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My favorite thing about the Home Depot is their dog friendly policy.

Pictured below: Me and my dog Cooper having fun together at Home Depot.

me and dog in home depot

home depot dog

We used to have a beautiful Beagle mix everyone would mistake for a black lab.

One day the Home Depot gave her an orange Home Depot apron to wear which she proudly donned whenever she walked around the store.

Our family would visit the store even when we didn’t need something, because it made our dog so happy.

Now, my family has a beautiful yellow lab with golden fur and green eyes, named Cooper, who also loves to visit Home Depot.

When he makes the trip out to Home Depot he gets treats along with a lot of pets and love. Cooper is modeling in the below picture.

dog in home depot

Started by Bernie Marcus and Arthur Blank, the idea for Home Depot was originally thought up by the two entrepreneurs while they sat in a coffee shop in Los Angeles in 1978.

Their vision was to create a home goods store where the employees would not only be able to sell the products, but actually be knowledgeable enough to give their customers recommendations and show them how to use what they were buying.

home depot products

The first two stores were opened the next year in 1979 after securing the initial capital from the Ken Langone, an investment banker, and Pat Farrah, who specialized in merchandising.

home depot inside

Not only did their first employees have high levels of product expertise, the stores themselves were astronomically huge, at 60,000 feet.

Each had such a wide variety of products that it was almost impossible not to find what you’re looking for. With the help of their highly trained employees, of course.

And with all the cute dogs such as Cooper walking around, you’re guaranteed to have fun while visiting the store, even if you don’t end up buying anything.

dog friendly home depot

The company’s “bill of rights” has guided its vision and allowed to offer exceptional prices, products and service.

The rights state that customers should expect the best variety and price of products, as well as the help of a professional, highly-trained employee when they shop at a Home Depot.

home depot outside

From their humble, 60,000 sq ft beginnings, Home Depot has grown to now over 2,200 stores in 3 countries worldwide and continues to offer the service and products they dreamed of in the beginning.

Even better then its dog friendly policy, some might say at least, Home Depot offers all customers a chance to win a $5,000 gift card in exchange for taking their customer experience survey.

home depot puppy

Keep reading to find out more and how to enter for yourself.

Home Depot Survey Prizes

  • $5,000 gift card grand prize Survey Details

Grand Prize$5,000 gift card
LocationUS & District of Columbia
Entry MethodOnline or Mail-In
Purchase required to enter?No
Entry limit per period45
Where to enter onlineOnline Survey Survey Dates

Survey Start DateSurvey End Date
Jan 29, 2018, 12AM CTApril 29, 2018 11:59PM CT

How To Take The Home Depot Survey

Enter Online

  1. Make a purchase at a Home Depot store and save your receipt
  2. Go online to the survey page
  3. Fill out the survey questions and you will automatically be entered to win the $5,000 Home Depot gift card

Secret Survey Hack

Enter Without a Purchase or Receipt

To enter without a purchase or receipt you may enter via a mail-in entry:

  1. To enter via mail in, write your first name, last name email and phone number on a 3″X5″ card, and specify if you are a consumer or professional.
  2. Mail your 3″X5″ card in a business size envelope to the following address for consumer entries:

    Consumer Category:
    ASC/ Home Depot 2018 Q1 U.S. Consumer Customer Satisfaction Sweepstakes
    PO Box 430
    Macedon, NY 14502-0430

    Mail your 3″X5″ card in a business size envelope to the following address for professional entries:
    Pro Category:
    ASC/ Home Depot 2018 Q1 U.S. Pro Customer Satisfaction Sweepstakes
    PO Box 431
    Macedon, NY 14502-0430 Homepage

The survey well-represents the Home Depot brand, with its bright orange and white interface prompting you to click to begin: Survey homepage

Home Depot Survey Rules & Eligibility

  • Must be a US or District of Columbia resident
  • Must be 18 years old or older
  • Limited to 45 entries per person per entry period
  • There is a “consumer” and “professional” category with one prize being awarded to each. Each person may only enter 1 category

Read here for the full official terms and conditions

Contact Home Depot


Primary support: 1-800-HOME-DEPOT (466-3337)
Customer Care: 1-800-430-3376
Appliances: 1-877-946-9843
TEXT: 38698

contact home depot

More options to contact online

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    1. I also have not been able to enter into the 5000 Sweepstakes because my user ID and Password from my receipt can not be recognized. What’s the deal on this. I am still within the 14 day period to enter.

    2. My experience in shopping at Home Depot was remarkable from the time I entered till I left. Everyone treated me with the greatest of respect and was concerned with helping me purchase a Garage door opener. Then assisted me with contacting an installer. The employee that and assisted me with the purchase was Jane. Pat Jane on the back for me Thanks Home Depot. I will shop there again.

    3. I think the survey and chance to win $5000 is a hoax!!! I’ve tried numerous times to enter my User ID and Password from my receipt to no avail!!! I just made a purchase from Home Depot on last week, therefore, my receipt is still valid…Somehow it is rigged…Not wasting anymore time on it!!!

    4. my experience at home depot covers so many areas, I have had a carpenter friend build
      a beautiful new deck across the front of my house, 32ft x 8ft wide second story, over-
      looking the indian river in Grant, fl using everything purchased at home depot, in
      Sebastian, fl all wood, metal and paints. also I appreciate the fact that when I am to busy
      to go to your store I can send my wife to purchase things I need, knowing that there will
      always be someone there to make sure she comes home with the exact item I need be
      it plumbing, electrical, carpentry, painting, gardening, or just about anything.

    5. I enter as often as I can
      Remember. To enter you have to make sure you put the spaces in between the I’d numbers just like on the receipt. I had the same problem in the beginning but was able to get past the issues.

      Good luck!!!!

  2. I bought a washer and dryer from from you I was very satisfied with it I end up having a problem with the something I didn’t do understand with this new technology so I called the company and is fix it for me less than five minutes thank you

  3. We built a new house with a basement suite as well…we bought all our appliances and most of our light fixtures…we found the service excellent. In both light and appliances…

  4. I have switched over to Lowes exclusively because if I wanted to wait on my self or
    work for Home Depot, I would apply for a job there. I will only go in there if I can’t find
    what I am looking for at any other store. I feel the same way about any store going to the
    self-serve counters instead of an employee waiting on me!!!!!!

  5. Went to garden dept needed bags of landscaping rocks. A cute little girl was wiping off lawn mowers, I asked her if she could get someone to help us. She said she can. her name was Journey she loaded them on the cart and in the back of our truck she smiled as was nice the whole time. I wanted to let you know how grateful we were for someone that young and nice was to us older people.

  6. Had a great experience in the Campbell River, British Columbia store. Marlene was amazing, responsive to our needs, direct answers and took us directly to the product (wood repair kits) we were looking for. Home Depot needs more Marlene’s

    1. The survey apparently is a hoax, after reading the comments and trying several times to enter the survey and possibly win $5,000.00 gift card. No one can enter (says receipt numbers are invalid).

  7. Hello Home Dept,
    Attempted to Start the Survey at . The results is a Mixed bag of Surveys from other companies including your competition “Walmart”. Can’t you include a Web page within HomeDepot.Com and keep it simple and off other junk links? You have your own IT Depart!.
    You have wasted my time and effort. A good store NOT well organized. Thanks

  8. I never have a problem at Newark.Del. store. I always find what I came for. employees are helpful and courteous.

  9. bought blinds, had to get them special ordered. clerk was witty and helpful. and blinds fit exactly. yay great customer service.

  10. Why do we now have to pay $6 to order gift cards. I never had to do it before. I cannot enter the chance to win $5000 gift card either.

  11. I was waiting in the door section looking for an associate for about 15 minutes when dan from the hardware section asked if i needed help. he was not famliar with that section but took the time to find out the answes to all my questions and a bought a front door and a set of patio doors from him. hes a good man

  12. Today I had business with the Customer Service Desk. This part of the store seemed exceptionally busy but was VERY well staffed. “Nevada” assisted with my back-order purchase. She was very friendly, professional and “run-off-her-feet-busy”. Nevada was my ‘Employee-of-the day’. Thank you, Nevada.

  13. Just want to say Home Depots installation is the very worse of any company we have dealt with. They burned us not ONCE but TWICE. Never use Home Depots installation.

  14. I was purchasing items at your Rancho Cucamonga store and my cashier Francisca was more than accommodating very professional and very helpful thank you you got a great staff

  15. Went into your Troy, Michigan store to purchase entry door. Your employee was very helpful, but he did not ask the swing of the door, whether left swing or right swing. Store had one door, he sold it to me, I have not picked up yet, thankfully I realized the the door should swing to the left inside when opened from outside. I will check it before i pick it up. But if the door is not the right swing, I may have to start the search all over again.

  16. Just want to say Home Depots installation is the very worse of any company we have dealt with. They burned us not ONCE but TWICE. Never use Home Depots installation.


  17. We have several rentals and have gone to Home Depot for many things. Yesterday we needed some blinds and Devin came over to help us make the right selection. He asked us questions to help make the right decision for the type of blind we needed and cut them to our special needs for some window abnormalities we had. He was very helpful and friendly. We appreciated his help and told him he was the most helpful Home Depot employee we had ever had. Thank you, Devin, for all your help. It was a pleasure working with you.

  18. I want to tell you about Crystal who works in sheds and windows in the Watertown NY store, I lost something in that store and she found it and put it in her locker and a week later she found me and remembered me, she didn’t have to do that, she went up and beyond her duties. thank you Crystal

  19. every week i and my handyman bought a lot of materials in cypress home depot and i like the lady the name Lily because she friendly to all her customer and very accommodating to all customer that fall in line. Lily is so nice to everybody and she is so fast attending her customer & she’s very energetic to her job. she is a very professional lady that i observed her in related to her job and a smiling lady.

  20. At the Signal Hill store, the cashier Sharon is the nicest person and very helpful too. At one time I was buying many of the same items. During the check-out, she checked each item and discovered that I had grabbed some of the wrong things. Her helpfulness saved me time and money. Thank you Sharon!

  21. Marco & Fran in customer service & Laura in windows & doors at the Home Depot store #2557 in Annapolis MD have provided excellent customer service in helping me resolve an issue with Anderson windows. They are an asset to your organization & I will be back soon to order more windows!

  22. It was a very good experience in home depot. Especially with the help of Ms Eliane and Mr Pablo .
    Both were very devoted, experienced, and highly helpful and cooperative while dealing with the customers like me to make the shopping more fun and very productive.
    Thanks to Home Depot for having good employees like Eliane and Pablo.
    Mrs Amal

  23. The Canadian Home Depot division should have their own survey page and a separate chance to win a gift card.
    They have their own web pages why not their own contest?

  24. As much as I’ve shopped at Home Depot, I finally decided to take the survey, pull up the website and I do not know where to begin, after reading the comment, I figured it out, there isn’t one, or I haven’t found it. Their not going to give you anything, anything I’ve got I’ve had to work my butt off for it.

  25. I purchased a screen door. had it measured & paid for it. the salesperson was great. However the installer has not contacted me about when he will install it. the process is taking to long . the installer is Zuniga Emmanuel. I need to hear from someone today, or I will be cancelling


  27. I clicked to enter survey not to add or agree to other sites..just bought some heaters and checkout was terrible no cashiers .stupid machine .self checkout BS.Home depot is going down tubes here in mountain home AR. 20 cars in your lot and across street at Lowes hundreds and lots of real people cashiers.Like the others can not get on sutvey..

  28. Just met Cid at University Parkway Sarasota Home Depot. She was attending the checkout line. Cid is very professional and helpful, a credit to the organization. Her demeanor is one of openness, friendship and customer concern.

  29. Can’t access the survey to win the $5000 gift card. This is fraudulent on your behalf. I would then expected to be compensated for this unlawful site.

  30. I just came back from Home Depot in Houston on Lumpkin Road. My cashier was Daydra. What an outstanding experience. I was returned items with my receipt. Not only was she very efficient, but she was a calm, happy person. They’re aren’t too many of those around. Especially at this time of year! For all those who are trying to enter the contest, I researched and read that it expired in April of this year. Probably ought to update their website!


  32. I was not able to complete the survey. However, I would like you to know that IAN in your plumbing dept at the Redlands store was so helpful. He assisted us in finding the plumbing parts we needed. He was courteous, patient, and professional . Great customer service!!

  33. I was very pleased with the service at the Richfield store. The cashier, Andrea, noticed I was wearing a hoodie with the American Rabbit Breeders Association logo on it and went to get a man who works there who was having problems with his rabbits. It was a fun discussion and I think I did help him, having raised and shown rabbits since 1975.

  34. CAUTION AND WARNING for lighting. I bought a kitchen overhead light. The Threaded Pipe CUTS thru the black and white wires and you do not know it until power is restored, A SAFETY ITEM. Directions do not tell you this that threading the pipe in too far will result in it. The wires are way up the sleeve so you have no idea the wires are being cut. Stay away from Product code 1001 225 415 Home Decorations Collection. Again Warning do not buy this product.

  35. Pues yo he podido entrar a la encuesta siempre pero solo para el premio d 1000. Nunca he ganado nada pero conozco a alguien q se gano premio d la tarjeta d $1000 dolares.

  36. My cashier Clara at Davie Home Depot , Store 29998, was excellent today,01-14-2019.
    Happy, nice and effective. For the Survey, WHAT SURVEY. Get sent to different other web sites. A scam.

  37. The paint girl at the Home Depot in McKinney off Custer/380 is amazing. She was so patient, knowledge, considerate. She helped me so much in picking just the right color and kind of paint. 2/14/19 6:00 PM

  38. I was in the Baytown store on

    I was in the Baytown store Monday of this week. Having difficulty, I asked a store employee to help me find a faucet part. Her name was DEBBIE, and was not only helpful, but very courteous.. She took the time to look up my part, but helped me find it. It is because of her and others like her, that I shop at home depot, and I think that she deserves recognition for her skill and attitude. Thank You! Donnie Wells

  39. i shopped the rt. 40 store in frederick,md today. everything was fine..the store was clean ,the people helpful, everything I expect ..thanks

  40. I just got home from home depot. Got on line went to web site to take survey ,it came up I put ID # and password and went right to survey. You have to put a space between first and second numbers on ID & Password. GOOD LUCK everybody….

    (eg: Auto Cashiers are not evaluated like humans, Selection neither-nor does not contain a statement and many other mistakes !!!!! )

  42. I had seen a kitchen faucet in the store but they did not have it. I went to another Home Depot and the same item was $10.00 higher. I went to customer service and Tiffany gave me a better price. She was gracious and courteous. I wish there were more Tiffanys in the world. She’s located at 167 St Hialeah store in Florida.

  43. Delia was an excellent and friendly cashier at the Woodlawn location in Wichita, KS. All of the employees are always helpful and knowledgeable. Much better than Menards down the street where it’s like a ghost town every time that you need some help! Survey would not open when I clicked on “Take Survey”.

  44. i tried to start the survey but when i hit start it tells me the page can’t be found , for that reason i can’t even start it.

  45. I tried entering the survey and get the same results as everyone else. You should not have your cashiers tell people to enter when you know they can’t. What a hoax. I’ve always shopped there but after giving so many people false surveys I’m seriously considering taking my business elsewhere. This is not professional

  46. I would like to thank Traci for her help finding my product. She walked with me to the area and helped me choose the correct item I was looking for.

  47. No offense to the other people who have commented, but I was able to enter the sweepstakes on the first try.
    So many negative comments. Glad you don’t live next door to me!

  48. I have been shopping at home depot for over 30 years and have spent thousands of dollars including restoring a 20 unit apartment complex in upstate N.Y. Now I spent a lot of time in Florida and in Home Depot Deerfield Beach, Florida. I have had a lot of help from an associate name VICKI in the electric department. Her understanding and patience with me is second to none. I always walked out of the store with the right part and the knowledge to finish my job. Vicki is a dedicated employee and a pleasure to be a round.

  49. I just recently purchased 2 sets of blinds and had them delivered from Home Depot in Deerfield Beach , Florida. Your associate’s name is Robert Yacker (flooring specialist) who made our purchase easy and right the first time. He expertise and courtesy was the main reason why we bought. He always checked twice and ordered once.

  50. My visit to Spokane Home depot on Feb 21, 2019 to pick up an online purchase was made much more pleasant
    by your employee Janet. She knew the ins and outs of how to obtain my military discount applied to an online purchase. It is a pleasure to have a person like her waiting on customers.

  51. ordered window blinds on line and representative name ASTRY was so assistive
    and kind in helping us with all our needs. when the blinds arrived at our house, they
    were damaged and Astry facilitated and expedited the replacement of our blinds. she is
    just an awesome lady.

  52. I am from Castroville, CA. Visiting and working on home in Henderson, NV. Needed a lot of things from Home Depot and visited the Christopher S Black Home Depot at 2200 East Serene Ave , Las Vegas. Shopped there at least 10 different times,made a lot of purchases , lots of returns and many trips for needed items. No matter what the cashiers were always courtious and went out of their way to help me. The last trip I made there on the 14 th of March the young woman named Debbie in the appliance dept made sure I new whereto find everyone of the items on my list before I left her dept. Made me feel like a real VIP. Later Joe in hardware was very helpful and a young man in the door dept was very helpful also. Because of everyone I came into contact with in this store I will gladly recommend your store to everyone ! I have shopped at Home Depots all over Calif. but this is the first I have shopped at that a majority of the personnel were excellent !!! Keep up the good work !!! Jerome McCready

    1. I’ve shopped at the Home Depot & their Personal were very helpful in helping me find the product that I needed to purchase.

  53. I have concluded that this survey is a SCAM, after trying many times to complete it. It don’t even come up, no questions. Prove me wrong!

  54. I wanted to enter the survey as per the instructions and again I have not been able to access the site properly. I hit the button to begin the survery and it will not work or allow me to take the survey. I have had this problems a few times in the past, this seems to be a waste of time, and it looks like many other people have the same issue.

  55. I also tried to participate in the survey and the site will not allow me to enter my response. Home Depot isn’t really interested in customer input.

  56. Greetings
    Thank you for the opportunity, the survey I was invited to enter shows it has expired,
    on April,29 2018 I am a regular customer and will try again on a later date , on a liter note I am very satisfied with the service I receive when I visit the store keep up the good job you are engaging . Thanks for your service.

  57. I had a hard time finding a way to access the survey. Since I can’t access on line I am writing and mailing to Macedon NY to give my appreciation for the exceptional service Natalia gave me in the plumbing department on Thursday, April, 18, 2019. I needed 1/2″ pvc pipe and connectors for an exercise apparatus suggested by my occupational therapist. She not only found me the pvc pipe but worked up the exact configuration I needed. She knew I had terminal brain cancer and her kindness and efforts to help me were much appreciated. My husband and I have found Home Depot to be the place to shop. I could not access the survey on line so hope my comments will help others and the company to know not only my customer appreciation but also my frustration trying to follow the receipt directions for an online post. Product bought 4/18/2019 3:30 PM. I enjoy taking surveys to give credit to deserving hard working employees. The cashier Melanie was pleasant and helpful.
    User I.D. :H88 184471 180062 PASSWORD: 19218 180055

  58. Love our home depot store, however it desperately needs updating and expanding. I would be happy to take survey.

  59. Es bueno tener garantía de productos buenos y útiles y sobre todo con la garantía suficiente que solo en The Home Depot encuentro. Gracias The Home Depot!!!

  60. Nancy Hirtzel at the Merritt Island store nailed it. I needed the perfect front door for my home remodel and it had to be custom made. I needed expert guidance. Nancy knows her department, her products and how to get the job done. She thought of things I had not thought of to bring the whole project together then pulled it all up on the computer so I could see how it would all look in real life. Thanks to Nancy we nailed it and just in time to get the 15% discount this month.

  61. We was in Home Depot in Lagrange, GA. Chad in garden was excellent with us. He take the time to compare and help us to make better choice. My appreciation for the exceptional service, Chad help us in everything with need to do our work in the garden department and tools. Thank you!
    User ID: H89 123207 123054
    Password: 19230 123047

  62. The Survey web site….rejected my survey entry ???
    ID 97591 93709…PW 19229 93705
    Date of purchase 4/29/19 Austintown (Mahoning Ave)

  63. I would like to know when the $5,000 will be given out and having a
    hard time getting in or wondering if I even got enter in.

  64. I just love interacting with nice people I got a kick out of our cashier she (Joni) was very nice and checked us out quickly. We (husband and I) are in the middle of renovating one of our houses which was vandilized. So, I’m sure you will be seeing a lot more of us. the store was very organized and we found what we wanted with minor assistance. Thank you for keeping your prices more affordable and keep those sales coming!! THANKS AGAIN AND GOD BLESS!!!

  65. Tried to complete your survey. Microsoft thought you download was “dangerous,” so I didn’t participate in your survey. However, now that possibly I have your attention:
    Walmart Store @ 5900 Littlerock Rd SW, Tumwater, WA 90512
    1. Checkout girl provided her name on the back of the receipt: Pam (the one thing she did correctly)
    2. My wife noticed that she was charged $3.33 for a six pack of Coke. She told Pam that there was a $2.50 sign on the Coke. Pam acted a bit indignant, and said, in a kind of huff, “I can have someone check on it, if you want to wait. We decided to eat the $.83 in order to save the others waiting to check out the delay.
    4. Pam had packed one of the items under much heavier objects. When we got home, we noticed the lighter item was somewhat crushed.

    Not the kind of experience to which we’re accustomed at Walmart….

  66. My husband & I brought back a patio set & we were working with John how to take care of the problem. We were totally impressed with his manor & went out of his way to please us. We hope he will be recognized for his work. Today it is very hard to find someone in a store that cares. Sincerely, Jim & Mary Brown

  67. I’ve been shopping at Home Depot for 20 years now. The lay-out of the store is smooth & easy to navigate through. The Staff are well trained & very knowledgeable of the products. Customer Service is always top notch.

  68. Today was my 2nd time to shop at Home Depot and had a VERY satisfactory experience. The first time was a simple purchase….the LED light bulbs to replace all bulbs in my house per GRU’s suggestion. It did make a difference in my monthly bill; and Home Depot salesman took care of my purchases most efficiently. Today, I was helped by Randy who was working in the appliance department. I showed him the tub strainer I had picked out per my handyman, and Randy said that he had a daughter who also had thick hair and showed me what he used with great results. He took the time to show me, was patient and encouraging. I won’t hesitate to shop again at this Home Depot (N.W. 13th St. Gainesville, Fl)

  69. Not able to take the survey either; Li, my checker mentioned to me that I will get $25.00 off of my purchase if I fill out the survey; not sure if this will happen or not for now!!

  70. Regular customer at North Aurora store due to location. That said: Sharif in the plumbing department needs to be cloned so that he can be all over the store at once. Such a gentleman. Caring and funny. Is he married!?

  71. I am customer at Home Depot stores in Cleveland, PARMA AND ROCKY RIVER LONG TIME,20 YEARS I AM CUSTOMER, I think Home Depot IS PERFECT! BRAVO!

  72. Whittier Store, Washington Blvd. Christine & Vendel in the Hardware Dept – helped out looking for a Husky 52″ adjustable work bench out in the back forty – overstock area. They came back a few minutes later with the 120lb prize. They could’ve just said they didn’t have it, but Christine was determined to find it get it to me “The Client”.
    *Class Acts nailing at the Whittier Store.

  73. I went to the Home Depot in Seminole Florida with a problem that I had with an Andersen storm door that I had purchased 10 years earlier. A very knowledgeable and professional gentleman named Chris Pagac approached me offering his help. He not only found what I needed but also proceeded to help me with the installation of the part. I personally would never have had the knowledge or ability to do the work myself. Because of employees like Mr. Pagac you definitely have a repeated costumer in me.

  74. I visited your Winston Salem Store on Sunday 7/7/19. Cashier Dana was very nice. Part of my 303.84 order was 6 bags of mulch and 6 pine straw, these are usually stored outside. (I purchased 15 the week before). Pine straw was outside but attendant who assisted with pine straw informed me they were now inside. Double parked my car and spoke to Dana she pointed me to the back of lawn and garden area. No mulch on ground but 2 pallets above. I found Anette she told me there was no more mulch. Let her know there was some above. She made a huffing sound got a ladder and confirmed their were some but would need to get someone to get them down. I waited 10 minutes still double parked no one came. During this time Anette pushed the ladder around and checked on what above mulch on display. I asked Anette how long it would be because I was double parked. Her reply “a lot of people are double parked I can not tell you how long it will be”. At this point I asked to speak to a manager (the manager on duty was Jason) . Of note it was 10:20 on a Sunday there were more employees in the store than customers. I waited 5 more minutes then went to the cash register and asked for a refund on the mulch. Anette followed me to the cash register and watched same while Dana got me a refund. I asked where Jason was and Anette stated “He’s busy”
    I then went to Lowes and purchased 6 bags of mulch that were on sale. Seamless transaction, nice people. I have been shopping exclusively at Home Depo for 5 years. So far this year I have purchased $7,500 plus. (Just got new garage doors in April). I now plan to give Lowes a try. Bad enough that I have bad service from a representative but not having a store Manager who will talk to a customer is too much. My receipt was 3610 28 00175 07/07/2019 6037

  75. I contacted the Home Depot for some UNGLAZED Travertine stone to use as a pizza stone. Saw in a video that it works very well. Tiffany D . in the Home Depot in Aurora Illinois did a very good job, We found the stone and I was heading for the checkout when I noticed that it was Glazed. I had to leave with out it , but Tiffany was Very helpful. I will go back and check my YouTube video and see if I made a mistake. The price was RIGHT , and that stone is supposed to make an excellent Pizza stone and just about any other breads you want to bake. Considering that round Pizza stones run $20. -$30.00 or more. I have one of my own, this ws for my grand daughter who wants to learn how to make Pizzas.

  76. If you are a regular at Home Depot stores then I fully recommend taking part in schemes such as this, along with following the company on social media including Facebook or Twitter to keep up to date with the latest news and announcements so you will be sure not to miss a discount.

  77. I will add my survey ie no go invalid input !! also waste of time had to go to three stores to get my dishwasher hose !! lots of 8 ft
    hose no 5ft no 4ft and no more OSH they always came thru !!

  78. It is a waste of time and a gimmick. ALSO CAREFUL WITH PRICES….. I was to buy a filter for my fridge, the cost? 46 dollars. on line $10.95.

    1. this company is a big joke i have bought thousands of dollars through the years and still can’t post a survey they don’t WANT YOU TO WIN JUST SPEND YOUR MONEY THERE WITH THEM NO MORE THEY ARE NOT THE ONLY PLACE TO SELL THE THINGS I WANT. THEY WONT GET ANY MORE OF MY MONEY.

  79. I want to place a complaint on one of the stores in El Paso Tx, however no one listens to me I would like to know if there is a number where I can call and do it.

  80. I picked up a garage door on 11-1-2019 and I returned it on the 11-6-2019 the box was in bad shape but I put every thing back in the box tied it up and they gave me my money back in full so then I got he size I needed and paid for I with no problems and they loaded it for me and I could think of any were else this would happening to me thanks a lot

  81. I am vary thankful to the people that work there and they have all treated vary good so thanks a lot HOME DEPOT you are number one in my book

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