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Did you know the original Church’s Chicken was founded across the street from the infamous Alamo location in San Antonio Texas?

Yep. It was.

All the way back in 1952, George W. Church started the chain, naming it after himself. Its name was originally longer than the current Church’s Chicken. It used to be called Church’s Fried Chicken To Go.

Churchs chicken tables

While the restaurant concept has remained the same with the core delicious fried chicken, they have now shortened the name by cutting the “To Go” portion, which I think makes it more catchier and fun.

churchs chicken logo

One more fun fact. Did you know the restaurant literally only sold chicken its first 3 years?! George knew his chicken was just that good. Finally in 1955 they expanded their menu to include fries and jalapenos.

churchs chicken deal


churchs chicken survey

Now the chain has grown to over 1,700 locations in 24 countries and shows no signs of slowing down.

To continue spreading its chicken message all over the world, all it asks of you is to take a quick survey, after you make a purchase.

Then, it gives you a coupon for the offer printed on your receipt.

Church’s Chicken Survey Prizes

Prize: Coupon code offer printed on your receipt. Varies by location and date. Survey Details

Purchase Required?Yes
Entry LimitUnlimited
Entry MethodOnline
PrizeCoupon Code

How To Take The Survey

  1. Buy something at a Church’s Chicken location
  2. When you get your receipt, keep it with you in a safe place
  3. Go online to
  4. Answer all Church’s Chicken survey questions
  5. Save the validation code you’ll receive at the end of the survey so you can use it to redeem the offer printed on your receipt at your next visit

Church’s Chicken Survey Homepage

The red, white and orange simple Church’s chicken survey homepage directs you to enter you order number, restaurant number, as well as the date and time of your visit in order to start the survey:


ChurchsChickenFeedback Survey Rules

  • Must make a Church’s Chicken purchase
  • Must keep your receipt with you
  • Must take online survey to receive receipt coupon code
  • Can use coupon code to redeem the offer printed on your receipt
  • Can enter unlimited times

Contact Churchs Chicken Survey

contact churchs chicken

Mailing Address:
Church’s Global Restaurant Support Center
980 Hammond Drive
Suite 1100
Atlanta, Georgia 30328

Contact Online

12 thoughts on “ ― Take Survey, Get Coupon

  1. Just after one day chicken survey on receipt states it expired. What is going on? The onbline app doesn’t work for me either. I’m still waiting for a call back. Summited receipt with the details and uploaded a receipt picture and app doesn’t recognize.

  2. I had the worst experiance ever the girl in the drive through window was so rude. All I asked was if they still had corn nuggets I saw them on the web site . she told me can u read the mean out side and I was thrown back by her comment then she didnt speak to me but to ask for my money and gave me my food and closed the window on me with out saying is there anything u need or. To make sure I’m ok with my food nothing and when I open my 15 piece it was nothing but drum sticks. No thighs at all worst ever !!!!!!!!

  3. yes cant find the restaurant number r code for validation r even the right survey to put the right answers to it don”t make since filling the survey out like it don’t want me to fill out

  4. I visited your store 233 about 8:17pm the chicken was warm not cold but not hot I asked if I could have it fresh maager was very negative

  5. When you go to churches and ask for hot chicken they give you warm chicken i had a distance to go when i got to my designation my chicken and fries were cold . I asked for the cajun rice and 3 pepperes now i need to go back to tell them i paid for them and when i got home no rice and peppers they need to check the order and they are very shorthanded.

  6. I ordered 40 pcs – 20 breasts, 10 thighs, 10 drumsticks for Sat, Jan 22 from Yucca & Central location, ABQ, NM. I called Sat to be sure it would be ready. It was! My 22 guests liked it very much. Very satisfied.

  7. I when to the churchschicken at 10646 news halls ferry in St.louis and the manger was very rude and unprofessional not only to me but to a couple mire customers they had to call the headquarters and social media that’ how rude he was

  8. I lost my code from a feedback survey and I was going to say anyway I can get the number because I lost the paper that I wrote the code on but I have the receipt still

  9. I visited Church’s #10182 on W. Colonial in Orlando, Fl. today 6/19/19. I paid for 3 boxes of 3 piece mixed $7.49 each. When I got home I opened the boxes and all had only 2 pieces each. (This is not the first time this has occurred) I immediately called the store and talked to a person I will not name here about the problem. He told me to bring them back so he could see them. I told him they were already opened and they were being eaten. He informed me that nothing could be done. He said he had to see them because he “wasn’t giving away any free chicken!” I thought that was a stupid remark, because if I wanted to STEAL 3 pieces of chicken I could still have taken the pieces out and took the boxes back. I’m at this store almost everyday of the week and Sundays I spend $27 on their meals. I’m 70+ years old and its pouring rain and he wants me to bring these boxes of chicken back to him. He was very unreasonable and rude! I took pic of each with what they had in them!

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