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Food Lion started out with the name Food Town.

Which do you like better, Food Lion, or Food Town? Let me know in the comments below!

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Ralph W. Ketner opened the first Food Lion, which was then known as Food Town, in Salisbury, North Carolina in 1957.

In 1968 the company took a risk by implementing the “Cost Cutting Theory”, and branded themselves as “The Lowest Prices in North Carolina”.

food lion groceries

Luckily their sales ended up jumping 80%, which was enough for the risk to pay off so they could keep running and even expand.


By 1991, the year Ketner retired, they had grown from 7 to 800 stores, a huge success for the chain.

Today, Food Lion employs 63,000 people, and serves more than 10 million very happy customers each week.

Keep reading to see exactly how to take the survey and be as happy as the lady with her computer and arms triumphantly above her head below:

TalkToFoodLion Prizes

Survey Prize: Sweepstakes Entry

Sweepstakes Prize: $500 Food Lion Gift Card

10 total winners drawn and awarded a $500 Food Lion Gift Card each

There is a limit of 1 prize per entrant and household Details

Survey PrizeSweepstakes Entry
Sweepstakes Prize$500 Food Lion Gift Card
Sweepstakes Winners10
Eligible StatesDelaware, the District of Columbia,
Georgia, Kentucky, Maryland, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia or West
Prize Limit1 Prize Per Person and Household
Entry Limit13 Entries Per Person

How To Take TheTalkToFoodLion Survey

Keep in mind, no matter how you enter, you are limited to 13 entries total in the sweepstakes. If you enter more times, all your entries may be voided.

Enter with purchase online

  1. Make a purchase at a Food Lion and keep your receipt with you
  2. Go online to the TalktoFoodLion survey site here
  3. Complete all survey questions and at the end you’ll receive a survey entry

Enter with no purchase by mail

NOTE: **Keep in mind no PO box addresses are accepted. There is a limit of 1 entry per envelope. No mechanical entries or reproductions are accepted.

  1. Handprint your name, address, phone, birthday and email on a 3″X” card
  2. Mail the card in a business size #10 envelope with prepaid postage to:
  3. “Food Lion Customer Satisfaction Survey Sweepstakes”, P.O. Box 10430, Rochester, New
    York 14610. Homepage

The talktofoodlion homepage is quite plain, embellished with the brand logo and name at the top of the page, and with a short rules summary and link to the rules page.

You need to click the black arrow in the bottom right hand corner of the screen to start the survey:

TalkToFoodLion Rules

  • Must be 18 or older at time of entry
  • Must be a legal US resident of one of the following states: Delaware, the District of Columbia,
    Georgia, Kentucky, Maryland, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia or West
  • Limit of 13 sweepstakes entries, regardless of method of entry
  • There is a limit of 1 prize per entrant and household
  • Winners responsible for all taxes
  • 10 total prize winners awarded
  • Prize winners will be notified 2 business days after drawing date
  • Prize winners must respond within 7 days of notification

See this page to view the official rules

Contact Food Lion

Food Lion Survey Support Email:

Phone: 1 (800) 210-9569

Contact Online

57 thoughts on “ ‒ Take Food Lion® Survey

    1. Are food Lion here in Smyrna come a long way you still need some work. The quality of beef the butcher’s get could be better. In competition with some heavy hitters Kroger and Publix Walmart right down the road we got to keep Price is Right the quality of the food and they will keep customers

      1. The manager specials always good to me I like to shop and it just me to save money and I’m really grateful I like food Lion!

    2. Glad you due thier customer service is low at store 0124 to busy talking to outhers to check you out. Will not help a customer check out completely. Don’t care if they leave their milk or forget to put in the biggie for a customer. Maybe they are taking it home after work. Will not go back again

  1. Having some measure of difficulty trying to take your on-line survey, so here are my comments about my most recent trip, to the nearest local food lion store to my home. Pin :1108093240010074 , loyalty customer # 46146080455 , spent $ 92.37, was necessary routine groc. Buying visit @ store #0932 in the afternoon, the staff was courteous, but quite limited in providing help in locating an item that they routinely stock , i pursued the issue with no difference in their lack of a helpful response , disappointed I abandoned the idea of getting any real help, also disappointed by the fact the store brand-bottled sweet tea has new packaging, that I found different , offering less volume of product versus not much difference in price by comparison to former packaging, I am not a fan of raping the customers wallet & insulting our intelligence, hoping we were asleep mentally while pushing our grocery carts around the store while food shopping. I welcome any staff to contact me @ home phone # 336-753-1895 if they would like more detailed account of my visit .

    1. I’m up at the FoodLion picking something up & playing a couple of numbers as well everyday. It’s a great group of work staff there better than other stores I visited.

  2. I don’t know food lion training for cashiers or stock people, but I think they should be trained on how to handle produce and meats and seafood. What I mean is cross contamination! Such as packaging produce or putting produce on the conveyor with meats! Several times my cashier has assisted me with unloading my cart and has bagged my groceries for me, and put my produce in the same bag or on the conveyor with my meats. One cashier in particular, I asked him the last time he assisted me and put my items in the same bag, not to mix meat and produce. Well again today he put my meat first on the conveyor, I always put it last to prevent it from contamination of my other products. Then he put my produce with my meat in the same bag! Again! He’s not the only one who has done this at food lion.
    I do not want myself or my wife to get sick from cross contamination, my wife got sick a few years ago from eating a contaminated salad. She was sick for two weeks vomiting and diarrhea. It was not good. So please check health dept guidelines on cross contamination and train store employees on it, if you don’t already. If you do great then this store needs a refresher. Store 1585 Huntersville, NC

  3. I enjoy shopping at my N.Wilkesboro store bc they always make me feel welcome! The deli clerk always talks with me as she does my order and always tells me if they have a new product that’s she thinks I would like!! And my favorite cashier is Treasa Brown bc she is always smiling and ask how I’m doing! She is so sweet and makes sure someone helps me out with my groceries,even if she has to do it herself!! Thanks for making my shopping trip a great experience!!

  4. I love to shop at Food Lion. They be having all the great deals and their customer service is awesome. I also have a strong bond with the people who worked there since most of them live where I live and they’re just so nice and kind.

  5. Great costume service . Dependable store. Fresh food s. Nice clean store . Organization , Awesome managers , I love everything about my food lion store in savannah . You can count on them with anything u need. Fruits , meats, vegatables and more go get you some . Yummy tummys .

  6. Food Lion Store #0842. Excellent Customer Service from Nydya. I had purchased my groceries and was in the process of loading them into the car. Nydya approached me and asked if he could assist me in loading the groceries. I told him that would be great but I did not have any cash to tip him. He said no problem that he was happy to help me. I was thankful as my back wasn’t feeling great. He was so polite and courteous that I wanted to give him a big shout out!!! The Food Lion staff at this store are very friendly and courteous. Please pass this along to the management as our young people need encouragement! Kind regards, Jo Ann Watkins

  7. I just love the team work this store has. As the cashier is checking you out the other cashiers who are not with customers are emptying your basket and bagging your groceries and smiling and talking to you. Other employee do not hesitate to stop what they are doing to help you find what you are looking for. Wonderful store

  8. I like the name Food Lion and I enjoy going to my Food Lion in Yadkinville NC Where I know everyone and everyone is so friendly.

  9. I find your staff to be friendly and helpful. I found everything I needed for an upcoming recipe. There was no one in the deli when I went there. An associate had to call them for service. The meat items on sale were good value. Keep the name Food Lion.

  10. I like Food Lion because the store is always clean and it is neat and orderly. Their produce is always fresh and displayed in a nice arrangement. Their prices are competitive which other stores in area.

  11. What happened since the revamp , no extra low prices. Aisles full of sugared foods , Preservatives in everything and no fresh or organic foods any longer?
    How many times I have to walk out because no cashiers. Food Lion is a monopoly, who do not care about quality. My god you can’t even buy milk without sugar added.

    1. I dearly love shopping at my local Food Lion Store. Everybody makes you feel at home and it’s the meeting place for most of your neighbors. The food is
      always fresh and you are always buying more than you need but in the long run that has always been good because you never know when someone may stop
      over unexpectedly and you’ll be prepared.

  12. friendly people always ready to help , love the new design, close to home ,wish it had more specials , 544 food lion conway sc 29526

  13. The Food Lion that I shop at the employees are so helpful and friendly from the time you walk in the door until you go out the door . The prices are the best I am on a fixed-income I look at all the sale papers so far no other store has come close to FoodLions prices.Store always clean that it a big plus!!

  14. I love my Food Lion and all the associates know us by name. However, I wish they would simplify the receipts they are really hard to understand unless of course you work there. But other then that shopping is like going to your friends house for coffee. They are family.

  15. Food Lion is a fantastic store. I especially love the pharmacy there in the Food Lion in Falling Waters, WV. Every one is so nice and caring. I even send them a Christmas card each year.

  16. I’ve been a Food Lion shopper for so many years I’ve lost count. I shop several times a week and get credit on my card which adds up to dollars off sometime during the month. I love the specials and have saved a lot this year so far. Thank you Food Lion for being close enough for me to shop with you. I live about 20 miles away but travel several times a week to shop.

  17. Could not find a black arrow at bottom of screen to do survey. This is too hard to understand for an older customer who is no very computer literate.

  18. As I enter the store is always so clean and the employees are so nice all the aisles are clean, the products are stacked presentably and the meats are much fresher. I like shopping at Food lion.

  19. I always do my shopping at the Food Lion store #2227 in Wake Forest it’s always keep clean and the employees are nice and kind and is always willing to help.

  20. I have been to the Food Lion store here in Smyrna, Tn at least 3-4 times and have yet to get anything on my list…the shelves are empty and re-stocking is not something they do…the manager (male) is the most rudest person I have ever met….I do not plan on going to this store ever again,,,Krogers , Publix and Walmart are just as close to me….they need to shut this place down…..

  21. For a senior citizen in these times, Shopping is very difficult. Due to health issues My shopping has to be short and sweet. Thanks to one of your employees, Tresa,, at store 01422,Providence Forge Va I was able to get all of my needed staples. She did this with a smile and was very comforting. Please pass on my thank you to her for excellent service and good heart.

    she did this with a smiole and

  22. I was shopping Food Lion few years ago. But moving across town was closed to Kroger . Prices when up so I decide to go back to Food Lion and check it out again so I have been shopping there for several weeks now.
    I am not spending as much money as I did at Kroger. I am here to stay. Good service. Sweet girls working there..

  23. Food lion has the best prices. And the sale prices are great. The Employees are so helpfull they always know where every item is in the store and will take you to show you.

  24. I’m 64 years and I have Cancer. I was at Food Lion 2582 /this morning. the cashier :0129. Was a Blessing to me. She told me that she will be praying for me.and be safe going home . That really touched my heart because I’m on Chemotherapy I have no hair.she said it’s all right u are beautiful. I can’t work any more. but I know in my heart God will provide for me .

  25. Store #02242, cashier#0222,ticket#0041,loyalty customer 46944473364,pin#0619224280060041, 19Jun2020. Even w/Covid-19, this store is kept well-stocked. Pristine CLEAN, employees eager to help, and the Manager is always there up & down the aisles…he takes time to talk with me…and recognizes me every time I am there. His employees seem to really
    like working with/for him…a quality of mutual respect not often seen in many
    businesses. As a 78 y.o. widow, somewhat physically challenged, this makes my shopping experience so pleasant. Good people, good mdse/costs…what else could one want??? This store is a “classy” place, in every respect…definitely not a Walmart!!!

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