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Wives can convince their husbands to do pretty much anything. True or False?

In the case of Burlington, definitely True.

In the early 1900s, Monroe Milstein worked a full time job while his wife also spent her time working as a librarian.

That sneaky wife though, since he earned a full-time income from his job, she put all the money she earned into savings.

Then, in 1924, she convinced her husband Monroe to use all the money she’d been saving over the years to open the first Burlington Coat Factory.

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What a little trickster! Imagine if they had both continued slogging away at their 9-5s for the rest of their life.

We would all have no affordable place to buy all the stuff we need for our homes.

In all honesty, if she was a trickster, I would say we could all use some more tricksters in our lives.

burlington feedback

Even though the store started out with the longer name Burlington Coat Factory, they later shortened the name to simply Burlington, making it more inclusive since they sell a lot more than coats, and easier to say out loud.

When Monroe and his wife started the store in 1924 they sold only women’s coats and kids suits, hence the original name that included the word “Coat”.

The Burlington part of the name came from the town in New Jersey where they started the store, and it just sort of stuck.

As the store grew, it started offering everything you can think of, instead of just coats, which were its original offering.

Due to relationships with suppliers, Burlington is able to offer brands and designer clothing at discounted prices, all the way up to 65% off what other major stores charge.

Since starting from the small town of Burlington in New Jersey, the store has grown to over 600 locations in the US and Puerto Rico, while still headquarted in its New Jersey home base.

The company tries never to close a store, which is an interesting way to do business. I would say it is better to cut your losses and run when in a bad situation, but apparently the strategy has been successful for Burlington.

In 2006 it was purchased by Bain Capital for $2.06 Billion.

Burlington continues to grow and expand today. To keep improving for customers, it likes to collect customer feedback to better its experience and processes for customers.

In exchange for taking the survey and giving feedback, you will be entered into their monthly drawing sweepstakes with a chance to win $1,000 Burlington gift card.

BurlingtonFeedback Survey Prizes

  • Entry into sweepstakes with the chance to win a $1,000 BCF gift card

Take The Survey

You can help BCF out by taking their feedback survey, and in exchange they’ll enter you in their sweepstakes, where there is a chance to win every month, so don’t forget to enter monthly.

No purchase needed to enter the survey

NO matter how you enter, through survey or email, you may only enter the sweepstakes 1 time per monthly sweepstakes period

Enter online through survey

  1. To enter online through the survey you’ll need to make a Burlington purchase
  2. Save your receipt
  3. Go online to the survey site
  4. Answer all questions

Congrats, you’re entered into the sweepstakes

Enter online through email – NO PURCHASE NECESSARY

  1. You may enter online through email without making a purchase
  2. Write an email including your name address and phone number
  3. Put “Burlington Stores Survey Sweepstakes Entry” in the subject line
  4. Send the email to:
  5. Congrats, you’re also entered into the sweeps to win $1,000 gift card

MAX 1 entry via survey or email per monthly sweepstakes period Survey Homepage

When you land on the survey homepage, here’s what you’ll see:


Burlington Survey Rules

  • No purchase needed to enter the survey
  • Monthly winner drawings
  • Must be a US, Puerto Rico, or Canadian resident (excluding Quebec)
  • Must be 18 or older to enter

See full terms and conditions here

Contact Burlington

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Phone: 1 (855) 355-2875

Contact Online

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59 thoughts on “ — Burlington® Survey, Win $1K

  1. I have loved shopping at Burlington since the 1950’s. I will continue to shop there as long as I can get there.

    1. Hi l love to shops in the mall at Burlington. The price tags is good it makes a person wanna buys more clothes.and i love that store.

  2. me encanta la tienda pero no porque no puedo entra,
    lamento, he estado 2 veces en la tienda y voy voy air de nuevo, mi queja hay muchos articulos sin precio, y la cajera lago poco descapacitada cada vez q compro fantacias al salir suena la alarma es incomodo, hat algunas cajera que no la infoemado q tiene q sacarla,
    Quedo atentamenta.

    1. Great price and also great deals, I love shopping at this store, my husband knows when I’m sad take me shopping to Burlington, then I’ll be glowing with some fantastic deals

  3. The Ventura store has an employee named Rebecca that is a very personable friendly asset to the store. Every time I go in I look forward to seeing her at checkout. Burlington was very lucky to get her as an employee….she is so upbeat and friendly.

  4. Burlington of Kendall got the best cashier ever her name is YUSELY she is super nice, friendly and super fast I hope every time I go there seeing her at chechout.

  5. Mi tienda favorita!! Y la manager de Kissimmee es muy paciente con los clientes y muy amable y profesional recomiendo la tienda al cien por ciento

  6. It is the perfect place of shopping for the family, where I can find the necessary and timely with prices that are within my budget I love to buy in Burlington.

  7. I have shopped In Burlington for years.Coats ,suits clothing household,decorativ items, purse Shoes,Find stuff that I like, price is great.Friendly cashier ,stuff.Like the Place!

  8. Burlington is my store of choice I always find very nice thing I shop mostly at Hunt Valley.location staff is always very courteous and polite also helpful

  9. Burlington me encanta siempre encuentro lo que quiero a mejor precio y de marcas de buena cálidas, no ahi quien se le compare.

  10. A mi familia y a mi, nos encanta esta tienda ahí encontramos cada año la ropa de cada temporada y los presentes para la navidad. Amamos Burlington

  11. I love shopping balloting are used to drive all the way to Columbia because I live in Florence South Carolina now that we have one here it is great .

  12. I really love to shop at Burlington, cause the efforteble in their very great quality and very good customer services and amazing people.

  13. I love the selection of clothing for my family! The prices are reasonable and we always leave out the store purchasing items at a great price!

  14. I love the customer service of associate who help me for my exchange, at Burlington , Sahara Ave, she was so approachable and very easy to talk and accomodating, thats why i love going back in that store.


  16. Best store to shop in best prices best customer service and get everything in one store I love going there just for the experience alone.

  17. Really very good at reasonable prices in international brands, and he has many options of clothes and other useful things for the home

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