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Do you speak Spanish?

If no, then you are probably not aware that Pollo Tropical means “Tropical Chicken” in English.

I’m glad they named the store in Spanish, since Tropical Chicken doesn’t have quite the same ring as Pollo Tropical.

The Spanish name was genius and something any aspiring entrepreneur should take note of when naming their product:

Everything sounds better in Spanish, or almost any language other than English. Remember that when you’re deciding on a name for your product or service.

pollo tropical survey

Pollo Tropical is a Carribbean food restaurant with its base in Miami, Florida. It was founded only recently in 1988.

Larry and Stuart Harris, two brothers with no cooking backgrounds founded the chain.

Just goes to show you don’t need a degree or even experience to be successful in a field as long as you are willing to put in the work.

pollo tropical tacos

Larry, with his way less than qualified, non-chef background, wouldn’t have been touched or hired by any restaurant if he had tried to get a job as a chef.

Instead he used his own ingenuity to start his own multi-million dollar empire.

He wanted to start a restaurant, so he looked up Latin American cookbooks and experimented using the grill in their backyard until he was satisfied with the recipe for the original Pollo Tropical chicken.

Safe to say we’re all happy he had that grill and those cookbooks.

inside pollo

Today Pollo Tropical has grown to 140 locations in Florida and Georgia.

It also has five locations within colleges, and you can find it throughout the Carribbean, Central America, South America and Puerto Rico in its 32 international locations.

One fun way the restaurant has raised awareness for charity as well as $10,000 for United Way, was through a conga line in Miami, which made drivers angry until they realized it was for a good cause. survey

Another fun publicity stunt is they allow people to get married there, specifically opening their doors to marriage last Valentine’s day.

I sure hope all the couples take advantage of the survey after their wedding!

pollo goes tropical

Today, the restaurant keeps looking for ways to improve, and currently offers a deal for all customers to take their online survey.

rate your pollo tropical experience

In return the customer gets to redeem the offer printed on their survey, which is likely a $2 off coupon they can use on their next visit.

PolloListens Survey Prizes

When you complete the survey you will receive a coupon code you can save to use on your next visit to Pollo Tropical.

  • Free coupon for $2 off your next purchase, or offer printed on your receipt Survey Details

Survey Prize$2 Off Coupon
Receipt Valid For2 Days
Purchase Required?Yes

How To Take The Survey

  1. Eat at a Pollo Tropical restaurant location
  2. Keep hold of your receipt
  3. Go online to
  4. Enter the 16 digit code on your receipt to begin
  5. Answer all survey questions
  6. Save the code you receive at the end of the survey to use as your coupon on your next visit!

Survey Homepage

When you visit the Pollo Tropical survey homepage, you’ll see a bland white screen with the Pollo logo and palm trees, as well as a blank space for you to enter your 16 digit survey validation code before you begin the survey.

PolloListens Survey Rules

  • Must make a purchase at a Pollo Tropical location and keep ahold of your receipt
  • Must take the survey within 2 days of receiving your receipt

Survey details here

Contact Pollo Tropical about the survey

Phone: 800-819-3744

Contact Online

Mailing Address:

Pollo Tropical Headquarters, 7255 Corporate Center Drive, Suite C, Miami, FL 33126

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  1. Impossible to fill out information to recieve the free 1/4 chicken meal. Jumps to end without letting me enter the required numbers??????

  2. This is bullshit that you can’t take a survey for the free 1/4 chicken. There is no web page available for you to complete a survey.

  3. There is no way how to fill out the survey and get free 1/4 of chicken, I don’t know why they change the format in how to fill out the survey.

  4. Es el mejor Restaurante de comida rapida y de calidad. Los pollos sosn exquisitos y tambien el resto de las variantes

  5. Hola …soy cliente de pollo tropical desde hace anos y especial mente del pollo tropical que esta en la 57 y 6 del nw me encanta el servicio los muchachos son muy amables….buenas noches..

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