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Founded in 1987 in Fort Lauderdale Florida, Office Depot has come a long way from its humble beginnings.

Today it is comprised of over 1,400 stores in the US, with a giant online presence as well, selling over $3.1 billion worth of goods online in 2013.

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On November 5th, 2013, Office Depot and Office Max merged to form Office Depot, Inc.

This move strengthened its online and in store presence with its solid growth partnership.

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Today Office Depot is the second largest office supply store in the US, only second to Staples in size.

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In 1996 Office Depot actually agreed to be acquired by Staples.

However, before the agreement could go through, the FTC identified a few markets where they deemed competition necessary between the two stores.

The FTC shut the deal down and stopped the merger from going through to prevent price increases of 5-10%.

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So even though the store ended up having its record year in 1999, it has had trouble recovering in the 2000s and beyond.

This is partly because it was expecting to be acquired so it slowed down on some of its previous growth plans.

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To show your support for its growth, try taking the Office Depot Feedback survey online at

Plus you’ll get a coupon for your efforts! Prize

Prize: $10 Off $50 Coupon

*Must be for qualifying purchase items, not all items qualify

Office Depot Feedback Details

Purchase Required?Yes
Survey Prize$10 Off $50 Coupon
Coupon LimitationNot all items qualify
Entry MethodOnline

How To Take The Survey

  1. Make a purchase at an Office Depot
  2. Take your receipt home with you
  3. Go online to the Office Depot Survey
  4. TAKE NOTE: If the above survey site gives you an error message, check your receipt for the correct website URL and go there to take the survey instead.
  5. Take the survey by answering all questions
  6. Write your survey validation code on your receipt
  7. Bring your receipt + the validation code to your next Office Depot visit to redeem your coupon Homepage

The red and white Office Depot Feedback survey homepage asks you to enter your survey code and time in order to start the survey:

Office Depot Feedback Rules

  • Purchase is necessary to take survey
  • Saving receipt is necessary to take survey
  • Taking survey is necessary to get coupon
  • Not all items qualify for coupon use
  • Excludes technology items
  • Coupon will be emailed within 48 hours

See your Office Depot receipt for more rule details.

Contact Office Depot

Phone: 1 (800) 463-3768


28 thoughts on “ | Take Office Depot® Survey

    1. Antony Hill really went over and beyond to help my wife and I return a print we purchased and wasn’t working. he is a great example of an excellent manager

  1. You could greatly benefit both your staff and your customers by eliminating cumbersome routines like this survey, which take valuable time at checkout (and later at home). A survey that gives me a discount would be great if it weren’t for the fact that the discount requires another return trip (and purchase), and the items covered have to cost $50, but “technology is not included.” Gee, thanks. You can keep your survey.

  2. For some reason, I can’t do the survey but I wanted you to know that Chris from the St. Louis Park Office Depot really was helpful. He was very good at helping me get the posters done that I wanted to do. Thanks for his help.

  3. Got Christmas letters printed. The staff was very helpful and wonderful. Was disappointed to find out that the coupon didn’t work for the letter only for calendars. In the past the coupon worked for the letters and the pages of pictures.

  4. survey code: 156V ZTBW MNCS
    Had some problems with my laptop about a possible corruption/planted malware and Brandon took the time in finding out the solution. Not only he ruled out my concerns but the way he handled the situation putting forth the best customer service. He made you feel as the customer. I would recommend office depot to my friends.

    Liz was also very helpful in helping out in applying the coupons and going out of her way to help.

  5. Brian & Jennifer were very helpful this morning. They are always willing to show & tell about the store’s products. These two are what Office depot is all about… “Customer Service” . Promote now !!
    Thank you

  6. Your website said the survey is no longer available. I recently purchased a monitor for my home computer – the item had to be shipped (directly to my home address with no shipping charges). I just wanted to say the service I received in the store was great – the tech manager (Faron(sp.) was very helpful both when I ordered the monitor and after I received it and had a problem connecting it. He is a super employee and I commend both him and Office Depot for the service and the help.

  7. Where is the survey? Promised a fix for 4 weeks. Last 3 January receipts still have “” and survey code on them. Phone reps say go to the store and take it up with the manager, “really”? $10.00 survey reward comes in handy on ink.

  8. When I tried to do the survey, I got a message that this survey was no longer available. But I did want this Office Depot in Edison know that the young man, I believe his name is Hasheeb (not sure of the spelling) was very helpful in locating the right ink for me and applying the coupons. He is always pleasant and helpful whenever I need assistance.

  9. I greatly appreciated the friendly and thorough help by Roy Rogers at the Edina, MN store. Though the issue was complex, he continued working on it until it was satisfactory. His friendly attitude went a long way!

  10. I purchased an ink cartridge, a Canon 137 B and took it home to use. After only 129 copies, it told me it was out of ink!!!

  11. It won’t let me do the survey but I wanted to let you know that Jon Moran at the 119 SW Loop 410 was incredibly kind and helpful! He went above and beyond to help me and I’m so grateful for his service. I hope he is recognised for this. Thank you

  12. I do all my printing at your store in Oak Ridge, Texas. I usually get great service when Rex and Alison are there. Saturday the 16th, I emailed my order to Office Depot. I explained in the email to be notified when the job was done. I had a customer waiting for the printed items. I did’t hear from anyone at Office Depot so I decided to go to the store to check on my order. I waited in line for 20 minutes, and in those 20 minutes no one asked if I needed help or even acknowledged that I was standing there. I walked out and explained to my customer about the worst customer service ever. I emailed my order in again on Wednesday the 20th and again no one intercepted my order. Today is Friday the 22nd, so I called and was told that my order was just sitting on the computer. No one had touched my email. I spoke with Alison and she said that she would print my orders. Alison had done exactly what she said she would do. I noticed that the same employee that never picked up her head to help customers was there today. Her name is Kathy and today while I was there she did absolutely nothing. I have been using your print and copy department for 7 years and have never had an experience like Saturday’s. Kathy is not the right person for this job. You need a friendly person in this position. Please acknowledge that you received this review.

  13. Today I got help from Zach at the OfficeMax store in Bemidji, Minnesota! He was the best, as he made 4, 11″x17″ pictures for me of my Dad, taken in 1944, when he was only 18 and serving in France during WWII. He did a great job and gave me helpful information! As Zach handed me the completed photos of my Dad, tears came, as it brought those years of my Dad’s life, alive again!! Thank you Zach!

  14. Cassidy on Millplane is extremely the best took me to the item sold me on the best head phones,copy ink. Thank goodness the office Depot has the best, Thank you Cassidy. I will be back.

  15. The people who work are very important and when I go to Rancho Cucamonga, I always look for Pam because she knows her job and always does a double check before giving it to her, she is an excellent worker.

  16. The St. Cloud Office Max is Amazing–Jack, Rachel, and Jacob are Pros!!! They remind Vicki and I of the Poem=”A Bell is Not a Bell–and they Serve LOVE as well as incredible Knowledge. They all deserve a Big Raise–Thanks–Sincerely, Roger and Vicki

    1. I bought several school supply items, e.g. .10 for a spiral notebook, when I got to checkout, I was told there was a limit of 4 notebooks for .10, then they were .25 each. There was never a sign saying there was a limit of 4 items. I didn’t take anything but 4 notebooks, but these items were for a poor school district and they could have used the donation of 20 notebooks.

  17. The “Floor” personnel are obviously fully trained because I have never had a question that didn’t get answered. Everyone at Office Depot goes way out of their way to give the best service possible. I would go there for every item they sell just because everything is Quality and just because everyone there is sooooooooo helpful and friendly.

  18. i always go to belair officedepot and have always easily found anything i was looking for and when i couldn ‘t i could always find someone to-help me kristie was working there 10/3/2019 and was fanastic to me,she looked up my rewards points and tried to save me as much money as possible on my ink and other store items and answered any questions i had,she was great,thank you kristie !

  19. Please correct the method of taking your survey. My goodness it appears you really don’t want people to take the survey. I went through 4 websites to no avail. Your employee, Rana at the Clearwater #436 is superb. She can multi task like no other I’ve seen. Last year I took several print projects into Office Depot, she handled them with skill and again yesterday!!! She is a keeper. Any employer would love to have her on staff.

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