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Hannaford has been around a long time.

It was started in 1883 by Arthur Hannaford and is still going strong today.

The grocery store chain is headquartered in Maine and only operates in a small corner of the Northeast US.

In 1902 Arthur’s brothers Howard and Edward joined him in his grocery store venture and by 1920 the company was a leading produce wholesaler in the Northeast area.

hannaford cart and dog

By 1960 they had built a 200,000 sq ft distribution center in Maine so they could more effectively service their expanding stores and by 1971 they were earning more than 1 million/ year.

hannaford inside

The majority of the Hannaford locations are still in Maine. Hannaford offers a survey to reward its loyal customers which we explain how to take online below.


hannaford survey

The survey instituted by the company is meant to help it improve service and reward loyal customers with the chance to win a $500 gift card in a sweepstakes drawing.

hannaford survey

Keep reading to find out more including how to enter. Survey Prizes

Prize: 10 winners each of a $500 Hannaford Gift Card Survey Details

Per Person Entry Limit13
Prize Limit Per Person & Household1
Purchase Required?No
Entry MethodsOnline, Mail-in
Eligible LocationsMaine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire,
New York, Vermont
Minimum age18

Take The TalktoHannaford Survey

You can enter online, or by mail, and no purchase is required to enter the sweepstakes.

Enter Online – Purchase Required

  1. Purchase is required for online entry.
  2. Buy something at Hannaford and hold onto the receipt
  3. Go to
  4. Enter your pin in the blank field to start the survey
  5. Answer all survey questions

Congrats, you are entered into the sweepstakes

Remember you can enter a max of 13 times per entry period, and if you enter more than that all your entries may be voided

Enter By Mail – No Purchase Required

  1. Write your name, address (no PO boxes allowed), phone number, birthday and email on a 3X5″ card
  2. Mail the card in a size #10 business envelope with prepaid postage to the following address:
    “Hannaford Customer Satisfaction Survey Sweepstakes”, P.O. Box 10430, Rochester, New
    York 14610.

You can only send one card per mail in entry envelope

No photocopy entries are accepted

Latest date sent of mail entry is October 1, 2018. The mail entry must be received by October 9, 2018 to be valid. Survey Homepage

The talktohannaford survey homepage is set on a plain white background with the Hannaford logo. It has a link for the rules, and a red button in the bottom right hand corner to continue the survey:

OLD Homepage – NO LONGER VALID – If you see this page you will not be able to use it to take the survey, make sure it is the page you see above instead.

TalktoHannaford Survey Rules

  • Minimum age 18
  • Must be a resident of the following, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire,
    New York or Vermont
  • Anyone affiliated to the sweepstakes company or Hannaford is ineligible
  • Limit of 13 entries per sweepstakes period per person regardless of entry method. If you enter more than 13 times, ALL your entries may be voided and considered invalid
  • Winners will be notified by email about 2 days after the drawing date
  • If a winner does not respond after 2 contact attempts, doesn’t sign the Affadavit of Eligibility within the required timeframe, or is otherwise disqualified, the sponsor may draw again or award prize to another entrant
  • Limit of 1 prize per entrant and household

Mail-in Entry Specific Rules

  • If enter by mail, no PO box address is acceptable
  • Limit one entry per mail-in envelope you can only send one card per mail in entry envelope
  • No photocopy entries are eligible
  • Last date you can send your mail entry is October 1, 2018. It needs to arrive by October 9, 2018 to be valid for entry

For full official rules see this page

To request a copy of the winners list send a self-addressed and stamped envelope by October 1, 2018 to the following address:
“Hannaford Customer Satisfaction Survey Rules Request”, P.O. Box
10505, Rochester, NY 14610.

Contact Hannaford

Phone: 1 (800) 213-9040

Contact Online


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23 thoughts on “ ― Official Hannaford® Survey

  1. Sir,
    My cat, Rambo, really misses Friskies Pate PouI’ltry Platter. I’m hoping it will return to your shelves.

  2. Hello
    Can you tell me why I was profiled at the Delmar ny store. A guy watched me the whole time I rang out pretending to be looking at his smart phone. As soon as I was done ringing out he turned and left. Pin 1029833900538365

  3. I am 87 years old and I visit your Enosburg Vermont store several times a week, sometimes I walk – it is about a mile away. If I don’t make it to the store for several days I tell my friends, “I have to go to Hannaford’s, I think they miss me.” Love that store.

  4. I have shopped at Hannaford for more than 35 years The store in Ellsworth Maine is top notch. Even during the construction this winter the service has been excellent. All the employees and upper staff are always ready to be helpful. They Carrie a broad selection of everything. No need to go elsewhere when I can find everything at my fingertips. Thank You Ellsworth Hannaford!

  5. The breads and their bakeries are fresh very good why are very nice people on people that work there and when you need something there right there to help you look for it

  6. I have been buying in Hannaford for over 28 years. The store in Lisbon Maine is top notch. Even during construction this winter the service has been excellent. All staff and superior staff are always ready to help. They carrie a wide selection of everything. No need to go anywhere else when I can find everything within my reach. Thank you Ellsworth Hannaford!

  7. I visited store #08161 in Burlington, VT on Tuesday, January 29th 2019 at 1:21pm. I went through Reg.# 003, with Cashier #0103 (Sue). I came in with 3 coupons, with a total value of $2.50; but, when I later checked my receipt, I found that I had only been credited for 60% of their value ($1.50)… so, If Sue’s drawer cashed up $1.00 over that day, you’ll know where it came from! Thanks, Greg Roy

  8. Was a great experience in seafood with a young lady named Hannaford in lansingburgh ny…wish it was always delightful at grocery stores she’s amazing thank you hannaford

  9. i enjoy my shopping experience at hannafords i don’t know why i answered the contest i never win neither does anyone in ny

  10. Why are you still putting this “win $500 in groceries” baloney on our receipts?? Can’t enter any of the required info to enter the contest. Take it off the receipts if if we can never enter! People are getting really ticked off about this fake advertising.

  11. My 1st complaint is that three times now the cashiers have finalized the sale while my wife or I was in the process of typing in our phone number. Why have the 2% rewards when we are not allowed the opportunity to utilize it? Let’s just hurry people through. That brings me to my 2nd complaint; the new conveyors at the checkout in Enosburg stink. Because they are shorter, the checkout process becomes more rushed. Not being able to punch in the phone number has happened at both Enosburg and St. Albans, and it is has been new and younger cashiers. 3rd complaint about Enosburg is often certain items are not available/sold out. You can’t sell it, if it is not on the shelf. Someone needs to do better about monitoring what sells out. The cashiers asking if you found everything, is not the solution. What ever happened to customer service? Thank you for listening.

  12. I hate your store, used to love it. The customer service station has the CS person with their back to the people checking out, you sell whole bean coffee but got rid of the coffee grinders — and why would I buy Kerrygold butter for 4.99 when I can get it at Walmart for 2.88? Your prices are outrageous and your customer service is extremely lacking.

  13. To Allie,
    I just left Hannaford and Kellie helped me at the deli. She is an asset to your store – very professional and a great help. She’s a keeper and any company would be lucky to have her work for them. Do NOT save my e-mail.

  14. April 9,2020 I was able to get in and out of the store quickly. Most people were wearing masks due to the virus.

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