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George Jenkins founded Publix grocery stores in 1930 in his hometown of Florida when he was only 22 years old.

It was so successful he was able to open another 5 years later on the other side of town.

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However, his dream was to have a large, beautiful supermarket store which he fulfilled by opening an air-conditioned, gorgeous glass and stucco supermarket in 1940.

He finally opened his dream store, raising the money to do so by closing both of his other open stores at the time.

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By 1945 he was able to keep expanding his empire by purchasing small stores, replacing them with his grand Publix vision and growing his dream.

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Today Publix has grown to over 1,000 stores.

All of this success stems from the first small grocery store opened by George when he was 22 in his small Florida hometown showing the impact perseverance and having a dream can have.

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One of the facets to the store’s success is its relentless pursuit of customer happiness, which it achieves in part through its survey program.

The survey is easy to take and you can quickly access it on your mobile phone, ipad, or your computer, even while standing at the produce section at your local Publix.

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Customers can take the Publix survey and in exchange they receive an entry into a sweepstakes with a chance to win $1,000 Publix gift card, more than enough for a grocery trip, or two, or three.

Publix Survey Prizes

  • Entry into $1,000 gift card sweepstakes, chance to win one of three $1,000 Publix gift card monthly prizes

Take The Publix Survey

Enter Online:

  1. Buy something at a Publix store
  2. Keep the number on your receipt handy
  3. Go online to the publix survey site and answer all questions

You’ll automatically be entered into the sweepstakes

Enter by Mail:

You can enter by mail without a purchase at a Publix by following the instructions below:

  1. Write your name, email, address, number, and birthdate on a piece of paper
  2. Mail it to:

    Publix Customer Voice Survey Sweepstakes Spring 2018 Entry,
    Attn: Marketing/Research, 3300 Publix Corporate Parkway, Lakeland, FL 33811 Homepage

Here’s what to expect when you hit the homepage, where you’ll have a chance to take the survey in English or Spanish. Rules

  • Must not have an employee affiliation
  • No purchase necessary to win – use mail in entry if no purchase
  • Must be a legal resident from the “promo area” one of these US states: Florida, Georgia, Alabama, South Carolina, North Carolina, Tennessee, and Virginia
  • The monthly prizes consist of 3 $1,000 Publix gift cards

View the previous winner’s list here

View the complete rules here

Contact Publix

Phone: 1 (800) 242-1227

Contact online

73 thoughts on “ ― Official Publix® Survey ― Win $1K

  1. My wife and I have been shopping at Publix for over 20 years. We love this store and the employees! I have one major complaint. The aisles are crowed with too many sales tables with showing various items. The aisle at the entrance to the checkout registers are blocked with too many sales tables impeding the flow of traffic and, I feel, may be a violation of the fire safety codes or policies. It is a turn off, for us, for trying to enter the check out line and thus blocking the flow of shoppers trying to get by us!

  2. dear mrceo of publix or store manager billyray drakeand lwant know if can play your gameand thankyou mrs linda bush sr.and freeforms now.and liveat741sbeneva rd sarsfl34232 lcan usuler your $1,ooo and ingroceries andsurverycode0809014871037450

  3. We do not have a Publix store within 40 miles of us, that is why I don’t shop with Publix. We need one in North Georgia

  4. Friendly store, clean, good prices and nice FRESH FRUITS AND VEGGIES. lOVE THE bAKERY DEPT. AND FLOWERS.
    The check out people are the nicest and most helpful.

  5. The store is always clean, well organized and full of wonderful fresh fruit veggies. I love the bakery and flower dept.
    We also like the fresh subs. And the check out people are the nicest and most helpful.

  6. Love shopping at Publix . Sometimes the items I want aren’t on the shelves as they seem to be in short supply. However the people are friendly and always helpful. Been shopping at Publix for at least 20 years and will continue to do so. Would like to see y’all carry gluten free bread as I can only eat gluten free.Thanks for all the years of good service!

    1. spent 10 minutes trying to download the materials to do survey, no thank you for your poor service and your survey set up.

  7. We love the courteous employees working in Publix. The variety of foods,fresh meats and produce, bakery goods is wonderful. The convenience of a neighborhood Publix is so helpful also. Publix is always over the top clean and fresh .

  8. Friendliest store in town. Employees are always helpful, prices good, pharmacy is absolutely great with really great people, and the store is very convenient for me. Couldn’t ask for anything any better.

  9. The Staff are always VERY Friendly and willing to help in anyway they can. The stores are always cleaning and well laid out. A real enjoyment to shop at Publix !

  10. Me encanta el Publix porque en el puedo conseguir todo lo que necesito para mi cocina, a muy buen precio y sus buenas ofertas, en especial las de dos por el precio de uno, e incluso cuando no deseo cocinar puedo disponer de su comida variada, desde una taza de café hasta un delicioso pollo en braza y solamente a unos pocos metros de mi hogar:

  11. My experience at Publix is very satisfying. Debbie checked me out this evening. You should think she had known me all her life. Very friendly and concerned about helping.

  12. me gusta mucho esta tienda y lo que mas me gusta es el cuidado en el medio ambiente que cuentan con contenedores para resiclaje

  13. Been shopping Publix for over 40 years at various Florida locations. Love this store – all personnel are helpful, pleasant and caring. This includes the Pharmacy. THANK YOU ALL!!!!!

  14. We love “our” Publix!! Best BOGOs and all are soooo friendly. We do save lots of money. Especially like the $10.00 off $50.00, after buying $50.00 worth of groceries for a gas card. We enjoy sending our grand-daughter a surprise letter with a gas card…she’s a college student!!

  15. Publix is Number 2 on the Consumer Report list.. Wegman’s of NY Number 1… Perfer Wegmans, but I’m partial, originally from westernr NY.. However, now in FL, have a choice, Publix or Winn Dixie… I much prefer Publix.. but have one problem with our closest store.. have reported to young man working in the diary section ,on two occasions, the Publix cottage cheese has several weeks expired date.. last time I reported it to upper employee – Noticed this week, Progress has been made, the cottage cheese were all in date – Thanks for stocking from the back instead of the front. Have found employees very helpful and friendly. Did see an female employee leave the washroom without washing her hands…

  16. I always shop at Publix. We have several in our area and I always know where to find what I am looking for. The employees always know where to find something if I can’t find it, and they are so courteous they will take you personally to the item. Stores are clean, employees are courteous, intelligent, helpful and I have a pleasant feeling after shopping. Publix also has hired older workers, disadvantaged workers and those who have obvious disabilities, but all are well trained.

  17. For me and my family publix is one of the best supermarket here in South Florida they allways have what we need and what we looking for.i will not change this market for any one else. We love publix for ever.

  18. Well, I took your survey and as expected it was slanted so that most of the questions favor Publix. There are many things to like about Publix. There are also lots of things not to like about Publix. For example; overall your prices are higher than any of your competitors, our store doesn’t carry certain Publix brand of some foods that I think are much better than national brands… you used to carry these items and then one day no more of the items. No explanation. Ask someone why and get only unsatisfactory answers. There wasn’t any place to make comments in your survey for these kinds of comments. Not a great survey. Hope you didn’t pay some company thousands of dollars to design the survey. Bet I never hear from you.

  19. Publix is the very best place to shop. Stores are clean and well stocked, and the employee’s are friendly and helpful. I grew up in Lakeland and my mother shopped at the second Publix Store on Florida Avenue. I will always be connected to Publix stores!

  20. I just went to Publix to day in Ocala in the Heathbrook Commons and I got a survey to do , so I took it and they said I had already taken it by my phone number. If I just started to take the survey how can my phone number be they? They don’t want to hear from me.

  21. I love shopping at Publix; except, for some prices being higher than other supermarkets. clean store, good selection, nice meat display and produce display.

  22. I AM VERY HAPPY TO HAVE A PUBLIX IN MY NEIGHBORHOOD. Employees seem to enjoy working in the store and keep it neat and clean. Everyone is very friendly.

  23. Hi my name is Juan Cusido and i`am a client of Public for the past 40 years, never had an issue untill today . I got confused on a price and the cashier whos name is fabiola was very rude. Public is known for the proffesional way of treating the clients. Store #1288 Public at Plaza de Leon Coral Gables Fl33135

  24. The day before St. Patricks Day, our Publics located at Bonita Grande Crossing – 12900 Trade Way Four Bonita Springs, Fl. when we arrived at 5:00pm = no Corn Beef was available. How can you run out of Corn Beef the day before St. Pats. We were given a different location where we can find Corn Beef – Publics at 41 and Bonita Beach Road. Instead we were forced to travel to Target which was 4 miles from us who had plenty corn beef. This was totally unacceptable. This was like have no turkeys available the day before Thanksgiving!

  25. Shopped at Publix for the first time in a long while. We now know why we haven’t been back. Too expensive and bogies are a rip off. Publix had bogo on Dr. Pepper , two for $5.00. Great deal, Dollar General sells them all day long for $2.50 each. Misleading the public to pretend they are getting a bargain. Canned goods 25% higher than Walmart and Kroger. No bagged produce, resulting having to buy in overpriced per pound lots. Needless to say you’ve seen the last of us.

  26. We have shopped Publix for many years and love the friendly employees ,however the prices are higher than surrounding supermarkets. This was partialy off set by the penny item and double coupons .You have done away with both and now you are going to stop the free breakfast on wed. morning. What are you going to stop next?

  27. I shop at Publix 2 x a week and I find it a better than average experience compared to other grocers. I like the BOGOS, always find something that comes in handy.I find the cleanliness of the store to be very good, something that is very important to me. If something in the store bothers me, I say so to the manager and I usually find it taken care of the next time I shop.

  28. Been a Publix customer since the 1960’s. Publix has always been extremely good (except for the pricing of goods). Since the beginning of this year Publix has been going down hill. If the policies of Publix continue acting like Albertson’s past, Publix will share Albertson’s fate. ADVICE: Return to your old ways.

  29. I shop at Publix 3 or 4 times a week! The staff is always polite, professional, and well informed in responding to any questions I may have.

    the staff is always polite and courteous

  30. I love publix, the products are good. If i could not found something the staff would help every time. I was a Lowes shopper but now a publix.

  31. I”ve shopped Publix for years…I’ve always had great service …the store is clean and well maintained…the people are always friendly and helpful…I go thru this one girls line and she’s probably the friendliest, most helpful ,kind person I know…her name is Diane and she’s at Publix in Cartersville, Ga.. Publix is always my first choice in shopping especially the meat department..I have confidence that I get good advice and the best choice for mmeat in town..Thanks for a good experience..

  32. Publix stores have been Richmond, Virginia for a short time. These stores have become popular in a very short time and have captured a significant percentage of the grocery market. They are clean, brightly lighted, have a friendly and helpful staff, and the choices of products is amazing and first class.

  33. I get my meds there because the employees are so helpful with medication information.
    Another Publix I go to on occasion is in lLauderdale-By-The-Sea, Fl. What a difference in price!!!!!!much higher, maybe because its 1 block from the beach and the location cost more to operate. But…………the are higher for me……..

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