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Mariano’s is the grocery store with everything, and it is always a joy to shop there. In addition to their selection of great food and merchandise, they offer a survey to collect customer feedback where you’ll be entered into a drawing to win Kroger giftcard prizes.

Mariano’s is actually owned by Kroger and part of a store collection that includes Pick N Save, Copps & Metro Market. This means when you enter the survey for any of these stores, your entry is put into the same pool as every single entry from all of these stores. Unfortunately, this means your odds of winning the prizes are diluted by multiple stores, but it also means if you like shopping at all of these places it will be easier for you to keep taking the survey and amassing multiple entries to improve your overall chance of winning!

Read below for more detail on the prizes and how to enter.

Survey Prize

  • Chance to win a Kroger gift card
  • The prizes are 1 $5,000 Kroger gift card and 100 $100 Kroger gift cards

How To Take The Mariano’s Survey

Enter Online

  1. Shop at a Mariano’s using a cashier and not a self-checkout lane and save your receipt
  2. Go online to and enter the survey code on your receipt
  3. Complete the online survey and you’ll be automatically entered to win a gift card!

Enter By Mail

  • Write your full name, your address and your phone # on a postcard
  • Mail the card to:
    Customer Survey Monthly Sweepstakes
    PMI Station PO Box 3547
    Southbury CT 064883547
  • You’ll be entered into the sweepstakes drawing as well

    Survey Homepage

    Here’s what to expect when you land on the survey’s homepage:

    marianos survey homepage

    Survey Rules

    • 3 random drawings every month
    • 1 prize per person maximum
    • 18+ age entries only
    • Have to be US or District of Columbia resident, and can’t be from Florida, New York or Rhode Island
    • No Kroger/Mariano employees or any other affiliated people are eligible to enter

    Here is the official survey rules page

    Contact Marianos

    Online Contact Us Page

    Phone: (866) 742-6728

    Address To Mail To:

    Roundy’s Supermarkets, Inc.
    PO Box 473
    Milwaukee, WI 53201

    How to check out the sweepstakes winners

    See who won the sweepstakes by checking the official list here if you want to double check your name is on it or not.

    One thought on “ | Take Survey To Win $100 or $5,000

    1. 10/27/18 12:01 PM 524 4 95 124 These numbers do not match the online survey.
      However, Meredith Mariano’s cashier at Northfield IL is fantastic! Cheerfully greeting customers and knows the grocery items for an easy and fast check out.
      Very helpful. Great store.

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