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Did you know a typical Total Wine store carries around 8,000 different wines from regions around the world?

The founders knew it was important to have selection, and a good selection more importantly, which is what Total Wine strives to provide its customers.

Total wine was started by two brothers in 1991.

They opened the first store in Delaware a few decades ago, and since then it has grown to 199 stores in 23 US states.

Keep reading to find out how you can take the TellTotalWine survey and enter for a chance to win daily cash and other weekly prizes.

TellTotalWine Prizes

Prizes: Chances to win Daily Cash and other Weekly Prizes

How To Take The TellTotalWine Survey

  1. Make a Purchase online or in-store
  2. Save your receipt or email purchase information
  3. Go online to
  4. Fill out the survey and when you finish you’ll be entered into the sweepstakes Homepage

The homepage is set on a tan background and instructs you to select whether you made a purchase online or in-store in order to start the survey:

TellTotalWine Rules

  • A purchase is required to take the Total Wine survey and for entry into the sweepstakes
  • See your receipt and the full official rules link for more detail

Previous winner’s list

View the full official rules here

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Phone: (855) 328-9463

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36 thoughts on “ ― Take Official Total Wine® Survey

  1. I have been coming to the Pasadena CA location since doors open and i can truthfully say the integrity and customer service has not faltered. I have been greeted by Art most of the times i have come in and he has always been a fountain of knowledge and professionalism. i would recommend this place to ANYBODY in the Pasadena area. You will not be disappointed! 10/10 all day!

  2. Deborah is just great !
    She is always happy and quite knowledgeable. She is always making sure I’m buying the
    products in a way so as to get the best discount. Like I said she is great !! A real 10

  3. Tasting your higher priced wine, great idea. Thank you. New program identifying higher-priced wines available for tasting prior to purchasing. My price point for purchasing wine is typically above $50. The weekly tasting rooms available at Total wine consists of wines at the price point of $13 up to $25. Some of your customers want to taste wine with higher price points. Now that you have made some bottles available to taste prior to purchasing thank you thank you thank you. It’s discouraging to go and spend $60 on a bottle of wine you are not familiar with, and not be happy with it. Thank you Total wine for considering customers who are willing to spend more money on a good bottle of wine, and having the ability to taste it before the purchase.

  4. Had a fabulous experience at Total Wine all due to the exceptional knowledge and expertise of Erich Linker. He was extremely helpful, very professional and his level of expertise regarding all the wines was amazing. We could not thank him enough for guiding us toward fine wines at great prices! We couldn’t have been happier with all our selections thanks to Erich, and now Total Wine is the only place we’ll shop for all our spirits!

  5. I shop at the Total Wine store at Tatum and the 101/north Phoenix
    The checkout clerk Don is wonderful!! Helpful, kind, and fun! I don’t mind waiting in line (even is another line is open) to have him check me out – it is always a pleasant experience!
    Ron is also very helpful and willing to show me the product I am looking for or offering advise on new product.
    And then there is Stephen! So knowledgeable! I always enjoy learning about wine from him!!!
    Thank you Total Wine for employing great people!

  6. It’s 7:00 PM on New Year’s Eve at the Total Wine in River Edge, NJ. The store has only 3 of its 11 cas registers open. You can’t even walk down the aisles because the lines stretch to the back of the store. I’m here now so I’ll complete my purchase but I’m never coming back here! Happy New Year!

  7. Called HB store, verified they had a case (12) of my order, clerk stated they did. I ordered my case, paid with my credit card & received no email stating to pick it up. What’s Up?
    ID #83659361

  8. This is my second time to the store in brandon and daniel helps above and beyond with all my concern. Made my shopping experience great and made me feel that i have a new favorite store. Also natalie was a great help taking her time to explain.

  9. At the store I shop at Justin is always so very helpful he will stop what he is doing to go out of his way to help make sure I get what I am looking for I really appreciate that

  10. Excellent service. Person by the name of Gary (I think) wine manager was extremely helpful. Found what I needed and me additional out of stock.
    Check out was also friendly and courteous.
    I will definitely be back!!!!!

  11. I am totally surprised that Total Wine in Lynnwood WA. is the ONLY PLACE TO FIND THE BUDWEISER US SERVICES CANS. I have checked every other store in the area

  12. I’m just overwhelmed by finding my favorite drink.Customer care is excellent and I hope to come back for more wines soon

  13. I had your employee Riley help me out with very good service while in your store in Shrewsbury a few weeks ago. I gave her a small gift of some homemade balsamic vinegar and another syrup. A few weeks later I ordered a curbside pickup of some wine and when I picked it up there was a lovely note in it from Riley thanking me. It made me feel so good that she remembered me as a customer and made an effort to go out of her way to thank me. Great employee, great service, and great customer experience. Keep up the good work.
    Joe Moro

  14. I only shop a Total Wine and am always very happy with my experience. Today Blake rang up my purchase and was very helpful . He pointed out that I had wine that qualified for the 10% coupon and took that off. Very thankful to people who make life a joy. Thank you Blake!

  15. I was at the Total WIne Store #1125. I was greeted warmly by Mike the cashier. He even greeted my dog who was happy to be petted by Mike. I was very happy with the service I received by Mike and the other employees who friendly who had assisted me in looking for certain types of alcohol brands. All my experiences at this particular store were positive and the staff was very helpful.

  16. I have been shopping at Total Wines for a number of years and I am disappointed with all the misleading ads from different companies. I am interested in Total wines and not all these other ads.
    Thee which I have purchased have all been excellent and I enjoy shopping at Total wines. The staff appear to be very knowledgeable about the product and I do appreciate it.

  17. i recently shipped at your Naaman’s Rd store. I had the most pleasant experience meeting Suman Wadwa. Really taken back by her knowledge of your Vodka stock. She recommended four different vodkas that I had never heard of before. I bought all four and was surprisingly pleased by all of them. I liked her recommendations so much I had to find her and tell her how much I appreciated her personal touch. She is a really good employee and representative of Total Wines. She recommended two more and it will be some time before I taste test them but I’m looking forward to that day. Thanks again Suman !

  18. I was helped by Thomas Madden in the Albuquerque store at Cottonwood Mall. He went out of his way to be help me find the wile I was looking for. Very knowledgable . With help like Thomas I am going to shop Total Wines exclusively.

  19. Excellent service, I went to Store # 1409 (Seattle) and i got Venezuelan and Colombian Rum and French wine. Shari was very kind

  20. Had a wonderful experience at Total Wine, Uptown Blvd. , in Albuquerque NM, thanks to Loreen Blair. She assisted me with selection and check-out for a purchase made in memory of my husband of 62 years. She was great in every way. THANK YOU LOREEN!!

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