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Two Wichita college students, who also happened to be brothers, Dan and Frank Carney, founded Pizza Hut in 1958.

Their new pizza restaurant did so well, so quickly, that within a year they had managed to open 6 locations around Kansas.

pizza hut pizza

The original Pizza Hut is now a museum for those who wish to visit.

pizza hut mushroom pizza

Within 1 year, by 1959, the brothers started offering a Franchise option for people who wanted to set up Pizza Huts of their own.

pizza hut survey

As the chain continued to grow, the brothers wanted a unifying design and presence.

They thought this would really define their brand and make their lovely Pizza Hut stores easily recognizable.

pizza hut chairs

In 1963, they had an architect Richard Burke create Pizza Hut’s iconic red roof building design that we know so well today.

Many of the current red roof buildings have a full bar and juke box, and even arcade games.

pizza hut gumballs

Many have also been torn down and replaced with newer designs, however the red roof is still an iconic Pizza Hut marketing symbol.

Today there are many different roofed Pizza Hut’s, and franchisees are free to roof their building as they choose.

pizza hut deals

Many people would be surprised to know that Pizza Hut is actually currently owned by Pepsi, which bought the chain out in 1977.

Today Pizza Hut has grown to become a global phenomenon, present almost anywhere you could place your hand on a spinning globe.

Its international presence includes, Canada, Mexico, India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Germany, Spain, Turkey, South Africa, Honduras, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Colombia, Venezuela, Chile, Brazil, Peru, Tanzania, Ecuador, Nicaragua, Japan, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, the Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Brunei Darussalam, China, Hong Kong, South Korea, Myanmar, and Macau.

It was also one of the first American chains to have a presence in Iraq.

In 2004, they started a new spinoff restaurant called a Pizza Hut Bistro, which served more Italian dishes including penne pasta. I’d rather go to Pizza Hut for pizza, but hey, who am I to talk.

pizza hut menu

For me, Pizza Hut is the classic Pizza chain for when you want reliably good pizza, fast. I also don’t go to Pizza Hut often, but when I do, I make sure to save my receipt and take advantage of their win $1,000 sweepstakes.

Keep reading to find out how you can enter the sweepstakes on your next Pizza run.

TellPizzaHut Details

Survey Prize$10 Pizza Hut Coupon
Survey Daily PrizeChance to win $1,000 cash daily (10 Daily Prizes)
Survey Weekly PrizeChance to win one of prizes valued together at $1,500 weekly
Purchase Necessary?No

Pizza Hut Survey Prizes

Prize: Everyone who enters receives a $10 Pizza Hut coupon in the mail

You will also receive the following sweepstakes entries in exchange for taking the survey:

  • Entry for chance to win one of 10 $1,000 USD cash check daily prizes, exact cash value varies by entry country
  • Entry for chance to win one of the weekly prizes, which total together to a value of $1,500

Take The TellPizzaHut Survey

  1. Make a purchase at a Pizza Hut location and save your receipt
  2. Go online to and take the survey
  3. Congrats, you’ll be automatically entered into the sweepstakes for a chance to win the $1,000 daily prize or one of the weekly prizes that add up to $1,500 in value. You’ll also receive a $10 Pizza Hut coupon in your email just for participating.

Australians, go online to the Australian Pizza Hut Survey Page instead of the generic page!

Pizza Hut Secret Survey Hack

Many people don’t know that you can get unlimited contest entries every month, just save your receipt after each purchase to be eligible to enter your survey online! Homepage

Here’s what to expect when you visit the survey homepage, where you’ll be able to choose to take the survey in either English or Spanish: survey homepage

TellPizzaHut Survey Rules

  • No purchase required to enter
  • If enter through purchase, must save receipt and use to take online survey
  • Must be of legal age to enter
  • Void where prohibited

See official rules and conditions for more detail

Contact Pizza Hut

contact pizza hut

Phone: 1 800 948 8488 (US) or 1 866 364 0825 (Canada)


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49 thoughts on “ ― Take Pizza Hut® Survey ― Win $1K

  1. I could surely use this! My wife & I would LOVE to upgrade our kitchen or bathroom!
    But, What I would REALLY LOVE To Do Is A Little Upgrade To (‘My ManCave’) 😉
    Hopefully, My wife Don`t read this! LOL!!! 😀 Due to if I were to win, It would go to upgrade what she wants.. UGH!

  2. Very disappointed the air conditioning was not working . Apparently, store #033886 in Mcallen, Texas has been without air condition for 1 week. Although, I was very pleased with the customer service. I was attended by a lady by the name of Miriam Gonzalez, she was very pleasant . I am impressed with her customer service despite her working in unbearable heat …she was awesome…

  3. I have yet to go int my local Pizza Hut , our only contact is with the delivery people, who by the way are a great asset to the Hut. Prompt, quick, and knowledge Of all products of the store, hold on to these folks.

  4. When we placed our order we got call center. The young lady was so rude. We live in Donalsonville, Ga. The pizza was delicious but it would have been great if person taking order had been nicer. I think call center was in Kansas
    do not know for sure. The Donalsonville, Ga P H was apologetic when we told them how person acted.. But it was not this P H here… SAid they had several complaints this date. 9/22/18.

  5. The last 2 times we ate at your store we asked for water in go cups. I was charged $4.58 for 2 waters. I wouldn’t mind paying a little for them, but this a little bit redicuolus.

  6. Would love to win the prize
    Could use it to pay off my dads medical bills and medication
    also pay off some of my start up costs for a business i’m trying to start
    my dad and I love your pizza and all the other foods we get from you good deliveries also
    When ever we ask a worker for help they always are nice & friendly
    mostly in the South Milwaukee, WI Pizza Hut (# 13466)
    Also delivery drivers are very nice and friendly
    Thanks for being here and for reading this

  7. I love Pizza Hut the one in Rosenberg on Ave H has become super sloppy pizza always burn thin pizza is always super crispy you can break a tooth when biting into it and when you complain they get mad and rude

  8. Just had dinner at Pizza Hut, one Supreme, no onions, and one pan pizza with onions extra sauce…salad bar was fresh and enjoyable..also take out order of your delicious cinnabon’s….3 drinks..

  9. Dodge city ks wing street pizza hut is the worst! we have a loyalty program at the hotels the drivers hardly ever remember to bring the tokens. And for the real good part is you don’t have a choice to give a tip because they keep your coin change if you ask for they say” i’ll have to go to the store and get it” this doesn’t happen every now and then its EVERY TIME!!!

  10. The young man that was our waiter, Micah was extremely nice n very attentive to our needs! He has a wonderful personality!

  11. Pizza is always dry and seems like there’s almost no sauce. Maybe it’s just because it’s thin crust but fresh pizza shouldn’t taste like days old pizza. Sometimes it’s even hard to bite into.

  12. The waitress was very efficient! She seated my husband and I quickly and our order was deliverd in a few minutes. We will definitely return again.

  13. I really am not happy that when I went to get your pan pizza tonight, the same type I have been eating since I was a kid, I now get charged more for. Pan pizza is why I come to Pizzahut. Why am I getting charged more now? If I wanted shitty thin pizza I would go to another place. PLEASE stop this, also warm the pizza sauce in the cups, no one wants cold sauce. OH, and why cant I get military discount?

  14. I called pizza hit Lake Elsinore ca and ordered for pickup. Angie took my order, she was excellent!!!! They were super busy because of the football game. She was really professional, respectful,plight. I’m glad she took my order keep up the good work Angie

  15. So I just had the worst experience ever my kids are sick and it’s freezing outside so I decided to order pizza from Pizza Hut I order at 7:41pm and the delivery time was suppose to be (35-45min.
    So I literally just received my pizza right now at 9:18pm
    I call d to check on it customer service lady asked me to contact the store so I did and the manager there was so rude she literally said what do you want me to do? I literally asked her in a polite way if she had information about my order and all she did was give me attitude! It was the worst experience ever. And The Who time he customer service lady was on the phone with me and the manager seemed to not care! She treated us extremely bad!

    It took the driver longer to get to my house then the time It took them to make it.
    It was literally out for delivery over 30 minutes and when it got here the lady honked and sat in her car!
    Waiting for me to come out.
    Then on top of that the pizzas were cold!!

    Never again will I buy from Pizza Hut!!
    Worst mistake in my entire life!!
    So people can know how much Pizza Hut cares about customers. Ticket 119/I

  16. last week I first time I ordered in pizza hut, it was a very good experience for a first-timer, the order was delivered on time without fail.i am gone order again.

  17. The Pizza Hut in my dad’s town of Fairfield is bodacious! Teresa, our waitress is the best and works her butt off! The manager is always friendly and his favorite word is… you guessed it…bodacious! The restaurant is clean, even the bathroom. When getting food at the buffet the kitchen is clean too. A good place to eat, the best pizza, great cooks and a friendly place! A $1000 would be bodacious but you need to do something for the Fairfield, Iowa Pizza Hut!

  18. Grabbed some pizza in Shreveport, La. on Mansfield rd and it was AMAZING today. There are some days it’s not so great, but today it was so good

  19. I get carry out from the pizza hut in South ST. Joseph ,Mo and they are very friendly and make sure my pizza is just the way I want it before I leave the store. Great bunch of workers.

  20. I ordered 3 pizzas online, large 2 topping for $7.99 each, plus 2 sides of which was $11.00 for both, I clicked on check out and paid on my card it asked for the 3 digit code as well, with this being said I went and picked up my order and the cashier said there was no card in there so I paid for it there, my biggest complaint is why did i pay $51.62 for (3) large 3 topping pizzas and (1) order of cheese sticks @$5.99 and (1) order of the little ape pies @$4.99 . It seems to me that pizza prices have gotten ridiculous every since pizza hut is the NFL pizza now, me and my whole family love pizza hut and if this happens again, I’m sure we will shop around, papa jones is also one of my favorites….

  21. I order from Pizza Hut in Maple Heights got the worst service and the worst food ever one of my pizzas was completely wrong the other one the crust was Wong but all three of them was cold call the manager back he hung up on me call back again and the other manager hung up on me when I finally spoke to a manager they told me they were too busy and refuse to say my food back out The right way I am totally disgusted never again

  22. The delivery driver was the best I ever seen , he was quick friendly didn’t forget anything , I wish he could always deliver to me and he has a really nice black car !!!!

  23. I’m a big fan of pizza hut , I live in Decatur Tx , I’m a lonely house wife and I order deliveries all the time , they have one of the best delivery guys ever , I think his name is David , he is the sweetest , funniest , friendliest , person I know , and I know alot of people , and he’s pretty sexy too !! He can deliver to me anytime , if you know what I mean , anyway , I’m just so happy he gets to deliver to me , he makes my day , I look forward to the next time ….

  24. I Ordered food from the Pizza Hut on Pontchartrain drive-in Slidell Louisiana. The gentleman on the phone David was very helpful knowledgeable and considerate. My order was a delivery and it was delivered earlier than was stated which Is rare and a pleasant Surprise. In my opinion the food was prepared very well And was still hot when it arrived. As I told David on the phone in 1974 I was a assistant manager at a brand new Pizza Hut in my Hometown tell I joined the service and when I left a service in 1976 I was a comanager of another Pizza Hut. Back then we did not have delivery it is very nice To see the addition of this service. I will be ordering from the Pontchatrain store again in the future and will pass along A good review to other hopefully future customers. Thank you David for helping me out.

  25. Worst food i have ever had i was very disappointed i ordered a pizzone no cheese i price of pepperoni on each side i had nothing but bread then was given the wrong receipt

  26. We ate at the Pizza Hut in Littlefield, Texas and was very dissatisfied. All the tables were dirty only two other tables were taken. The pizza wasn’t good. Order chicken wings like to never get Ranch for them. The guys making the pizza were not wearing gloves. Will never go there again and possibly no other Pizza Hut.

  27. There are very nice people at all of y’all stores and my experience was amazing. I ordered pizza for my family and I’m 15 and I would like the money. It would come in handy in my savings for my college education.

  28. Well we have been going to pizza hut for the past 25 years and have enjoyed
    up to 3 years ago. This is the hut in Sanford,Maine. IT has been going down hill for the
    past few years Last night for the pits. The rest room was disgusting the whole place needs a over haul also
    the help needs to be trained for pricing and other things pertaining to the shop. also about 6 employees were
    talking so loud in the kitchen that it was disgusting. I will not be back to the shop in Sanford,Maine
    Al Hall

  29. Pizza hut is the greatest of them all. there is no other taste like them. I am a meat eater lover. all my personal pans are always meat lover pizza. With the best ingredients by far.

  30. I bought KFC Crispy Chicken with mashed potatoes with gravy, delicious Coleslaw, biscuits too. Wonderful lunch date with my gentleman again. Good service too!

  31. La atención es excelente.. buen tiempo.. la comida esta bien cocinada.. el personal de traslado muy amable.. Muy bien equipo de trabajo.. excelente!!!

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