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Did you know that Walgreens literally invented the malted milkshake?

Guess the year they invented this wondrous creation?

If you guessed 1922 you are correct and deserve a gold star. We are all blessed to have been born after Walgreens invented the malted milkshake.

Now, neither the milkshake or Walgreens came out of thin air. They were both preceded by a very special man named Charles R. Walgreen Sr.

walgreens store

Charles Walgreen was a pharmacist in a small Chicago drugstore in the late 1800s where he dutifully worked each day saving up his monthly paycheck.

In 1901, he had finally saved enough money to purchase the drug store he worked in and loved day after day.

Today we know this tiny store as what it turned into. The mammoth drug store chain called Walgreens that we shop in today, named by Charles after his own last name.

Charles loved what he did with a passion which is why he purchased the store in the first place. Once he owned the shop he even started to manufacture his own drugs so he could give all his customers the highest quality and best prices.

He served his customers with a passion, and it wasn’t until 8 years later he was able to open the second Walgreens, in 1909.

walgreens display

By 1916, Walgreens was no longer a well-kept secret, with 19 stores starting to take over the world.

By 1926, the 100th store opened in Chicago, making the chain well on its way to infamy in the pharmacy store chain world.

Keeping the business in the family, and of course, keeping the family name intact, the company has been passed on to Charles’ son, named Charles Walgreen Jr, and then to the son after that, Charles Walgreen III.

In 2012, Walgreens opened it 8,000th store in Los Angeles, California. The company has grown to epic proportions, and to think it all started by a man with a dream in a tiny Chicago drugstore.

As it continues to grow, Walgreens offers customers the chance to take a feedback survey online at in exchange for sweepstakes entry where there is a grand prize winner of $3,000 awarded in the form of a check.

They offer the chance to take the survey with or without a purchase.

With a purchase and receipt you’re eligible to take the survey online. Without a purchase you’ll need to take the survey by phone or by mail, which you can read the details on below.

Click Here To Take the Survey Online Now

WalgreensListens Survey Prizes

  • $3,000 cash grand prize awarded as a check

WalgreensListens Details

Grand Prize$3,000 Check
Enter ByOnline, Telephone, Mail
Purchase Required?No
Receipt Valid For72 hours

How To Take The Walgreens Survey

Online entry is the only method entry where a purchase is necessary to enter, for entry by telephone or mail no purchase is necessary.

Online Entry

  1. Make a purchase at a Walgreens and save your receipt
  2. Visit
  3. Fill out the survey questions
  4. You will automatically be entered to win the $3,000 grand prize

Entry By Telephone

  1. You may call the number 1 800 219 7451 and answer the questions to be entered into the sweepstakes with no purchase necessary

Entry By Mail

  1. Write your name, address and day and night phone numbers on a 3″X5″ piece of paper
  2. Mail this entry form to the following address:

    April 2018 customer satisfaction sweepstakes
    Dept-S7592 P.O. Box 4006
    Grand Rapids, MN 55730-4006

Mail in entries must be postmarked by April 30th 2018 and received no later than May 12, 2018 Homepage survey homepage Survey Rules & Eligibility

  • Must be a US resident
  • Must be 18 or older
  • Must not have direct affiliations with or be a Walgreens employee
  • Must complete survey within 72 hours of receipt invitation

See the official rules page for more detail

Contact Walgreens

Contact Online:

contact walgreens

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