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Official Whataburger® Survey ― Get Free Burger

Whataburger Survey

whataburger survey

Bet you don’t know how Whataburger got its awesome name. It’s a pretty cool story in my opinion.

Cute Cooper the dog, modeling in the picture above and below, was visiting Whataburger for the first time and wanted to know the Whataburger name story as well.

whataburger friends

The story is so crazy the store employee dabbed in front of the sign first and we all hyped Cute Cooper the dog up first.

Once we had Cooper’s attention we explained that the chain’s founder Harmon Dobson had a vision to make a burger so HUGE that when people picked it up to take a bite they would automatically say, “What a burger!”

The story made Cooper smile, or maybe the employee dabbing made everyone smile, but Cooper seemed to appreciate thinking about how HUGE a burger could actually be. Cooper likes HUGE burgers.

Cooper smiled at the drive thru employee as he waited for his burger, as you can see in the picture below, he was very eager to see how big the Whataburger burgers actually were.

whataburger drive thru

The Whataburger chain started out serving beautiful 5 inch burgers while everyone else was serving smaller 4 inch ones.

This helped them differentiate and grow as friends would tell others, “Wow Whataburger serves such big burgers!” which is exactly what Harmon had in mind.

Cooper had never been to Whataburger before, but he let us know he was on the same page as Harmon, that big burgers are better than regular burgers.

whataburger ordering

The first few days after the first Whataburger opened were slow, as in any new venture, and they sold only $191 total worth of burgers.

Friends loved it and told friends however and by the fourth day they did $141.80 in sales in just one day, selling 551 burgers!

whataburger dog

Cooper the cute dog was actually born after Whataburger was founded, but we all know if he had been alive during the opening of the first Whataburger, he would have actively promoted the store and told all his doggie friends to bring their owners.

He happily went through the drive through, smiling and wondering why we had never taken him to Whataburger before.

whataburger menu

The chain took off after its successful fourth day, and continues to prosper today as customers who appreciate large burgers, such as Cooper the cute dog, continue to frequent the chain.

whataburger cash register

Harmon Dobson and Paul Burton opened the first Whataburger restaurant in Corpus Christi Texas in 1950. Today, it is operated by the original Dobsons plus a very small number of additional franchisees, 25.

Today the chain has expanded to over 800 locations in the Southeast and Southwest United States.

whataburger inside

The restaurants’ headquarters now rest in a large 140,000 square foot office building in the original founding state, but are now located in a different city, San Antonio, Texas.


Here’s some fun Whataburger fact trivia to impress your friends with before you take the survey:

In 1961 Whataburger started building orange and white striped roof locations because Harmon was a pilot and wanted the restaurants to be able to be seen from the sky. 1

Like Whataburger? Like Free Food?

Then you’re in the right place. Keep reading to find out how to get a free gift on your next Whataburger visit when eat there, save your receipt and take their customer feedback survey.

Cooper was ready to take the survey as you can see in the picture below. He stuck his little head out of the car so he could grab the receipt and take the survey right away when he got back home.

After this trip, if there was one thing Cooper the cute dog knew, it was that he would be coming back to Whataburger ASAP, as soon as possible.


Whataburger survey details:

PrizeFree Whataburger
Purchase Required?Yes
Receipt Valid For3 Days
Coupon Limit1 per visit per customer
RestrictionsMust purchase a medium fry and drink when using coupon Survey Prize

In exchange for taking the Whataburger survey, you’ll get a code redeemable for a free whataburger that you can use on your next visit as long as you also purchase a medium fry and medium drink along with your free burger coupon in order to successfully redeem it.

Prize: Free whataburger with purchase of medium fries and drink on your next visit

How To Take The Whataburger Survey

  1. Purchase something at a Whataburger and save your receipt
  2. Visit the Whataburger Survey page and take the online survey
  3. If your receipt doesn’t have a survey code, take the survey here instead
  4. Save your code to redeem your free gift on your next Whataburger visit

Whataburger Secret Survey Hack

Many people don’t know you can get unlimited free fries / drinks at Whataburger using this method as there is no limit to the number of surveys you can take per month. Just make sure to save your receipt so you’ll be able to take the online survey each time. Survey Homepage

The light orange and white Whataburger survey homepage asks you to enter the survey code found on the bottom of your receipt in order to start the survey:

whataburger survey homepage

Whataburger Survey Rules & Eligibility

  • You must have made a Whataburger purchase in order to be eligible to take the survey
  • You must complete the survey within 3 days of making your purchase in order to receive a valid coupon code
  • Limit one receipt coupon per customer
  • Your receipt and your validation code are both required in order to redeem your free burger coupon
  • You must purchase a medium french fry and medium drink in order to redeem your free burger coupon
  • Cannot combine with any other offer

See your receipt for more survey details.

Contact Whataburger

Phone Number
1 (800) 628-7437

Mailing Address
PO Box 791990
San Antonio, TX 78279

Online Contact Form

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16 thoughts on “Official Whataburger® Survey ― Get Free Burger

  1. I eat at the Kyle Tx location at least four times a week. Have foryears. My favorite burger. That changed about a month ago. I had a burger with a large Sprite. The sprite was just carbonated water. No big deal. The next time I mentioned it. The girl got pretty snotty about it. I also told the girl that brought my order to me at the drive through.she flat ignored me..the drink was not a problem. I really don’t care. But the way I was treated is a problem. I wil not be going back. I really do hate that because I really enjoy the burgers. All over a drink. That didn’t matter. Manners do matter.

  2. I about ready to stop going to Whataburger because they give you these receipts with a survey code but the survey site never takes the code on the receipt. I have filled them out before with success, however lately they simply do not work… so stop wasting my time going to the site to try.

  3. My wife and I drive 25 miles to the Whataburger in La Grange,Tx. because of the stark difference between that one and the Whataburger in our town (Columbus,Tx.).Here is a short list of the differences:(1)The cashier in Columbus NEVER says THANK YOU.(2)The staff in La Grange always makes us feel welcome,the servers introduce themselves and tell us to please call them if we need refills,etc. They offer to take trays,wrappers,etc. away when we are finished with our meal.(3)The general cleanliness is much better in La Grange,and the food is always fresh and tasty.(4)In La Grange,there are salt and pepper shakers on the tables,thus eliminating the need for those hateful little packets one must settle for at other locations.

  4. the survey will not take my code number. we always go to the Whataburger on q here in Lubbock Texas and they never do our order right. they are lazy and they never pay attention and today was the manager didn’t even listen to my order. the code was 581129-0573-26352056. I love Whataburger but its upsetting that our order is never right.

  5. The order was wrong the girl taking money seemed new and unsure. Amber the girl that gave food Amber was great, friendly and polite. the fries were cold and hard.l

  6. You have got to love this place . The food is great and personnel are always friendly. Here in Tallahassee @ the N. Monroe store-it has become a Mecca for a few of us regulars wrest there at least twice a day 5-6 days week the at this location really knows there stuff ,keep doing what you are doing .

  7. I look forward to having a Whataburger every time I can. We have a tradition of stopping at the location in Seagoville every time we drive 2 hours east to fish, We like to think we have a better day of fishing by stopping there.
    We arrived at the store at 07:21:24 and placed an order that I repeated 3 times, when we got back into our car to continue, I found that the mustard, cheese and jalapeno was left off, so I went back in and got it right and I was very polite because mistakes are common, about 4 bites into my burger I bite into a STICKER like you get in the field, it was fresh and pointed and stuck me in the tongue, I was pissed, we called the store and was shuffled around a bit and when we complained, we were less than happy with the response. I don’t want to stop eating Whataburger but it seams like Texas is getting more like a third world country every where we go. FYI, the fishing was okay but it could have been better… and my tongue still is sore..

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