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Polish immigrant Maxwell Kohl founded the store Kohl’s in 1927, so you can guess where the name came from. His last name, of course.

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Maxwell Kohl started the first Kohls in Wisconsin as a small corner store.

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The first large Kohl’s department store didn’t open until 1962.


10 short years later The British American Tobacco company bought the majority of the company in 1972.

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By 1979 the last of the original Kohls’ family had left the company, and it is now run entirely by outsiders.


In 1992 it went public and it continues to grow today with over 1,000 stores, and a physical presence in every single state except Hawaii.

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Kohls knows customer satisfaction is important to its continuing success, so it offers customers the chance to take its store survey in exchange for a coupon.

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KohlsListens Survey Prizes

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The Kohls survey gives a coupon to everyone who completes the questions, plus you’ll be directed to their current discount page for more coupon and deal surprises.

  • Free 10% off coupon to use on your next visit

You will also be redirected to the Kohls coupon and sales page and you’ll be able to get even more of their current promos and discounts.

How To Take The Kohls Survey

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  1. Make a purchase at a Kohls store
  2. Save your receipt
  3. Go online to the site and take the online survey
  4. At the end you will receive your coupon and be redirected to the current Kohls coupon and discount page Homepage

When you start the survey and land on the survey website, here’s the page you’ll be viewing:


Kohl’s Survey Rules

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  • You must make a purchase at an in-store Kohl’s location
  • You must save your receipt
  • You must take the online survey

Contact Kohls

Customer Service Phone: (855) 564-5705

Live online chat

Contact Online

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2 thoughts on “ ― Take Kohl’s® Survey ― Get 10% Off

  1. Today I went to Kohl’s to pick an on-line order. One of the items was sent to a store in TX. Carmen my clerk went out of her way to solve the problem ans found the order and got it for me. You are fortunate to have her working for you.

  2. My daughter-in-law left her wallet with plane tickets, about a thousand in cash and of course driver’s license, etc. in your store in Greeley, CO. When she called us we went to the store and a clerk had picked up the wallet and had it safe in a drawer, every penny still there. Because of her honesty we were able to get her wallet to her at the airport and she made her plane. Janet was a real blessing to our family.

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