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Did you know that Lowes is the second largest home-improvement store chain in the US? Guess which is the #1!

Hint: It’s Home Depot. Like Lowes, Home Depot also has a survey sweepstakes you can take online at

Both Home Depot and Lowes stores have an official policy of “service dogs only”, probably to protect themselves legally. However many individual stores are super dog friendly, even to the point of giving out treats to and petting dogs that come in.

Enjoy a picture of my dog Cooper happily chilling out in a Home Depot store where shortly after he was surrounded by free treats and people wanting to pet him.

is lowes dog friendly

The home improvement market as a whole is $700 billion pie, and Lowes holds a mere 6% of that pie. “Mere” however might be an understatement, as I would very much like to have a 6% piece of a $700 billion pie. 😉

The average Lowes is huge at 75,000 sq. ft. and carries over 40,000 products.

lowes interior

New Lowes are being constructed to be even larger, at 100,000 sq ft in smaller markets and 114,000 sq ft on average in larger markets.

The Lowes website indicates it was founded in 1946, however the first hardware store of its kind was actually opened in 1921 by L.S. Lowe.

lowes grills

It was run by the Lowe family until 1946 when the partnership of a Lowe and his brother in law Buchan purchased a cattle farm and auto dealership, which Lowe traded his interest in Lowes for, giving Buchan complete ownership of the Lowes chain which at the time was 2 stores.

THAT’s likely why the official Lowe’s website says the store was founded in 1946..because that’s when Buchan got control of the company.

The company existed since 1921 when the original Lowe opened it, but then when he came back from WWII in 1946, Buchan got the store.

So he made the website say the official founding date was when he got the store in 1946, not when it actually first opened in 1921. Go figure on that one.

lowes storefront

What happened with the store ownership was, when Lowe and Buchan were fighting in WWII, Lowe’s mom and sister ran the store. Then Buchan came back in 1943 to run the store, getting a 50% interest, while Lowe was still fighting in WWII.

Lowe finally came back in 1946, and that’s when Buchan got the full interest in Lowes, and Lowe got the cattle farm and car dealership they had purchased with store profits.

lowes cash register

It’s rumored Buchan kept the name Lowes even after getting full ownership so he could use the slogan, “Lowes’ Low Prices”.

inside lowes

If you like the low prices, let them know in the Lowes survey, details on how to enter below.

lowes aisle

Lowes growth really started in the early 1960s.

Buchan passed away in 1960, and the store went public in 1961 along with much of its growth. In the 70s they shifted to consumer targeting as home construction plummeted, and today they still have this growth and consumer mindset.

lowes survey

Lowes is still giving out low prices and doing incredibly well today with well over $43 billion in annual sales.

As it grows it continues to collect feedback via its survey at so it can continue to improve. It gives customers who take the survey and/or fill out a mail-in entry form the chance to enter its monthly sweepstakes where it gives out 5 cash prizes of $300 a month.

Lowes Survey Prizes

Prize: $300 check. 5 of the $300 check are awarded per month.

**Every month, after each entry period, 5 $300 checks are awarded to five separate individual sweepstake winners. Details

Purchase Required?No
Entry MethodsOnline, Mail
Receipt Valid For10 Days
Entry Limit1 Per Week

Lowes Survey Dates

Entry Dates:Entry Period Starts 12:00:01 a.m. EST:Entry Period Ends 11:59:59 p.m. EST:Est Drawing DateAll Mail-in Entries Need Postmarks By 11:59:59 p.m. EST on below dates:
Entry Period #910/6/1811/2/1811/6/1811/5/18
Entry Period #1011/3/1811/30/1812/4/1812/3/18
Entry Period #1112/1/181/4/191/8/191/7/19
Entry Period #121/5/192/1/192/5/192/4/19

How To Take The Lowes Survey

It is important to note, that no matter which entry method you choose, you are limited to 1 entry per email or household per week.

If your entries exceed this amount, the sponsor or Lowes may choose to invalidate your entries at their discretion.

Enter Online – Purchase Required

If you have made a Lowes purchase you may choose the online entry method as long as you go online to take the survey within 10 days of your receipt date:

  1. Make a Lowes purchase
  2. Keep your receipt with you until you can access a computer
  3. Within 10 days of your purchase, go online to
  4. Choose your language and click next to begin the survey
  5. Answer all survey questions

Great, now you are entered in the monthly sweepstake drawing

Enter By Mail – No Purchase Required

  1. Hand-write your name, address (can’t do PO Box) including city, state/province, zip code, phone number, email on a postcard
  2. Write neatly, since non-legible entries will be discarded!
  3. Mail the postcard to:

    Lowe’s 2018/2019 Customer Satisfaction Survey Sweepstakes, P.O. Box 2274, Framingham, MA 01703-2274 USA

**Lost, late, stolen, mutilated entries are not the sponsor’s issue and will not be counted

**Mail-in entries need to be mailed out and postmarked by the dates listed in the survey date table aboveM Homepage

The classic Lowes homepage is set on a plain white background with blue and green lettering. It asks you to choose your language from the drop-down menu in the top right corner and then to click next to begin the survey:

Lowes Sweepstakes Rules

  • No purchase necessary to win
  • Making a purchase doesn’t increase your chances of winning
  • Taking the survey does not mean you have already won, there is a drawing process and not everyone wins
  • Must be a resident of the US, Washington DC, or Canada (excluding Quebec)
  • Must be 18 or older at time of survey, or age of majority in country of residence
  • Must take survey within 10 days of receiving a receipt if doing an online entry
  • Limit of 1 entry per week per email or address regardless of entry method
  • Limit of 1 prize per person or household per sweepstakes period
  • No PO Box entries for mail-in entry method
  • If exceed entry limit, all entries may be made invalid at the sponsor’s discretion
  • Employees who have performed services within 6 months of the sweepstakes start date or those affiliated with previous are not eligible for the sweepstakes
  • Automated entries will be disqualified
  • Entries will only be valid for the period which they are submitted
  • Winners will be randomnly selected each month
  • Winners will be notified by phone, email or mail, at the sponsor’s discretion
  • Winners must respond within in 5 days or lose their prize
  • Any Canadian winner will also have to answer a math skill question correctly before receiving their prize

See full sweepstakes rules here

See previous Lowes sweepstakes winners list here

Contact Lowes

contact lowes

Phone: 1-800-44-LOWES

Contact Online

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44 thoughts on “ ― Take Lowes® Survey, Win $300

  1. I would like to complement both Vicki and Glenda at the lOwes in Spring. Both were very helpful and pleasant on the evening of November 2018. I appreciated their willingness to answer questions – they definitely were a great example of a good employee for Lowes. I tried to take the Lowes Customer Satisfaction survey – but instead got a consumer survery which I was not interested in. Both employees who I mentioned deserved recognition for their way of helping customers.

  2. saleperson:725131 Lowe’s store 888 HEBRON ROAD, HEATH,OHIO 43056 She did a very good job for the purchase of our washer and the extended warranty.Very nice to work with and we enjoyed the entire purchase.

  3. Justin Wilson at the Moberly, Missouri Store was very helpful to my husband and grandson when they purchased lumber on Monday, January 7. He should get a 10 service. My husband was very pleased with the service and so glad he did not have to walk as he uses cane.

  4. 1/12/19 Zebulan rd Macon Ga When to appliance’s to get help with a part. Two men ,George was one where at the check out counter. He looked my way, went back to watching the other clerk> I went to aisle #15. Your salesman , Vivian took time to look my part sucup, because were not sure of the part #. He was bot courteous and made me feel like he cared. Tomekia at the Customer Service was just as good-two good employees!
    I AM retired, but been in sales 40 years. Can’t type either

  5. I have been a Lowes customer for several years, but only sporadically. I have recently moved and been using Lowes
    much more frequently. Referring to the Epping, NH store. (2551). Shade and curtain dept. Sharon was just excellent with her professionalism, friendliness and patience esp because I changed my mind several times.

  6. Cody Parker and Jared Petteruti in flooring are the nicest and most knowledgeable young men I have had the pleasure of dealing with. In the last couple of months I have spent about $2000.00 at Lowe’s, mostly in flooring. Each time I was at Lowe’s Cody or Jared were there to help me or to answer any question I asked, believe me I had many questions. I have the most beautiful floor in my home. Both Cody and Jared help me through the whole process. They both went the extra mile for me. While I waited my turn to be waited on I observed how well they both worked and took care of your customers. Please make sure they are aware of this survey, and make sure you award these two valuable employees. I called a customer service number for Lowe’s last month and spend several minutes with you customer service person. I told them about the same thing I am telling you now. Cody and Jared were not informed about my phone call. I hope they are aware of this survey. I will be checking back with both of them to see if you contacted them.
    Thank you,
    Mary Norberg

  7. I purchased an appliance on 1-19-19.. at store number 0499 in West Columbia SC. The salesperson Darlene Bennett was very professional in her presentation. She was very patient working with us and spent extra time helping us in our purchase. She was very kind. The men that delivered our appliance was Nate Murry and Jared Brisbon also from store 0449 . They also were kind and professional as they installed our appliance..Very pleased with Lowe’s and their employees

  8. I recently had a great experience at Lowes 0n Ablemarle Road due to your employee Asia Guest. She knows her stuff. She made the whole process easy. Your company is fortunate to have people like her.

  9. I enjoy shopping at the Lowes in Middleburg, Fl. The store is always neat and clean and the sales people are super nice and helpful.

  10. Lowes is my home away from home! I’m always working on something at home and I head to Lowes, on average, once a week to get what I need. Good thing i’m only 3 miles away from store #0415 in York, PA.

  11. I had a very good experience at Lowe’s in South Parkersburg WV-16 with a young man who has took time and help me on multiple times that I have been the store and with the purchase of my floors clear down to having them installed he should be recognized on a daily basis. Thank you Eben for always helping me.

  12. You could have made this survey for the 300 dollar prize much easier. Very confusing. You do realize that this reflects on Lowes image.

  13. We generally do most of our shopping at Lowes when we need anything needed to fix things around the house. It seems when a certain item is required Lowes is the place we go to purchase the item . The store personal have already been helpful in finding the products that we are looking for. I would always recommend Lowes to my friends and neighbors.

  14. Salesperson S1127pk1 named Phyllis could not have been nicer. She was knowledgeable, courteous and extremely respectful.

  15. I would like to recognize Neil from the Brockport NY store for his amazing customer service. He’s the best. He took my long list and walked me through it. Thanks, Neil!!!

  16. Hello, I dont go to Lowe’s much, but when i do, there is a girl that works there and Her name is Angel She always takes care of me and the thing is that I don’t think she ever remembers me which makes Me more impressed because she takes care of me ever time and takes initiative to take care of me. I’m just very impressed with her and she always smiles


  18. I would like to highly commend to you the assistance of George and Amy in the windows/doors section , and Nancy
    at a check-out register at the Lowe’s in Sanford,Maine. George and Amy were patient,helpful and very knowledgeable about the windows which I ordered. Nancy at check -out looked at my bill,then very helpfully told me how to get a veteran’s discount, which was a significant cost saving.Lowe’s should be proud
    to significantly reward these fine employees with nice performance bonuses. CT 03/26/2019

  19. My shopping experience at lowes was great as usual everyone is always very helpful. I always appreciate the way they treat veterans and provide a parking spot especially for them.

  20. I made a purchase at store 2742 at terminal 02 04/08 19 at 09:47. When I got
    home I discovered I had been short changed .50. I realize I can’t prove it
    but it really irritates me.

  21. Thank you Taqunill and Virginia over at the Brooksville, FL Lowe’s. Your knowledge and help and awesome attitudes and friendliness was so refreshing. I got what I needed and was taken great care of. I will be back! Thanks again!

  22. First time terrible service. I spent 20 minutes in the power tool dept. at the northwest store. Not one person approached me so I went to the home depot and purchased what I needed.

  23. We visited the East Patchogue lowes on 4/13/19 .Just an impressive interaction with the employees. Right to the last person to interact with Marlowe so pleasant. Left the store feeling uplifted by his LIGHT hearted interaction.

  24. Horrible expierence DO NOT BUY REFRIGERATOR and INSURANCE. Absolutely awful bought Frigidaire March 5 2017 quit working March 2019. Took a week for someone to come and tell me your not to turn off (thought short) no one told me waited another week no rental refrigerator. They say they would pay for NONE available living out of ice chest (they don’t pay ice) stopped working again. Had to wait another week, taking care of 95 year old mother needs inceline, fixedagain, today 4-15 refrigerator down again and they can’t even schedule an appointment because THEIR system down. My daughter home from Texas now 12:30 afternoon still trying to get this resolved. Will have to continue living out of ice chest OHhh they won’t pay if you have to eat out and still waiting on payment for food from March 7 need to know more please call me 3525380679. WILL NEVER BUY FROM LOWES AGAIN. AWFUL it would be cheaper to just give me a new one. They say they have to FIX. this one at this rate I will be using AN ICE CHEST til I die

  25. If you will look through you will see all of the purchases we have made at your Lowes. We enjoy the Military Discount for Veterans. I was in the United States Coast Guard for 8 years, 2 and a half years during the
    Korean War. Thank you.

  26. Went to Bowie Lowes today, wanted some bathroom vanity saw some beautiful vanities and got the best customer service by Mr. James Newman, not only was the price right but he helped me put both vanities in my car, what can I say but whoaaaaa!!! Big up to Bowie Lowes at 16301 heritage blvd

  27. Prompt, courteous, knowledgeable. Let us decide which freezer was best for us. On our way promply.

  28. Bob Echeverria is a very nice person. He helped me find what I wanted, gave me professional advice, and saved lot of my time.

  29. Beckley, WV has the greatest employees – EXCEPT some blond woman
    Named Sonja who was reprimanding another employee – she was rude
    Crude – nasty – she needs to be trained on do to others as you would have
    Others do to you – she needs to be gone

  30. Bought 8 gallons of paint. Employee was very knowledgeable and kind. I needed to buy a satin finish tub /shower set and there was not much selection, unfortunately.

  31. Jordan at the Plainfield Lowe’s has n GR was AWESOME! He made a complicated return very easy!!!!! Thank you Jordan!!!

  32. Store 2564. Pauline Locklear and Randy Cook are great employes of the Laurinburg, N.C. Lowes. Always helpful and courteous. They are the epitome of customer service .

  33. Store #0242
    Nancy was most helpful and gracious
    its nice to see a pleasant person during trying times
    great employee

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