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Did you know McDonald’s started as a hot dog stand on the side of a busy California road?

And its name was actually Airdrome?

And that the original McDonalds founders had no interest in building stores outside of California? Crazy to think about now that McDonalds is the largest restaurant chain in the world today.

Read more about the McDonald’s name change and how Ray Croc convinced the McDonald’s brothers to grow their empire and give him 99% of the profits here.

Yes, the first McDonalds was started by a man named Patrick McDonald, hence the name “McDonald’s”.

However, the original Patrick McDonald called his small roadside stand “AirDrome”, not McDonald’s.

Patrick started out selling his delicious hot dogs on the side of the Route 66 road in LA near the busy Monrovia Airport. He later added burgers and then 5 cent unlimited orange juice to the menu. store

Later, Patrick’s sons Maurice and Richard McDonald took the concept and moved it into an actual storefront. They focused on barbecue as their main offering and added a bunch of menu items for a total of around 25.

They ended up changing the name, from AirDrome to something else at least a little more familiar to most of us.

The two sons called their second McDonald’s restaurant “McDonald’s Bar-B-Que”.

Ironically, no one was buying their barbeque, while their hamburger sales were through the roof!

Quick to notice where their profit was coming from, they realized the irony quickly, took barbeque off the menu and shifted to the burgers we know and love today as their #1 bread and butter item.

When they cut barbeque from the menu they also chopped barbecue off their name and started calling themselves only McDonalds, the name of the restaurant which still exists today, and is much catchier in my opinion anyway.

The brothers shortened the menu list to include only cheeseburgers, potato chips, coffee, soft drinks, and apple pie. All yummy foods, but also much shorter than the long and ever changing McDonald’s menu today.

inside mcdonalds

McDonald’s is now the largest restaurant chain in the world and continues to grow thanks to the great feedback it gets from the platform. Give them your feedback and you’ll get a BOGO menu item. Prize

Prize: Buy one get one free any menu item, EXCEPT a value meal, happy meal, 20 pc nugget, or 10 chicken tender Survey Details

Survey PrizeBOGO menu item coupon
Purchase Necessary?Yes
Receipt Valid For7 Days
Survey Valid For30 Days
Survey Limit5 Surveys Per Person Per Month
Coupon Limit1 Coupon Per Person Per Visit
Entry MethodOnline

Enter The Survey

enter mcdvoice

  1. Buy something at McDonald’s
  2. Put your receipt near you and go online to
  3. To enter without your survey code or receipt try this link
  4. Whichever entry method you choose, answer all survey questions
  5. Save the validation code at the end of the survey so you can use it within 30 days to use your BOGO item coupon Homepage

The McDonald’s survey homepage is plain red and white and asks you to enter your 26 digit survey code in order to begin the survey: homepage Rules

  • US or District of Columbia residents only, AU has different survey link
  • Purchase required
  • Receipt valid for 7 days
  • Coupon valid for 30 days
  • Limit to use of 1 coupon per person per visit
  • Coupon is worth 1/20 of 1 cent
  • No transferring or selling code
  • No combining offers
  • 5 survey limit per month per person

See your receipt and the end of survey computer screen for more terms and conditions.

For other full rules see the official rules page

Australian Survey

  • Aussies go here to take the Australian survey
  • Contact McDonald’s About Survey

    Phone: (800) 244-6227

    McDonald’s Online Contact Form

    McDonald’s Headquarters Mailing Address:
    McDonald’s Corporation
    2111 McDonald’s Dr
    Oak Brook, IL 60523
    United States

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    1. why can’t you have an easy survey like iHOP and Jack in the Box have…why do I have to “download” something to my computer…..bad “stuff” happens when you download things to your or my computer….don’t like that!!

      1. And… why can’t we go back to the former version of the quarter pounder. They tasted better. I used to get one weekly (@ a minimum). Now, I haven’t gotten one since the new juicy flavor was introduced. (Oh… and where I eat, my wife and kids eat too.)

    2. Train managers in how this coupon works. I ordered a number 2 and a free egg mc muffin. She argued with me. Said I have to order 2 egg mcmuffin said to get one free. Charged me for 2 sandwiches. Other McDonald’s understand the survey coupon. Will not recomend this store to anyone

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