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Indigo is the largest book and specialty toy and gift store in all of Canada.

In fact, Indigo is only bookstore retailer in Canada.

indigo feedback

By 2017 Indigo had merged and acquired other stores until it became the literal only bookstore chain in Canada.

In the US this would have been stopped by the government and considered a huge no-no AKA a monopoly.

A fun fact you’ve probably already noticed is that every single Indigo and Chapters store has a Starbucks inside of it.

starbucks storefront

Except, of course, IndigoSpirit and Cole’s stores.

This year in 2018 the company finally passed over $1 billion in annual revenue for the year.

It continues to grow and be successful, even in the age of online reading and activities, which is a huge success for a store that relies on in person visits and purchases.

Indigo is a socially conscious company that tries to avoid all types of child labor, abuse and harassment by requiring all vendors to sign a sheet of paper that says they do not practice these things.

Who knows how reliable having everyone sign a piece of paper is..

However, they do audit some vendors in person to make sure they are following all compliance rules.

Either way, my feeling is that would be a hard thing to guarantee, especially with only a pen and paper signature, and even with an in-person audit during which the vendor could hide things they normally do.

indigo survey

Help Indigo out and take their online survey, not that they have any competition in Canada anymore, but hey at least you’ll be entered to win a $500 gift card.

IndigoFeedback Prizes

Prize: $500 CDN Gift Card Details

Survey PrizeSweepstakes Entry
Sweepstakes Prize$500 CDN
Purchase Required?No
Entry MethodOnline
Minimum Age18

Take The Indigo Feedback Survey

  1. Visit an Indigo books location
  2. Go online to
  3. Select the location you visited in the search bar to start the survey
  4. Answer all survey questions Homepage

The Indigo Feedback homepage is quite unique in that it does not ask for a receipt number in order to begin the survey. It is plain white and it asks you to enter the location of your Indigo store visit to proceed to the survey questionnaire:

IndigoFeedback Rules

  • No purchase necessary – to enter without a purchase visit this url
    Purchase does not increase odds of winning
  • Must be a legal Canadian resident
  • Must be 18 or older at time of entry
  • No employees or those affiliated with the company or sponsor are eligible

See the full official rules here

Contact Indigo

Phone: 1-833-463-4461

Mail to:

468 King Street West, Suite 500
Toronto, ON M5V 1L8

Contact Online

31 thoughts on “ ― Take Indigo® Feedback Survey

    1. If you have recently gone to a chapters or indigo book store and purchased a book then the website address should be on the receipt for the book. It has all the instructions on the sheet.

    2. I am trying to find the website for I particularly want to thank Joyce the Cat at indigo Brant Street, Burlington, who spent time and patience with me this morning. She was so helpful and I appreciated her interest in the books I was looking for. Also want to mention Lawrence at the cash, who always has a smile and jolly word.

  1. I was recently in an Indigo store in Edmonton looking for a book by a prominent atheist and I found I had to look in three places to even locate a book on atheism. One of the clerks told me to look in the religion section because atheism is a belief system which is totally incorrect. Atheism is simply, a disbelief in the existence of a God or Gods. Putting books on atheism in religion is like putting diet books in with cook books, it makes no sense. I would strongly request that books on atheism be put in their own section. There are enough important books on this subject to justify a separate section.

  2. Comme on dit en anglais Indigo made my day ! Quelques heures au cafe, toujours la même jeune femme sympathique et comme toujours votre chai latte est excellent. Je me suis trouvée, une paire de moufles, la visite en valait la peine. Jamais déçue de visiter indigo. Excellent service et j’adore vos produits. A la prochaine.

  3. I received excellent service at the Indigo store at the Square One shopping centre.Despite the poor response to my inquiry at the Sherway Gardens shopping centre,at Square One the two ladies on the upper level managed to find a store which had the book that I needed,and placed a hold on it at the Yorkdale Mall Indigo store.At Yorkdale Mall again received excellent and quick service.

  4. Hello there I am from Waterloo Ontario do enjoy going to the bookstore but I would like to see more boudoir available there is so much online about this but would love to be able to read about it and see the books for myself and not have to wait two weeks to order the books in overall the layout of the store is great the stuff really knowledgeable about the products..

  5. I was at Pinecrest Shoppping Centre, store 00761, in Ottawa On, yesterday and I needed advice; this nice lady, operator 005 was of great help! I love shopping there! The experience is always positive.

  6. Coles in Bentall Centre Vancouver are extremely knowledgeable and friendly. Store is clean which I really appreciate.

  7. I am a customer at Indigo store 278. Sales staff Josh is one of the best staff member you have. He went above and beyond to assist me with the purchase of a bible. He is knowledgeable and helpful. I observe his sincere approach when dealing with customers. I will highly recommend him for the reward.

    Keep up your good work.

  8. your survey date is not in the same format as your contest
    your number does not relate to the purchase slip. My guess is that you do not want people to enter.

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