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Can you believe that the first Portillos was called “The Dog House”!

The Portillo’s Founder, Dick Portillo, spent $1,000 on the first restaurant building, if you can even call it that.

His $1,000 bought him a miniscule 6’X12′ trailer that didn’t even have running water or a bathroom. But boy, did it serve great beef sandwiches 😉

Dick literally had to run a 250 foot garden hose from his tiny trailer to a building 250 feet away to get the water he needed to cook and serve his customers.

outside portillos

In 1967 customers recognized how incredibly tasty his beef sandwiches were, and Portillo’s started making a lot more money. The company was finally able to move into a bigger, nicer building that actually had running water and a bathroom.

Dick also changed the restaurant name from “The Dog House” to “Portillo’s” that year, the name we know and love today.

portillos survey

In the beginning, the Dog House was bleeding money, not making money as a restaurant is supposed to!

So, Dick Portillo snuck around to peek on his competitors and learn where they were sourcing their products and how they were making a profit.

He used what he learned to take his restaurant out of the red and start turning a profit again.

Portillo’s has grown and is a billion times more successful today. You may think I’m exaggerating, but I mean it when I say a billion.

In 2014, Portillo’s was sold to Berkshire Partners for $1 Billion dollars. survey meal

Today, you can take the Portillo’s survey online at to help them get ideas to keep improving.

In return you’ll get a coupon you can use on your next visit.

Portillo’s Survey Prize

Prize: Free french fry with next Portillo’s purchase

*Note: Prize may vary, see your receipt for your current prize Details

Entry LimitUnlimited
Purchase Required?Yes
Survey PrizeFree French Fry Coupon
Entry MethodOnline

How To Take The Portillo’s Survey

  1. Eat at a Portillos and request to get a receipt to take home
  2. Go online to the Portillo’s survey site
  3. Complete all survey questions
  4. At the end you will receive a survey validation code to write on your receipt
  5. Finally you can bring your receipt with your validation code to a Portillo’s to get a free french fry with your next purchase Homepage

The Portillo’s survey homepage is a mix of white with red accents. It asks you to enter your 20 digit survey code, which can be found on your receipt, in order to continue:

Portillo’s Survey Rules

  • A purchase and saving your receipt are both necessary to take the survey
  • You’ll also need to go online to the survey site to complete the survey
  • You’ll need to save the validation code at the end of the survey to be able to redeem your coupon
  • Prize may vary by location and date

Contact Portillos

Mail Portillos:

Portillo Restaurant Group Corporate Office
2001 Spring Rd #400
Oak Brook, IL 60523

Contact Online

28 thoughts on “ ― Official Portillo’s® Survey

  1. I’m so excited to see this store and it’s been a while and my experience is so good and feels good about it and while im settling down I saw this old lady at the lobby her name is Rose is she is very attentive and very welcoming and hard working old lady.

  2. why is it so difficult to take the survey?? last sunday we received a catering order with some of our food was 3 days “out of date.”

  3. What happened to Portillos? I lived a few blocks from the original Dog House in Villa Park, Illinois 50 years ago. The Portillos in Tempe has gotten so bad since it was sold, last night we spent over $80 and the other thing we really enjoyed were the 3 Chocolate Cake slices and 3 Strawberry desserts that my Brother purchased on another ticket.
    The hot dogs tasted old and were rubbery. The Beef was so dry and the bread was not fresh so we didn’t eat it. Twice I told the Cashier that I wanted 2 large fries on my order…..they were omitted from the large order.
    You need serious changes to this location or sales will continue to go down. We were there at 6:17 PM and the place was almost empty. At Portillos??? Never
    Register 004 0120591
    Order 151
    Code 180 001 400 050 110 395 26
    Please get back to the quality and freshness you could always count on at Portillos.
    There were 4 Managers/Employees having a business meeting while all this was going on.

  4. There is so much to enjoys about Portillos such as the great food, decent prices, friendly staff, huge variety of food offerings, wine and beer, the decorations throughout the restaurant, free large fries when completing a survey, plenty of seating, short wait time to receive food, and much more.

  5. My Family and I visited your Shorewood IL store to have some dinner and we were waiting in line next to be served, we waited about 5 minutes and as we waited a portillos employee stepped up in line next to us. When the next cashier became available she signaled for the employee to step foward, knowing that me and my family were waiting there first. As she proceeded to take the other employee’s order, I stepped up and said to the cashier that we had been in line and waiting first, and the employee being served said to me that employee’s have priority over customers to be served first. I asked the cashier Sidney to speak to a manager and she would not answer me, so I asked her what her name was , because I could not see her name tag and she covered her tag and then the employee ordering said “My name is Megan and showed me her tag and I said to her I wanted the cashier’s name. So I went to the pick up end and asked to speak to a manager and the manager on duty Carol came and I explained the situation to her and she said I’m sorry and walked away. My family and I eat at Portillo’s restaurants at least once a week and I will never go there again!!!!!! Can someone please contact me about this situation. THANK YOU (815) 823-9157

  6. My name is Lewis R Shults and just left the previous message and wanted to add that I have been eating at portillo’s since I was a young boy and I am now 58 years old.

  7. On 08-18-2019 i was your 555 east 81st ave (Merrivillie) site when i order large cheese fries , Beef and shake. while eating my food a long stringly blonde hair string was in my beef sandwich. Your Floor manger (Price) Black older female lady saw me pulling it out of my mouth and came right over and said “Wow” so sorry let me make corrections to this issue. (Wow) I was sick to my stomach then and very mad…..She gave my money back and brought me piece of cake.
    This was sickening and i probably want return anytime soon. I’m VA Police Officer at the VA Crown Point location. I spend a lot of money in this location. But now somewhat afraid of the Hair issue. They need to wear Hair nets.

  8. I take the surveys to get the free fries, but every time I give the drive thru the receipt with the survey number on it it’s never deducted from my bill. Free I don’t think so! Or your employees don’t know how to put it in their device. I’m taking the survey & not receiving the benefits.
    This has happened twice at the Shorewood location & once at the Bolingbrook location.

  9. Yeah Portillo’s food is real good. I live in Indianapolis and patillo in Avon Indiana. When you go to the drive-through when you got to wait 20 minutes because the people are playing around inside the Portillo and not doing their job. I need to see the owner go through the drive-thru and see what’s going on. I like your food but they’re very slow they don’t know what they’re doing

  10. I like Portillo’s. But when you go to the drive-through and you wait for 15-20 minutes just to get a sandwich and you looking inside there’s so many people working in there but they’re all playing around. This is it in Avon Indiana I wonder yesterday except for 10 minutes and them cars did not even move. I turn around and left. I think the owner of Portillo’s she’ll go through the drive-thru and see what’s going on. Employees are standing around inside. I love the food Portillo I’ve been going a long time I’m 71 years old but they should make some changes. I know the one and Chicago they’re much quicker then here in Avon Indiana

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