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Guess how much chicken KFC sells in the United Kingdom each year?

If you guessed 60,000 metric tonnes, you are correct!

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The chicken is purchased as fresh as possible from suppliers, and delivered to each restaurant around 3 times a week. So if you’re an unlucky customer, you could be getting up to 3 day old chicken.

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Now I know why sometimes my chicken is soft and tender, and sometimes it tastes like it has been sitting out for 3 days. Because it probably has…

your kfc

There are over 700 KFC’s in the UK.

KFC has an interesting setup, where it owns a percentage of its outlets, and it has franchisees that own and operate the majority under the KFC brand.

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In the UK, the percentage works out to 30% company-owned restaurants, and 70% owned by franchisees.

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If you want to see more KFC’s in your area in the future, make sure to take the YourKFC survey to help them out.

They’ll use your feedback to improve service and food quality, and in return you’ll get a 20% off coupon you can use when you spend £5 or more. Prize

Prize: 20% Off Coupon with minimum £5 spend on your next KFC UK visit Details

Survey Prize20% Off Coupon
Minimum Spend For Coupon Use£5
Receipt Valid For3 Days
Coupon Valid For14 Days
Survey Limit1 Per 30 Days

How To Take The YourKFC Survey

Keep in mind you can only take the survey 1 time every 30 day period.

  1. Spend any amount of money at a UK KFC near you
  2. Keep your receipt with you until you’re able to get a wifi or internet connection
  3. Visit the online survey site here
  4. Complete the survey within 3 days of your visit and write the validation code on your receipt
  5. Hand in your receipt and the validation code into a UK KFC on your next visit within 14 days of your original visit to redeem your 20% off coupon when you spend a minimum of £5 Homepage

The plain white and red YourKFC homepage well-represents the brand:


YourKFC Rules

  • Purchase is necessary to take the yourKFC survey
  • Saving your receipt is necessary to take the survey
  • Must take online survey within 3 days of receiving your receipt
  • Must use your receipt + survey validation code coupon within 14 days of the date on your receipt
  • Limit of 1 survey per 30 day period
  • You must make a minimum £5 purchase in order to redeem your 20% off coupon in-store
  • You must physically hand in your receipt in order to redeem your in-store coupon

See your receipt for more rules.

See the KFC UK privacy policy here

Contact KFC UK

KFC UK Phone: 0345 753 2532

Contact Online

20 thoughts on “ | Take Official YourKFC® Survey, Get 20% Off

  1. Specifically asked by assistant last night to please fill in survey only to find no surveys were active!!!
    Was hoping to have my say about my order as it was short of items when I returned home !!

  2. Could not get online to get my 15% discount on my next purchase even though I have done it several times are at McDonald’s I could not make heads and the tide of yours Ch

  3. As a regular visitor to KFC probably at least 3 times a week, sadly I have just bought my last one. The price for a three piece original meal has gone up from £4.99 to £5.39 which to be honest I can live with but you have changed your chips from the traditional kfc fries to a new variety which are absolutely awful, covered in black potato eyes and everywhere I have been this week they are totally over cooked. Massively disappointed in your new product.

  4. Been several times to kfc glous with my friend who actually introduced me to your line loved it sadly link doesn’t work & our pop corn chicken was up to standard today hopefully better next week

  5. Same as a lot of people couldn’t get on line to complete the survey.Whats going on. Not bothered I will go to Chicken Express next time ( a lot cheaper as well) .

  6. Northampton, Sixfields branch. Up until six or so months ago we really enjoyed KFC takeaway meals from this branch. However in recent months we have experienced a gradual decline in quality, culminating with a meal we had last evening where the ‘fries’ were inedible. They were soft, not hot, and over fried. We threw most of ours away. To be fair the chicken is still reasonable but our previous meal contained chicken that was clearly undercooked. I’ve tried to complete the survey that you advertise on every till receipt bit have only been told that the web page is down. This is clearly unacceptable. Signed a very dissatisfied customer.

  7. Asked to fill the in survey and say she was amazed . No link on web site. Total rubbish. Our meal was awful and I tried to call to complain but got no answer.

  8. Couldn’t find link to work! Shipney bognor Regis been twice . Got order wrong way too much sauce even the woman said. Chips are gross!! The fillet burger was more like to got wings in the bun there size of fillet ridiculous. My nans hot chocolate was nice though. Staff are Loud. And apparently the crusmans machine don’t work been out for weeks

  9. Link to survey broken. Someone doesn’t know the difference between regular and large chip portions. Are KFC now in the business of conning their customers? Portadown, Northern Ireland franchise has really disappointed me. Should have went to McDonalds. Or got a Chinese meal which was my first choice. I’ll know where to go the next time, and it won’t be KFC.

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