right. another scam by Dairy queen, this receipt survey does not work from Boardman, Ohio 44512 Dairy Queen located on Market Street, tele- number 330-726-9148

    1. I totally agree that there is not a 16 or 19 digit code on my receipt. All it says on mine right above the validation code line is : Enter phone number 814-944-4100.
      I was excited and looking forward to the dilly bar. Never had one. Don’t know now if I will purchase additional Dilly Bars. I have no clue what they are or how they taste. Sorry Dairy Queen, your loss for not putting the code on the receipt.

    1. What kind of scam is this??? I have tried a dozen or more times to do
      a survey for the dilly bar and I am getting no where. My relatives buy me very expensive Dairy Queen Cards as a gift but I am getting very disappointed and ready to tell them NO MORE DAIRY QUEEN CARDS as I am frustrated with this as re Free Dilly Bar which I find impossible to achieve.

      1. I have no 19 digits to put n only a 12 digit phone number. Is this a scam. Will take back to Dairy Queen if no good results will call Corporate

  2. Tried doing survey and it kept telling me i entered the wrong info. But i never, will you please send me my free mini blizzard.

  3. What a ripoff, I’ve tried 3 days in a row to do the free Dilly Bar survey and still can not get to the validation code. How come?

  4. There’s no 19 digit code on my receipt. I’ve tried several times to do this survey for the “free dilly bar” and got no where. Would like to have gotten the dilly bar.

  5. No code to do this.
    DQ executives, if u r offering a very small item, and it doesn’t work, it’s a good way to lose business.
    You have good food, ar reasonable prices.
    Don’t do this to turn business away.

  6. There is no 19 digit code on my receipt or is there a 10 digit code. All i have is a order Id. So much for my free Dilly Bar. Or you can send my a free coupon to my e-mail address below.

  7. There is no 19 digit code on my receipt ,I tried for 2 days but could not complete the survey but you can send me a coupon for a free dilly bar.

  8. It didn’t work the first time for me either it’s really not that difficult I did the survey got the code and I’m getting my dolly bar ! says:

    For all you people trying to get in to the survey you must be in the wrong one don’t take shortcuts type in the DQ fan It didn’t work the first time for me either it’s really not that difficult I did the survey got the code and I’m getting my dilly bar!

  9. I just want to say that the DAIRY QUEEN ON 1138 S. Main in Manteca,Ca has excellent customer service and fresh food. This is definitely the place to go to get good service. Brandon was my server and he had a great attitude and excellent customer service. I have experienced some who had bad attitude and terrible customer service. When there is a person that has a positive attitude it sets the who atmosphere of the place anyone dines in. There needs to be more people like Brandon that are a assets to the company.

  10. Went to DQ last night, ask the cashier if we get senior discount, the reply was, I don’t know what your talking about, and we did not get it, I am 67 my wife is 68, don’t plan on ever going back again.


  12. 1/3/2018 – 10am. Could not get the survey to work, there is no 19 digit code on the receipt, however the DQ on Burnet Rd in Austin phone 512-454-7246 is awesome. I could care less about a free dilly bar but I DO care about nice people and great service. I got here early, 30 mins before they opened and its 35 deg outside. The guy (turned out to be the manager Christopher) came to the door and opened it and said come on in we are open for YOU. The trainee who took my order (Adilia) was super friendly, efficient and got me my order fast. The area manager was in the store (Eric)could not have been nicer or more professional. Oh yeah the restaurant was very clean, and my DQ Dude was awesome…as always.

  13. Dasiha manager at cacye sc Dq is alway so nice when we go here. She works hard and best customer service. We visit twice a week at times. Hope they all see how hard she works.

  14. Usually I go through the drive through and are pretty happy with the results. But today I went inside with my 3 yr old daughter and my friend and was unimpressed. The cashier was loud and was extremely rude towards another employee in front of my daughter. My friend also found a hair in her fries. Needless to say I’ll be thinking twice before stopping here again.

  15. Today when trying to fill out the form for the free Dilly Bar, I find that there is no 19 digit code on the receipt. So, could not take the survey and I cannot get a free Dilly Bar. Never mind, I enjoy going to Dairy Queen. My Provider and I go there for lunch from time to time. Check No. 961712, 02/16/19, 12:33 P.M. DQ phone
    # 956-797-1993. My email is
    . Stephen W. Westfall

  16. I used the phone number on the receipt as indicated and I’m gonna get a free dilly bar. Went to the new DQ in Barboursville. Our person Drew was awesome, sweet and a great cashier. The food was great. Accurate and hot and delicious. Had a great experience on a cold and rainy evening. We’ll definitely be back and often.

  17. We go to the DQ in Grand Rapids,Minnesota. Alizabeth is great. She is like the energizer bunny.She is so friendly and a great server. She loves her people(the customers}

  18. Survey code 6514628706. Buns were cold, fries were luke warm, and mini bliz watery.
    I live in the town and not likely to return to this DQ.

  19. I would love to take the survey but it never ever works.
    Can not get the numbers to enter,
    Price yesterday was $ 5.09 which I found to be getting a little expensive,

    1. The restaurant was ever clean and the restroom I didn’t not go in but the people was every nice and they come to you tables to check on us that was every conceivable of them to check on us ps Betty bradley

  20. I was very happy today and went into DT 108 at 4:20 pm JMCCLURE I ordered the chicken and waffle meal that was advertised for 5.99, asked if could get blizzard instead of soda and she said yes for an extra 1.39 and I said okay. when JMCCLURE gave my order they charged me 6.99 for chicken and waffle and gave me bread instead of waffle, I said this is not waffled this is bread, she said you can have a waffle for extra charge, I said no, I ordered a chicken waffle meal , she charged 6.99+1.39 I left very mad we discussed back and for the white women was very rude she gives you what she wants she doesn’t care about what do you want to order. I LEFT THAT PLACE VERY MAD. I WON’T COME BACK EVER AGAIN. She not only overcharge me she did not give me what I ordered. DQ should not have that unkind stubborn bad customer DT cashier.

  21. Stupid website. “put in NINETEEN digit code on receipt. THERE WAS NO CODE ON THE RECEIPT. Just a phone number. The last time I did this I had no problem. This is a BAD receipt. 05/24/19
    Store 14386 1-830-875-2736 phone number.

  22. I visited McDonald DQ just today and love the treats I got, but there is no 19 digit number to put in the spaces, I tried to figure out what to put in the spaces and it won’t let me even start the survey without them,, so I could not get my free Dilly Bar and was really disappointed .

  23. This Dilly Bar is very complicated to get, could you not make this a bit easier? I finley got the
    site and tried to fill in the questions but not enough spaces and than lost the site

  24. It is very hard to take the survey. When I pushed start it would not do any thing, and never got to enter. Could you make it easier to get to the site this took forever, never got free dilly bar. Maybe if you just say bring back receipt back to get a free dilly bar.

  25. Once again DQ got order wrong!!!!
    And once again, third time no verification code.
    Will no longer Shop there.

  26. My son and I stopped in to have a quick sit down breakfast. Just a fast food place you really don’t expect to be treated the same as you would in a fancy type place. However, the lovely lady Sabrina was her name took our order and brought our food to us was the most nicest friendliest worker we have ever had. She seemed to go above and beyond to clean straighten etc. While no customers was coming in,but once someone ipen the door she was speaking to them. Over all the best we have encountered in any restaurant.

  27. I have visited DQ in the past two days. Tried to take your survey, but neither of your receipts have a 19 digit code to enter only a 12 digit Order Id (letters/number) which the survey will not accept. I now question, is this a scam just to get my email from my computer. If not a scam, please provide me a correct Order Id that will work. I feel if DQ cannot provide me this information, then I feel DQ cannot be trusted as a company. Have a trusted worthy day.

  28. Very disappointed in DQ. In the past week, I have been to DQ 3 times and none of my receipts have had a 19 digit code to enter. I do not plan on going back for a long time, maybe the management can get there act together and quite suckering people in for a free dilly bar what they have decided not to provide. This is nothing more than DQ scamming the public. I believe the government show be looking into this scam and potential customers should boycott DQ until they can get it right. From previous comments, this has happened way too much. All companies rely on the reputation and obviously DQ has lost their good reputation.

  29. we stopped at the dq in bryan texas #51 we were traveling we got on the road and our order was wrong we ordered a 6piece steak finger when on the road it ended up to be a 4 piece chicken basket we were not happy chicken basket a lot cheaper than the 6 piece steak finger

  30. This is a hoax! There is no 19 digit number on the receipt so that I can complete the survey. It used to be the phone number that was requested in that slot. Disgusting!

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