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Two Wichita college students, who also happened to be brothers, Dan and Frank Carney, founded Pizza Hut in 1958. It did so well, so quickly, that within a year they had managed to open 6 locations around Kansas.

dan and frank carney

The original Pizza Hut is pictured below and is now a museum for those who wish to visit:

the first pizza hut

Within 1 year, by 1959, the brothers started offering a Franchise option for people who wanted to set up Pizza Huts of their own.

As the chain continued to grow, the brothers wanted a unifying design and presence to create a defining brand and easily recognizable storefront for their lovely pizza chain. In 1963, they had an architect Richard Burke create Pizza Hut’s iconic red roof building design that we know so well today.

pizza hut classic red roof

Many of the current red roof buildings have a full bar and juke box, and even arcade games. Many have also been torn down and replaced with newer designs, however the red roof is still an iconic Pizza Hut marketing symbol.

Today there are many different roofed Pizza Hut’s, and franchisees are free to roof their building as they choose – see below image for a modern Pizza Hut roof example.

pizza hut store

Many people would be surprised to know that Pizza is actually currently owned by Pepsi, which bought the chain out in 1977.

Today Pizza Hut has grown to become a global phenomenon, present almost anywhere you could place your hand on a spinning globe.

Its international presence includes, Canada, Mexico, India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Germany, Spain, Turkey, South Africa, Honduras, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Colombia, Venezuela, Chile, Brazil, Peru, Tanzania, Ecuador, Nicaragua, Japan, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, the Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Brunei Darussalam, China, Hong Kong, South Korea, Myanmar, and Macau. It was also one of the first American chains to have a presence in Iraq.

In 2004, they started a new spinoff restaurant called a Pizza Hut Bistro, which served more Italian dishes including penne pasta. I’d rather go to Pizza Hut for pizza, but hey, who am I to talk.

For me, Pizza Hut is the classic Pizza chain for when you want reliably good pizza, fast. I also don’t go to Pizza Hut often, but when I do, I make sure to save my receipt and take advantage of their win $1,000 sweepstakes.

Keep reading to find out how you can enter the sweepstakes on your next Pizza run.

Survey Prizes

  • $1,000 USD cash check prize, exact cash value varies by entry country

Take The TellPizzaHut Survey

  1. Make a purchase at a Pizza Hut location and save your receipt
  2. Go online to and take the survey
  3. Congrats, you’ll be automatically entered into the sweepstakes to win a $1,000 check.

Australians, go online to the Australian Pizza Hut Survey Page instead of the generic page!

Secret Survey Hack

Many people don’t know that you can get unlimited contest entries every month, just save your receipt after each purchase to be eligible to enter your survey online!

Survey Homepage

Here’s what to expect when you visit the survey homepage, where you’ll be able to choose to take the survey in either English or Spanish: survey homepage

Survey Rules & Eligibility

14 thoughts on “ ― Take Official Pizza Hut® Survey ― Win $1000

  1. I could surely use this! My wife & I would LOVE to upgrade our kitchen or bathroom!
    But, What I would REALLY LOVE To Do Is A Little Upgrade To (‘My ManCave’) 😉
    Hopefully, My wife Don`t read this! LOL!!! 😀 Due to if I were to win, It would go to upgrade what she wants.. UGH!

  2. Very disappointed the air conditioning was not working . Apparently, store #033886 in Mcallen, Texas has been without air condition for 1 week. Although, I was very pleased with the customer service. I was attended by a lady by the name of Miriam Gonzalez, she was very pleasant . I am impressed with her customer service despite her working in unbearable heat …she was awesome…

  3. I have yet to go int my local Pizza Hut , our only contact is with the delivery people, who by the way are a great asset to the Hut. Prompt, quick, and knowledge Of all products of the store, hold on to these folks.

  4. When we placed our order we got call center. The young lady was so rude. We live in Donalsonville, Ga. The pizza was delicious but it would have been great if person taking order had been nicer. I think call center was in Kansas
    do not know for sure. The Donalsonville, Ga P H was apologetic when we told them how person acted.. But it was not this P H here… SAid they had several complaints this date. 9/22/18.

  5. The last 2 times we ate at your store we asked for water in go cups. I was charged $4.58 for 2 waters. I wouldn’t mind paying a little for them, but this a little bit redicuolus.

  6. Would love to win the prize
    Could use it to pay off my dads medical bills and medication
    also pay off some of my start up costs for a business i’m trying to start
    my dad and I love your pizza and all the other foods we get from you good deliveries also
    When ever we ask a worker for help they always are nice & friendly
    mostly in the South Milwaukee, WI Pizza Hut (# 13466)
    Also delivery drivers are very nice and friendly
    Thanks for being here and for reading this

  7. I love Pizza Hut the one in Rosenberg on Ave H has become super sloppy pizza always burn thin pizza is always super crispy you can break a tooth when biting into it and when you complain they get mad and rude

  8. Just had dinner at Pizza Hut, one Supreme, no onions, and one pan pizza with onions extra sauce…salad bar was fresh and enjoyable..also take out order of your delicious cinnabon’s….3 drinks..

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