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Canadian Tire was started in Toronto by the Billes brothers J.W. and A.J. in 1922.

The brothers purchased Hamilton Tire and Garage for $1,800, and 5 years later officially changed the name to the Canadian Tire Corporation.

In the 1920s, the brothers made some smart business choices, including moving their repair garage across the river to Yonge and Gould when the Gerrard Street bridge was closed for repairs and made it difficult for customers to commute to their shop.

canadian tire

They also offered a one-year unconditional guarantees on tires to encourage business, since tire blowouts were increasingly common in the 20s.

Their smart business choices helped them grow to over 1,700 retail locations today.

Canadian Tire is super dog friendly, and you can bring your pup along to even snooze in one of their provided doggie beds while you shop or get your car repaired.

Maybe their incredible customer service is part of the reason the store is still going strong today, they constantly worry about the service they provide to their customers and are constantly up to date with websites like Salesforce, that specialize in customer service.

Have you ever brought your dog along while you were at a Canadian Tire store?

Let us know in the comments below!

cdn survey

Still headquarted in Toronto today, Canadian Tire has been able to expand into every Canadian territory except Nunavut.

In addition to selling tires and automotive equipment, the chain has expanded to sell clothing, home items and retail items as well.

It is a Canadian staple and great brand to shop at.

Canadian Tire continues to grow and uses customer feedback to continually improve, including its survey where you have a chance to win a store gift card.


Take the survey at to give your feedback and have the chance to be entered into the sweepstakes. Keep reading below: Survey Prizes

Prize: 1 $1000 CDN Tire Gift Card awarded per month during the contest period Survey Details

Take The TellCDNTire Survey

You can enter the survey both with and without a purchase. If you made a purchase you can enter either online or by phone. If you did not make a purchase, you’ll need to enter by mail.

Keep in mind you are limited to complete only 1 entry via survey per day, meaning 1 phone call or online entry per day. You are also limited to 2 mail-in entries per month.

How To Enter With a Purchase – Enter by Phone

  1. Make a purchase at a Canadian tire
  2. Save your receipt
  3. Call 1-888-431-5595 and answer all survey questions

How To Enter With a Purchase Online:

  1. Buy something at a Canadian Tire
  2. Keep your receipt with you
  3. Go online to
  4. Answer all survey questions
  5. Congrats, you’re entered into the sweepstakes!

How To Enter Without a Purchase – By Mail

To enter the sweepstakes with no purchase, feel free to send in a mail-in entry via the instructions below:

  1. Write your name, address, phone number, email, and age at time of entry on a plain piece of paper
  2. Address, stamp and mail your entry paper to the following address:

    Canadian Tire
    Customer Satisfaction Survey c/o Empathica Inc. at 2121 Argentia Road, Suite
    200, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada L5N 2X4 Survey Homepage

The silver and red Canadian Tire survey homepage offers the option to start the survey in the language of your choice, either English or French:

Tell CDN Tire Survey Rules

  • For Canadian residents only
  • No purchase necessary
  • Participants must be the age of majority or older in their residence location to be eligible to participate
  • Limit of 1 survey entry per day
  • Limit of 2 mail in entries per month

See full terms and conditions here

See privacy policy here

See previous winners list here

Contact Canadian Tire

Phone: 1-866-746-7287

Contact Online

66 thoughts on “ ― Take Official Canadian Tire® Survey

    1. Paul Ham served me today at Canadian tire MapleRidge location and I was totally impressed with his knowledge of products I purchased sales receipt #6121-1040-28600-105 and thanking you for such a good service,my purchase totaled 573.33

  1. I had an excellent in store experience today as always at the Bowmanville store #170. I am doing research on snowblowers prior to the season breaking and was hoping to speak to someone fairly knowledgeable in store. I shared my comment regarding Matt in Seasonal with his manager Dianne who gave me a card with the info on it. I am now filling this out as a negative commentary about this final stage of my experience. I am unable to complete the process online without having made an actual purchase ‘today’. I shop in this store regularly but am shocked I can’t leave a positive comment with this site without having a receipt. My ‘no receipt’ option is to mail it in. I am taking the time to complete this in order for Matt to get the recognition I intended to leave and to say this process needs to be adjusted. Thank you

    1. Store # 629
      The front desk manager, Mr. Nauman and the blue collar worker Mr. Khris did an great, friendly and customer oriented job. Thanks for that.

  2. Several times lately I have been shopping in C T, u able to find something, or needed advise, or could not reach a product & everytime I have had the most courteous, helpful, cheerful rep Matt right there doing his best which worked out perfectly. How nice to have an employee like him on your staff. Thank you Matt for going the extra mile!

    1. Store #121. Windsor, On
      I went to the store with my 8 yr old grandson last August to get some fishing equipment for him. As I know nothing about fishing, we got assistance from DAVE in sporting goods. With my grandsons knowledge of fishing, Dave was more than patient in listening to him and hooked us up with what was wanted.
      So when Christmas was coming, my grandson was in need of more fishing stuff. So I went back to DAVE and he remembered my grandson and their conversations. I told Dave what I wanted to spend and we got everything he needed. Tommy was so excited to see all his stuff! Dave was so knowledgeable and I will continue to ask for his assistance. Thanks DAVE!!!

  3. I visit Canadian Tire in Yarmouth,N,S.Theirs a lady who works there & she helps me out alot.Her name is Sandy.Very good service..

  4. At the store on Gardiners road in Kingston, I was looking for a lawnmower and as always find Bruce Duesharm to help me find what I’m looking for in seasonal. Bruce makes my shopping experience so much better then trying to find things on my own. Thanks Bruce!

  5. Made a purchase at your store #169, one of your employees Maria M. went out of her way to help me. Super friendly and very helpful, knowledgeable. Thank you Maria for a great job:)

  6. I took my car in for an oil change, tire change and brake job at the Halifax Chain Lake location. The mechanic stayed late to finish my car. Chris another employee not only stayed late and but went above and beyond to help me. Great service all around. Thanks!

  7. always a great experience with this store (6670 meadowvale town ctr) especially i will mention name of Hina hassan and maria (home product) they both are so nice and very helpful. both showed excellent costmar service and i am very satisfied with the store

  8. I received excellent service. Shelley was very friendly and welcoming, assuring me that I would be looked after even though I had come in after work hours. Kenny had worked all day but stayed past his time to finish working on my car so in an effort to have me drive home safe. My car was serviced in a timely manner and at a very reasonable price. I was very happy with the customer service and the friendly manner from Shelley and Kenney especially after a long day. Thank you Shelley and Kenny.

  9. We bought a new Christmas tree from the Quesnel BC store. The clerk who helps us was very nice and happy to help us out.Her name is Joanne. I think Joanne and her fellow workers have done an amazing job with their seasonal department and displays and wanted to say Thank You!

  10. Had a great experience at your Greenwood Nova Scotia store yesterday. Heath was full of useful info as I was shopping for new LED bulbs to replace some older incandescent models. Helped me pick the right bulbs and find the best deals! Keep up the good work Heath…

  11. I was actually trying to get into the site but my computer informed me it was an unsafe site. I have come to this site just to say that i had a very nice lady help me earlier this week in Charlottetown with a few things. She was very gracious and personable. I will look for her again. Apparently you need my receipt number so I can give you the details of my purchase. I have no idea which number you need. 3206-0101 72300 13830

  12. Went in to Store #273 to have my brakes replaced. Sammy looked after me and went above and beyond; he was so helpful and nice and made sure that the job was done in the time he had specified. Such great customer service; that is why I continue to come back to this location for all my auto and hardware needs.

  13. I take my Suv to Canadian tire on Montrose road in Niagara Falls all the time. The customer service is outstanding. Jenny goes above and beyond. To get my vehicle in the get fixed. As well as the best rates. My son is autistic. Jenny has drove me home with my son. And came back to get us. My son will not go in the store. She will watch him in my vehicle while I run in to pay. Thank you so much for your continued service. And kindness!!

  14. Had my van repaired and was not told the truth. I brought it in because brakes were not right, was told everything was OK with brakes, but needed other repairs totaling over $1800.00. Looking at my bill I saw they replaced two wheel bearing ( you only replace these if brakes are leaking).

  15. i went to canadian tire last november 9,2018…its horible..i ask them to change my tire into winter tire…and i ask them to change my oil..i ask them how long…the lady said maybe its 2to3 hours…or we will call u ig uts done..and i said ok…(i went in the morning 10.30am)..then i try to call them around 2pm..but the lady who answer the phone is rude…i said im jus t asking if its done…but ahe siad i told we will call u..and then i said ok….then before 4 the lady iforgot her name cqlled and said your car is ready to pick up.but when i reach there…oil change not done.and and the lady who intertain on me said ohh sorry i forgot…then i asked her ok im willing to wait but how long i need to wait..and she said 45 minutez…so i wait and wait and wait…after 1.30 iask them if its done and they said no bla bla bla…woww isaid..u guys are wasting my day off my whole day but one guy came ok sorry will do it juat wait for 30 minutez…and i said ok..coz i dont have time i promise myself this canadian tire store are awesome service..from 10.30am to 5.30pm…and jst offering 20dollar discount???but for me i care a discount..just try to make the costumer happy….

  16. Stopped by Canadian Tire Grandview Hwy. on my way home from work to pick up a Christmas tree that I was having difficulty finding, as it was selling out very quickly. Once inside, I ran into Heidi and asked her for assistance. Not only did she find the last tree available in that store, she wheeled it through the checkout out and even loaded it right into my car for me on a cold and rainy evening. Thank you Heidi for making the whole experience simple and stress free:)

  17. I’m 77 so I,ve been a customer Cdn Store #369 for many years.Tegan who is a former student at my high school is capable, courteous and efficient. The long serving store manager is great. The employees,many of whom are very young, seem capable and happy in their work. Nothing ever seems to be too much trouble, something that can,t be said of many businesses.

    1. Normally Canadian Tire has what I need and if the do not they will tell where I may find it. I find the service is good and employees are very pleasant and polite.

  18. Looking at an item today at Canadian Tire on Damascus Road. Your employee Tammy Grey was remarkable. She went out of her way to accommodate us . After serving us, she let us know the store hours for the next morning. Hope you are aware of the excellent service she provides

  19. We were shopping for several items today and when we asked where to find them, Jayda not only knew the isles right off the top of her head, she went to inquire about items she was unsure about, coming back on two separate occasions with the answers. She was very helpful and friendly – a pleasure to deal with!

  20. When returning an unwanted Christmas gift with the receipt I felt like it was just a huge inconvenience.
    The operator I feel needs a recap on customer service. We spend a lot of money in the Invermere store. Operator 116. please learn to smile

  21. this is my first time in Canadian tire store, and when i enter the store, i was really surprise because of the huge selection of items, and compare to other stores, i think its much cheaper here and i think you can find anything you want in your daily life use in this store. and the staffs are very helpful, you can easily approach them with a smile in your face. love to shop again in this store next week. thanks for the management of this store, it really helps a lot of customers daily needs….

  22. If you’re looking for a place to take care of your car issues go to this place and ask for Shawn in the auto centre. came in on a freezing night cause of a flat tire. Had a great experience with this store since he was kind, patient and caring . He did his best to make sure that my car is safe to go back in to the road. totally recommend this place and Shawn as a professional to deal with.

  23. I have been in the Bradford Canadian Tire And really like the customer service lady Nadia. She always has a smile on her face and is very friendly. Pleasure coming in when she’s working.

  24. I came into Canadian Tire to have the tires changed on Tuesday, March 5, 2019
    Tammy M, Art and Barry knocked it out of the park with their exemplary service. They went the extra mile to ensure that I received the best service possible. Thank you Canadian Tire…thousands of more miles can be put on these tires…

  25. I went to the store 459 and the manager Dave was an awesome help. I am so grateful with the great customer service and help. best manager I’ve ever come across. Also Alex that works there was great too he helped me very efficiently and I can’t stress enough how great these people were in helping me. great job guys jeep up the great work. I wont forget they’re kindness God bless them

  26. Well my day started off with a flat tire on the 409!! I drove slowly and knew there was a Canadian Tire store # 119 at Weston Rd and the 401…a few KM away. I made it and was greeted by Tausif!!! I asked for an ETA, just so I could let work know how long it would be. He assured me they would take good care of me and he kept his word!!! Within 30 mins, my flat tire was fixed and NO CHARGE!!! Tausif said, “promise me you”ll have a great day and I was stunned!!! I had a great day, paid it forward as well.

    Thank you Tausif!
    Great client experience


  27. I went to your store @ Toronto Eaton Center this morning and I was impressed with your employees by the kind of customer service they showed especially Richard B. Keep up the great work guys! You’re amazing!

  28. Yesterday, I had to return a product to store #397 in Edmonton, AB. The customer service representative (Lamia) was very helpful and friendly. Lamia made me feel like a valued customer. I really appreciated the service.

  29. We shopped at store no 457, at Canadian Tire on 8181 Campeau Drive Kanata. We received great support & guidance from Mahreen, the store associate. Thanks a lot.

  30. my husband and my daughter only with her 2 daughters ages 1 and 2 years old needed to pick up a few things from canadian tire store # 079 and the store was pretty busy and both children were upset we had an employee ( Bev ) who showed us your new carts where both children and sit in the front together then she came though the store with us to help us find everything we needed quickly as the childen were upset. if it was not for her helping us we would not have been able to get everthing we needed as quick as we did she was extermaly helpful and you need more employees like her thank you Bev and canadian tire pembroke

  31. Thank you for helping to open an account for the triangle credit card. Also for the patience, you showed to my wife for the planter rack on sale that you were looking for her online. Anita, you are good at what you do in the Kelowna store of British Columbia, Canada. Thanks very much.

  32. Heidi served me at the store on Bentall St. in Vancouver this week. She went over the top to help me purchase 200 pounds of pool salt. She may be small but she is mighty. Best customer service I ever had at any Canadian Tire. *****

  33. North Lethbridge is our favourite store. All the staff are friendly and will go out of their way to help you. Everyone is cheerful no matter how busy. There is a good selection of products IN STOCK and there always seems to be someone ready to go to the stock room and check on items that are out of stock on the shelf.

  34. Ever since we have been able bring our little dog into the store we have had more time to browse and have found the Canadian Tire Store in North Lethbridge has so much more than just an auto center. The staff are great and our puppy has her favorite people to say hello to and get a pat from. Gordon in the paint department is a ‘must go see friend’. Our favorite place to shop for so many things.

  35. “Frankie” is his employee name. I met him while I was shopping at the outdoor Garden Centre on Montrose Rd. He greeted me as soon as I got there and offered to help me with purchasing any plants. He gave me lots of ideas and he didn’t hesitate to bring the plants to me for me to see. I bought 3 plants. Frankie also asked me if I wanted to donate to Jump Start – I bought 3 at $2 each. He went beyond what most customer agents do. Well Done Frankie! And thank you Canadian Tire Garden Centre for having hired such a nice young man.

  36. I shop at Canadian tire in Bayer’s Lake in Halifax Nova Scotia … I had help Three times now from one of the employees . His name was Austin Carr. I was OVERLY impressed with his customer service !!
    Austin is very mannerly and knowledgeable …… you are so lucky to have him as a employee.
    I look for him when I am in the store, because I know he knows ,how to treat customers he is excellent in his job !!!

  37. I regularly shop at your store at the Coppersmith mall in Richmond BC. I always look for Janet at the checkout till as she is always pleasant, knowledgeable and ready to give a customer any assistance.
    I also had occasion to return an item and the young woman who served me was fast, efficient and had a great sense of humour!

  38. Alan Merrett at theB ridgewater Nova Scotia Canadian Tire store was very helpful when I was purchasing a screen tent. He took it to the cashier for me and then carried it to my car.

  39. Excellent servive by Herb Sullivan employee at Canadian Tire Kingston, Ont. He went out of his way to be
    very helpful. Thank you so much Herb

  40. We went into Canadian tire on July 28th, 2019. We had excellent service by Herb Sullivan, an employee
    at Canadian Tire, Kingston, Ont. He went out of his way to be very helpful. Thank you Herb.

  41. I would like to bring commendations to my Canadian Tire Store .service guys at the MARCH rd KANATA ON LOCATION. PETER in the AUTOMOTIVE SERVICE and especially WAYNE the tech who did a great job on my CDNTIRE utility trailer ,requiring new hinges and an emergency repair on a Friday night when he was set to go on vacation BUT GOT MY TRAILER FIXED FIRST….KUDOS AND WELL DONE PETER AND “WAYNE”….THAT”S REAL CANADIAN TIRE SERVICE AT IT”S FINEST >>>

  42. I took back a utility knife because a spring inside got lost when i took it apart to clean. Doing shingles on my house. I was told that i could not take it apart? Poor design. I said then how do you clean it ? I said you have to be able to take them apart. They said that i can’t. So they would not let me replace it. So i bought a different kind. Canadian tire is the store that i go to for everything. This is the first time that i could not return or exchange something.? Bought on July 26, 2019. Tried to take back on Aug.30,19. Thanks, kevin loewen

  43. Laurette was superb in providing me with advice and helpful in finding the solution to my request. She is a definite asset to the Coventry Road Store .

  44. A very special thank you to the Canadian Tire Staff especially Karen Schram and Manager in Kirkland Lake. I called from out of town 1 1/2 hr drive away and asked to see if they would hold a product which we required urgently and received nothing but cordial, helpful service. Thank you again

  45. Im in the process of opening a small store in a neighboring town to Kanata, we could not find what we were looking for in our town , so off we went to CT on Terry Fox Dr.
    Im 53 and my hubby is 56 , I have to say this employee that served us left us dumb founded with surprise and shock, NEVER in my life have I entered a CT and had AN EMPLOYEE approach us and ask us if we needed assistance in anyway . This man went above and beyond !! Friendly, gentle spoken and very helpful and kind . the smile , the warm welcome we felt ! .. WOW ! Gerry was absolutely incredible at his job , a great BIG 10 million thumbs up .
    keep up the great work Gerry !
    and Thanks for making our day 🙂

  46. I went into store # 121 about a week ago looking for a sports whistle. Dave in sporting goods was busy at the time but made a point of taking me to the correct aisle. He then proceeded to explain the different types that the store carried. He was very thorough and patient for a minimally priced item. I was impressed with his customer service.

  47. Great customer service from Raba at the Canadian tire by Battleford and Winston Churchill in Mississauga.She has a great attitude, was very helpful and made my shopping experience pleasant. Thank you Raba!

  48. the mechanic I get to service my care is very good , always polite and tells me things I need to know reverence what my care needs, His name is Neil and he has looked after my care now for over 9 years, does a great job. Iwould recommend Neil in a heart beat. wonderful service with all the staff there , no complaints, I would recommend Canadian Tire over all.

  49. I ran into a bit of a problem with missing parts for a market umbrella that I purchased in Langley, B.C.. When I telephoned the store I was directed to “D.L.” who was knowlegable, friendly, helpful, and courteous. She resolved my problem within minutes. I am MOST pleased with her level of service.

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