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The Dollar Tree used to be named “Only $1.00”.

everything's $1

In 1993 the owners changed the name from “Only $1.00” to “Dollar Tree” so they would have more price flexibility as inflation and wholesale prices might change in the future.

And as we all know (I’m including everyone who has lived on this earth for more than 10 years as knowing this firsthand), inflation is literally guaranteed to fly through the roof every few years.

Unfortunately each time this happens, our hard earned dollars are worth less and less with every passing second.

dollar tree survey


The chain is based in Virginia and has over 14,000 stores worldwide.

Today it has stores named both “Dollar Tree” and “Dollar Bill”, but none still named “Only $1.00”.

dollar tree cash register

They sell a variety of goods used in home care and daily life including bathroom items, food, electronics, notebooks and more.

dollar tree interior

The Dollar Tree used to not accept coupons.

Now, since 2012, it takes coupons at all stores. A dollar store + coupons? Talk about saving some money!

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The Dollar Tree values customer feedback, and has instituted a survey to collect feedback where they offer entry into their daily and weekly cash and prize sweepstakes in exchange for survey completion.

Keep reading to find out more detail and how you can enter.

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DollarTreeFeedback Details

Survey PrizeChance to win $1,000 cash daily or $1,500 prize value weekly
Prize Limit1 Prize Per Person Per 90 Days
Age Requirement18+
Resident EligibilityUS, District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, Canada, UK, Ireland, Germany, Denmark, or Honduras
Purchase Required?No Prizes

  • Entry into sweepstakes with a chance to win $1,000 cash daily, and prizes valued at $1,500 weekly

Take The Survey

There are three entry methods for the DollarTreeFeedback survey, and only two require a purchase to enter.

You’ll need to save your receipt after making your purchase, and then you can choose to either go online to enter, or to call the DollarTreeFeedback phone number to enter.

If you would like to enter without making a purchase, you can use the mail-in entry method.

Enter Online

Follow these instructions to enter online

  1. Make a purchase at a Dollar Tree
  2. Save your receipt
  3. Go online to and answer all questions to be entered into the sweepstakes

Enter By Telephone

To enter by telephone you must do the following:

  1. Make a purchase at a Dollar Tree store
  2. Save your receipt
  3. Call 1-858-201-7079 and answer all questions to enter

You may only enter once per day by phone

Enter By Mail

To enter without making a purchase you may enter through mail.

  1. Handwrite the following on a piece of paper: “Please enter me in the Empathica Daily Sweepstakes for a chance to win one (1) Daily Prize”
  2. Also handwrite on the same piece of paper your first name, last name, home telephone number, full address (no PO Boxes accepted), email address, and the name of a participating client
  3. **(I’m actually not sure what the ‘name of a participating client’ means…If anyone figures it out or emails customer support to ask, please let me know in a comment below as I would love to figure it out)**

  4. Mail this piece of paper to any of the following addresses:

    [Enter Month/Year]Mail-In Entry
    c/o [Enter Name of Participating Client]
    511 Avenue of the Americas, #40
    New York, NY


    [Enter Month/Year]Mail-In Entry
    c/o [Enter Name of Participating Client]
    2121 Argentia Rd., Suite 200
    Mississauga, Ontario, Canada
    L5N 2X4


    [Enter Month/Year]Mail-In Entry
    c/o [Enter Name of Participating Client]
    One Victoria Square
    Birmingham, UK
    B1 1DB

Dollar Tree Survey Homepage

When you land on the official Dollar Tree survey homepage, you’ll see this as the landing page: homepage

Dollar Tree Survey Rules

  • Each website and mail-in entry receives 10 entries
  • Phone number entries are restricted to one per day
  • Max 1 prize per person awarded every 90 day period
  • Must be 18 or older
  • Must be a resident of the US, District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, Canada, UK, Ireland, Germany, Denmark, or Honduras
  • Must not be affiliated with any Dollar Tree employee or be one yourself

See an overview of the rules here

Full official rules can be found here

To see the previous winner lists, go here

Contact with any specific questions

Contact Dollar Tree

contact dollar tree

Survey Phone: 1-858-201-7079

Regular Phone: 1-877-530-8733

Contact online

Survey Support Email:

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  1. I went into the newly opened Dollar Tree and I was very satisfied with the atmosphere and the employees. They were very friendly and they helped me with all my needs. I am going to continue to shop in this store and I will recommend my friends and family to shop in there too. The store I am talking about is Store # 7515.

    1. I had a great experience at the sandy Dollar Tree and found lots of great stuff there, my cashier was Jean and she was really nice. (:

    2. Why do they put long plows on the shopping I had to make 2 trip to my car because I couldn’t take to shopping out. You should do away with the shopping plows.

    1. I had quite an unpleasant experience.
      While shopping I was watched as I proceeded
      to do my shopping. The cashier was Carolyn and
      the other employee was’Brian’ he had no name badge on.
      He was rude and dismissive with me and my friend
      whom was shopping with me on july 11 at 1p.m.
      I have not returned to this location because of
      such poor service and the fact that he treated
      me as though he wished I wasnt there shopping.
      Would you do something about this worker.
      I have to go out of my way because I wont go back
      with him there.

    2. we love to shop at ourdoller store in colville dear park wash we are on fixed income and it makes our money go ferther///////// thank you so much dale linda storer

  2. I had quite an unpleasant experience.
    While shopping I was watched as I proceeded
    to do my shopping. The cashier was Carolyn and
    the other employee was’Brian’ he had no name badge on.
    He was rude and dismissive with me and my friend
    whom was shopping with me on july 11 at 1p.m.
    I have not returned to this location because of
    such poor service and the fact that he treated
    me as though he wished I wasnt there shopping.
    Would you do something about this worker.
    I have to go out of my way because I wont go back
    with him there.

  3. I find your staff to be unfriendly and semingly
    unhappy to be working there,especially store #4521
    in Guilford ,ct makes me not to shop at dollar tree.


  5. your store is so full of good things I can.t buy everything I want ,but it’s great shopping there (fixed income) I can only spend about $50.00 N I come close. Cookies,candy, salad dressing, meds. crackers,baby wipes etc etc. love your store, Thanks so much, Jean Smith

  6. Two of my friends and I went into a Dollar Tree this afternoon. Our experience was dreadful. One of my friends asked if there was a restroom. The cashier said “No, you have to go to the grocery store further down in the plaza.” My friend, who was speaking to me, said “I wonder where they go to the restroom?” At this point, the cashier went into a tirade and said “If you want to know where we go, there is a restroom in the backroom, which is filled with merchandise and not for the public to use.” My friend told her to calm down, she hadn’t even been speaking to her. The cashier proceeded to say that we would never understand how many times a day she was asked the same question. It wasn’t her rule and we should contact headquarters if we had a problem with that. She was yelling and rude, and there were other customers waiting in line to check out. I was embarrassed at her behavior and you should be, too. She told us if we were going to report this incident to headquarters, to make sure we got her name correct! Needless to say, none of us will again visit a Dollar Tree store. I made several purchases today, and they will be my last. The store # is 2200 – 302 Mountain Laurel Plaza, Latrobe, PA 15650 Cashier’s Name was Sandra.

    Toni Winter (email address:

    1. Store 5954 need carts, even when it is not crowded one cannot find a cart to make a purchase.
      Service is 50/50 depending on staff on duty.
      Sometimes when crowded management don’t seems to eager to open up a register.

      1. I had very bad Experience with one of the works named yokaira , she started talkin trash in spainsh and didnt reaspect me on any terms #lynn

  7. I and my 2 kids had the worse experience ever at store #1770 in e York pa, it was only one guy name Dakota, manager had quit and line was long , he said as rude and disgusting to my 5 year old over a stupid balloon my son was playing with and at line after i purchased more than $50 said to me that my kid made a disaster of of the store and he needed to let me know ,, I offer to pay for $1 balloons per him needed to be discard cuz it could not hold any hilliam.. my child just said that guy was mean to us..”wow”’shame on him and stupid dollar tree on east Market street.. he was so rude that he bagged my kids toys with food and Clorox bleach on same bag..

    1. I don’t understand I got my receipt with the code and every time I put it in I am told that the code is not correct and I know it is, for there is no other number there.

  8. I like the Dollar Tree Store (#5580) here n Arden Arcade, Sacramento, although it’s usually kind of messy, undoubtedly due to the fact that they don’t have many people working there (probably the lower wages). But I use reading glasses regularly & I appreciate the fact that I can afford to have several pairs. But I truly appreciate this store; we have two in our ‘neighborhood’ in Arden Arcade area. And for homeless or almost homeless people they are truly a blessing. The cards are truly appreciated; pens & other office supplies – wonderful! But they need to hire more staff to help keep the stores neater. Thanks Dollar Tree – for being there!

    1. 4851 0553 9270 0106
      All of the above and +++ AAA TRIPLE A ratings for the store has quality products second to none for a $1 (ONE DOLLAR) of course you have to understand what you getting for a dollar MAN!!! an Iron for a dollar ? The cheapest I found was 5.55 in a competitor and not good quality so … the store PACKED selling what’s good for the owners and also for the employees cause if there are customers CONSUMERS means you got a JOB so SHUT UP and do your JOB you getting paid for : on a HIGHER note the management on the person of MISS UTE should get a raise doing STOCKING … hard work and when she saw a big line there she was behind the register ringing IN sales cause that’s what’s important for the owners for the investors and ultimately for herself and the other consumers cause everyone gets a good quality product in a timely manner and that’s it I DID ! and I intend in coming back !!

  9. went to dollar tree Briggs Chaney Shopping Center there were no shopping baskets. Asked cashier Anthony who had a smart remark. If dollar tree wants to maximize sales especially during this holiday season its a great business plan to have shopping baskets to increase sales

  10. I LOVE My DOLLAR TREE here in MONTEBELLO, CALIFORNIA Store #1040 on Beverly Blvd. I have never had an unpleasant experience there. Sometimes it gets crowded but no one is mean or rude. The cashiers at this location are always pleasant and helpful. They open up another line when necessary and treat you kindly. This DOLLAR TREE has come to our rescue many and most times. I WILL ALWAYS shop there because its one of the BEST DOLLAR TREES I’ve been to and I’ve been to many in and out of California.

  11. Two years, I’ve bought solar candles and two years some didn’t work. I returned 3 of the 10, I purchased. Both cashiers jumped down my throat that “no returns” on Christmas stuff. “Oh no, forget it.” ” The stuff never worked”, I said. “Nope, too bad”. Yes, I want to see the manager. Okay, get your purchases and you will get a credit. The candles scanned 50 cents instead of the $1 I paid. Whatever. My point is, I will reconsider buying “cute” poor quality “junk” at Dollar Tree ever again. Manitowoc, WI Dollar Tree.

  12. I have always loved this store. It has so many things in here that you can use for each season of the year. It also has brand name items. I would like to own one of these stores one day. Stores like this help people of ALL kind.

  13. I wish they would clean them up and keep them clean. The ones here in Gwinnett County I shop in need a good cleaning and more good workers who are glad to see you and willing to help.
    All keep walk way clear so you can walk. You never know what you have to walk over or around.
    Some walk by the mess and never pick it. A lot of are unable to do their work. I will still shop as I like their items.

  14. I went to store #5552 and had a great experience. The store was super tidy and clean as always, and all of the associates were very kind. In particular, Jacalynn was very accommodating, she made sure we had a good shopping experience. Also, she was super speedy at check out. I go to the dollar store regularly and I am always happy. Thank you for hard work, and consistent effort in making costumers ALWAYS enjoy there trip out to the Dollar Store!!!:)))

  15. Jennifer,the young lady that helped me was so kind and helpful.. She asked several times if she could help me with anything..She loaded my purchase and helped me out the door as I use an electric scooter..So nice to meet someone so caring and helpful..

  16. Store #4081 is near me and and I enjoy shopping there but 2 times i shopped there were boxes in the isles to be opened but no one to open them. I purchased kleenex regular but there was no Boutique ones and no white out and large paper clips. Even though I spent about $8 I did not get everything I went for.

  17. The store # 2350 was well kept and clean. Particapating in the survey was awkward and confusing.
    All the staff folks were pleasant and helpful. Two actually knew the layout of the store to help us locate one of the items we were looking for. We shop there often. (Possibly because the store is in Dallas, Texas and folks who live and work there are very frendly).

  18. The Dollar Tree In Staunton, Va. Is not as good as they use to be. The bread selection is really bad. You don’t carry the red & white dish cloths or dish towels any more and the store isn’t the same. The one in Waynesboro is better.

  19. I am so glad that we have a Dollar Tree store in our town the people are very friendly very helpful at a very clean store to shopping The Price is Right the projects are good.

  20. It’s very easy to shop in Dollar Tree store it’s easy to get around then and find your stuff that you want we are so blessed to have a store like that in our town.

  21. I LOVE Dollar Tree. Very nice selection very clean and organized store. Our store here has been open for about 1 year now. There’s this one girl that I see a lot every time I seem to go in I think her name is Jenny or Jennifer. I can ask her where a item is and she tells me actually where it is which aisle which side of the aisle and top bottom middle end of aisle and shelves. She very pleasant and nice to talk to even for a minute and always seems to be working so hard. Some of the other cashiers they are nice and friendly. Its nice being able to see a great new store having such a great turn out. Having this Dollar Tree in out town is such a blessing. Store is New London WI 7434

  22. In spite of selling brooms, mops and cleaning supplies I think your team at store #461 in Indiana, PA need to be trained as to what it is for and how to use them! After numerous times of commenting on the uncleaneous of this store it has only gotten worse. It’s a wonder that it is still open. If you send district mangers there and nothing has changed I believe you need a whole new management team.

  23. On 20 May I visited store #5304. Lily was so helpful. Her passion to work and appreciation of job and customer s is so refreshing

  24. I live in a small town in mississippi. I go to various dollar tree stores in my surroundings areas. The best one I have found is store 6217. It’s always nice and clean, very friendly employees, helpful managers. Shields are always stocked. Love that they just got the crafters section in. Just wanted to have a good shout out to this team for always doing a wonderful job. Thank you

  25. I was in your store number 7320 Huntington long Island New York 7/21/20 .I found the store very clean and the employees very help full and cheer full .the store the assistance store manger went out of her way to be friendly . me and the wife will be shopping there again . thank you David Wuestman ,

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