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Guess – is Chuckecheese a rat or a mouse?

If you said either one, you’re right! He used to be a rat with a tail, right up until 1995. This was an issue because children kept pulling his tail, so the company changed him into a mouse with no tail.

The restaurant was actually almost named Rick Rat’s. Luckily, they had hired a good PR firm that was horrified with the Rick Rat name and ix-nayed it immediately.

chuck e cheese mouse

Who would ever go to a food place with the word “Rat” in the name? Especially with the dark machine-like atmosphere inside a Chuckecheese, anything with the word rat would be a huge disgusting turnoff for anyone with any sort of health standard.

The PR firm suggested the name Chuck E. Cheese, with the E in the middle standing for Entertainment, and the Cheese part standing for the pizza staple of the chain.

Chuck the rat also used to smoke cigars! Not exactly the best role model for children. He smoked his last cigar in 1980 to support a Smoke Out smoking quitting campaign.

inside chuckecheese

A funny fact about Chuckecheese was that the animal playing band was created for the parents. The Chuckecheese creators thought the band would keep the parents entertained, and provide a “free” bonus the parents would appreciate since everything else in the restaurant, including the food, tokens and arcade games cost extra money.

In addition to the other non-family friendly things mentioned above, 70% of the Chuck E Cheese restaurants also serve alcohol, likely to appease and sedate the parents bringing their screaming children to the joint.

Next time you go to a Chuck E Cheese, you’ll know all its crazy backstory, and you can share it with your friends.

In the meantime, help the chain out and take its online survey so it can continue to innovate and improve for the future. Prize

Prize: Email to Join Chuck E-Club

Chuck E-Club Free Membership Includes:

  • Chuck E-Club immediate bonus of 30% Off Coupon
  • Token Offer Coupon Sheet
  • 10 Free Tokens + Rewards Calendar
  • Other Rewards

Chuckecheese Feedback

Survey PrizeEmail Invitation To Join Chuck E-Club
Chuck E-Club Bonus30% Off Coupon + Other Rewards
Purchase Required?Yes
Entry MethodOnline
Privacy Terms

How To Take The Chuckecheese Survey

  1. You must buy something at a Chuckecheese and keep your receipt with you
  2. Then go online to to take the Chuckecheese Feedback survey
  3. You can fill out all the requested information and answer all survey questions.
  4. At the end of the survey, you will receive an email where you will have the chance to join the Chuck E-Club.
  5. If you decide to join, you will receive bonus coupons right away including a bonus 30% off coupon you can use on future Chuckecheese visits. Homepage

The Chuckecheese Feedback homepage is set on a plain white background with the Chuckecheese mouse mascot at the top. To start the survey you’ll need to enter the code found on your receipt, as well as your contact details: Terms & Conditions

  • Purchase is necessary to take the online chuckecheese survey
  • Survey must be taken online
  • No direct reward is associated with taking the chuckecheesefeedback survey
  • After taking the survey, an opportunity to the join the Chuck E-Club will be emailed to all participants. There you will have the opportunity to gain access to rewards and coupons.

View the full chuckecheese privacy terms page here

Contact Chuckecheese

Contact Via Phone: 1-888-778-7193

Contact Via Email: [email protected]

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