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Safeway Survey

Marion Barton Skaggs founded the first Safeway in 1915 in the US. The Safeway motto “Ingredients for life” encapsulates their offering of selling all ingredients you need for your daily life and food needs.

Skaggs actually purchased the original store from his father for only $1,089 in 1915, inflation would greatly increase that number of course. He and his 5 brothers worked to grow the stores, which they did, successfully expanding to 26 locations by 1928.

Safeway likes to give back to its loyal customers and get feedback they can use to improve their own processes, which is why they offer the Safeway survey. You can take the survey to be entered into Safeway’s sweepstakes where each month 20 winners are chosen to win a $100 gift card. Survey Prizes

Prizes are awarded monthly randomnly to those who have entered the sweepstakes. Twenty people will each receive one $100 Safeway giftcard as their prize.

  • 20 $100 Safeway giftcards

Survey Details

Need purchase to enter?No
Entry MethodsOnline, Mail-in
PrizeSafeway gift cards
Eligible LocationsAlaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Washington DC, Delaware, Hawaii, Idaho, Maryland, Montana, Nebraska, New Mexico, Nevada, Oregon, South Dakota, Texas, Virginia, Washington, Wyoming

How To Take The Safeway Survey

There are three ways you can take the, and two are online. There are a total of 2 methods that do not require a purchase while one entry method requires a purchase, that will not increase your odds of winning.

How To Enter online

There are two online entry methods, one is if you visit a Safeway and make purchase, and one is if you visit a Safeway and do not make a purchase.

Both require physically visiting a safeway location in order to enter online.

Enter Online with a purchase

  1. You may visit a Safeway location and make a purchase
  2. Then you may save your receipt for the online survey
  3. Go online to
  4. Answer all survey questions

Enter Online without a purchase

  1. You may visit a Safeway location and not make a purchase
  2. You may ask the Safeway employees if you are able to be invited to take the survey, or wait until / if they ask you
  3. If invited, you may go online to and take the survey

How To Enter by mail without a purchase

When you want to enter the sweepstakes but have not made a purchase at a Safeway, you may enter using the mail-in method.

  1. Hand write your full name, address, phone number, email on a 3X5″ card
  2. Mail this card to the following address:
    SAFEWAY “Survey Sweepstakes”, c/o StellaService, 75 Broad Street, Suite 1010, New York, NY 10004.

Survey Homepage

The Safeway survey homepage resembles the store, clean and safe with a few nice colors. See what to expect here:

safeway survey

Survey Rules

  • Must be 18 years or older
  • Must be in one of the following US states: Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Washington DC, Delaware, Hawaii, Idaho, Maryland, Montana, Nebraska, New Mexico, Nevada, Oregon, South Dakota, Texas, Virginia, Washington or Wyoming
  • Must not be a Safeway employee or affiliated in any way

To request a winners list, you may send a self-addressed stamped envelope to the following address:

SAFEWAY “Survey Sweepstakes” Sweepstakes
Winners List Request, c/o StellaService, 75 Broad Street, Suite 1010, New York, NY 10004. Requests must be received by August 10, 2018

To see the official rules page see here

Contact Safeway

Phone: 1 (877) 258-2799

Contact Online:

Customer support mailing address:
M.S. 10501 P.O. Box 29093
Phoenix, AZ 85038

13 thoughts on “ | Take The Safeway Survey, Win $100 Gift Card

  1. I have been trying to enter this stupid contest and all I get the history of Safeway.
    Since Safeway bought out there a alot of items that are no longer are ail able that I used to purchase all the time.
    Glad to see Boars Head Products.
    I shop every week. The regular crew are wonderful people. Also the crew in the deli

    1. In the above content under “how to enter survey” either with or without purchase and click the link highlighted in red and when you get to the site that looks like the one shown under “Survey Homepage” from the content above, you will then look for ( total number of items sold ) on your receipt NOTE- it will not be color coded nor does it show this on example given. Just under ( total number of items sold ) will be the numbers that need to be entered from your receipt. I also had a very hard time with this survey. Also when entering the date, which are the first numbers you are asked to enter, you have to click on the little callender just to the right of the first box because it won’t let you just enter the date. Good luck

  2. Burney Safeway has the friendliest clerks. I am confused about this survey, all I have is this comment. This is not a survey.

  3. Angela Ruiz was super helpful, and very nice at the Safeway in Salem Oregon. Like the other comments the survey doesn’t match the receipt.

  4. I had to go to four people to get an answer about the 40 oz Natural Roasted Chicken which is on sale for $6.99. Three workers (one from the Deli Department who directed me to the Meat Department) two managers and the self help clerk to find the 40 oz roasted chicken. Never found it because SAFEWAY DOES NOT SELL 40 oz ROASTED CHICKEN per the manager! I showed them the ad and they continue to tell me they don’t have 40 oz chickens but the largest chicken they sell is a 37 oz chicken and walked away! Therefore, I have constantly coming across these issues with Safeway and they seem to get away with charging customers more than what they are buying.
    Safeway shorts customers 3 oz of chicken which doesn’t sound like a lot. But for every chicken they sell, they make $0.52; multiply that to 100 sales, it’s $520 on top of the profit they are still making. Now isn’t that false advertisement? WHAT A RIP OFF!!! They get away with it and that’s the sad part! they must sell more that a 100 of chicken per day and then multiply that at the amount of stores they have.
    The Safeway that I will no longer go to is Dublin store on Dublin Blvd; Store # 1953.

  5. No where to take survey. I entered basic info and it didnt like my email address, called it invalid–not true. I have lots to say about my experience yesterday.

  6. Shopped Safeway many years store close to my home 1970’s. No problems until Show Low AZ store has demonstrated worst of what is wrong with bad faith business practices; upper management the problem not the solution fostering bad behavior. Disrespect of customers earns employees advancement. Suggestions, issues, complaints result in personal attacks on ones character placing blame on customers. Health, safety, and well being violations go unchecked by local health department. Wright’s and measures violations against the law are not fined. Injuries sustained in store result in intimidation, harassment, stalking, threats by assistant store manager, other managers that follow customers often 2-3 at a time in violation of civil rights. Pesticides are sprayed on organic produce because of insect infestation in store. Weavils in bulk product bins. Dogs in the store lifting legs, dropping Fecal matter; list goes on endangering customers. Road rage in parking lot puts customers st risk. Cashiers fail to ring up perchases accurately; appears no solution as deep seated problems, lack of integrity, credibility, accountability, and responsibility leave customers dismayed with cavilier manner of deception and deceit is the new norm. Lack of truth in advertising disrespectful of customers being talked down to. No real survey prizes; gathering, tracking data in violation of 4th Amendment Right against search and seizure; horror stories are real happenings. Biggest issue, aside from Walmart no other store in rural area; captive paying the price.

  7. Can’t take survey because checker did not give me the ripped portion with all info they need to enter contest. Constantly 2-3 checkers working on weekends during prime shopping time. And of course one checker was express lane. Waited in line longer than it took to shop and spend $265.

  8. There is no where I could take the survey. I am confused about it, the contact they gave is not helpful.
    Jane and all the clerks at Branham lane Safeway are very helpful and friendly.


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