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Value Village, a for-profit thrift store, was founded by William Ellison under the “Savers” brand.

value village listens

Although they are a for-profit retailer, they support non-profits by purchasing clothing and items from over 100 non-profit retailers each year.

There are 300 Value Village stores and they employ over 20,000 people in the US, Australia, and Canada.

Value Village listens Survey

The Value Village survey gives you a chance to get a $2 off coupon during your next visit within 90 days taking the survey.

You must make a purchase or donation to enter, and you must take the survey within 7 days of making your purchase or donation.

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This is the company’s way of learning more about your experience, as well as giving back to you as a customer. Survey Prizes

  • The prize is a $2 off coupon on your next $5 purchase at Value Village

Survey Details

Prize$2 Off Coupon
Receipt Valid For7 Days
Coupon Valid For90 Days
Limit1 Survey Per Household Per Month

Take The Value Village Survey

  1. You must make a purchase or a donation at a Value Village store in order to be eligible to take the survey
  2. Save the receipt you receive and take the online survey within 7 days of receiving the receipt
  3. Go online to and click the receipt option that matches yours on the homepage
  4. Answer all questions
  5. At the end of the survey you will receive your coupon for $2 off your next $5 purchase, which you must use in the next 90 days to be eligible to redeem Survey Homepage

When you hit the Value Village homepage, you’ll see a clean white page with the image of two receipts. You’ll have to pick the receipt that matches yours to begin the survey.

ValueVillage Survey Rules

  • Must use receipt to take survey within 7 days
  • Must redeem coupon within 90 days after taking the survey to receive your discount
  • Max 1 survey per household per month
  • Purchase or giving money is required to take the survey
  • Coupon has no cash value
  • Max 1 coupon limit per purchase
  • May not be used at grand openings or in conjunction with any other coupons or offers
  • Employees and those affiliated with employees such as employee family may not take the survey
  • Value Village may cancel or change any aspect of the survey at any time for any reason

View official terms and conditions here

Contact Value Village

Contact online

55 thoughts on “Value Village Listens ― Official Value Village® Survey

  1. value village has some good stuff and alot of bad stuff too prices went up quilty went way down been going there for many years 3 to 4 times aweek its changed alot i dont know where all the good stuff goes that people donate but we get whats left its not right

    1. I truly agree mostly junk now and prices more..also hate the 20 percent for a donation took in 3 large bags which used to fill a card to earn 30 percent . Now I’d have to drive in everyday to get 3 discounts that basically save tax. To bad their competition is out of our area Goodwill they used to vie for customers. Not impresses spending a lot less that’s why the stuff stays longer. They are awsome in the states always a 50 percent off everything monthly and reasonable prices.

  2. I was well received by the worker named Joe and will continue to donate. I look forward to using my free $2.00 off $5.00 coupon.

    1. Some v/v are more expensive than others. Some personel at various stores are more helpful. We shop at 3 different v/v and can note the differences. Good bargains always to be found

  3. Loooots of GREAT TREASURES! And helps the planet to recycle perfectly good items.. That people buy and use only ONCE! ….SAVE OUR PLANET!lol.

  4. I shop at Value Village all the time. Great for children’s wear and almost everything.
    I just want to say a great GREAT THANK YOU for being enviromentally friendly and having paper bags
    instead of plastic which is overwhelming the environment. I am thrilled someone made an incredible decision at your company, nevermind that all your inventory is being recycled!

  5. Victoria value village is very full racks are too crowded to shop easily. Floors have many clothes dropped rather messy looking.. l love shopping for bargains. I find some things are marked too high. A brand name item that is badly is marked at a ridiculous amount.. prices are going up regularly. Still can find some good buys but you have to spend a lot of time. I find the staff very friendly many have been there for a long time they must enjoy their work.i love shopping at value village!!!.

  6. Brought in some clothes and items and the name Ryan was very nice and to be so helpful went out of his way for taking all my stuff. Have more like him he is special guy who cares for the elderly. He was amazing and made my day less stressful. Thanks Ryan you are very much appreciated.

  7. I really like Value Village in Medicine Hat Alberta. Every time I go there always spend way more than planned. Their prices are always fantastic and have never had a bad Zipper on anything I have purchased in that store. My biggest problem with all of the other stores is bad zippers and prices seem so high. I love going to the 50% off sales and wish I could be notified by email when they are.

    1. My girlfriend came to visit and she wanted to go at your other store on Merivale rd but when I told her there was a fairly new Valuevillage in Barrhaven she was so pleased to go .We had a good time ,we met Joanne (the only French girl she said ,we are both bilingual but Norma feels so comfortable to speak in French .We shopped together but she sure bought for the family.Your staff is very easy going and polite and helpful.We’llbe going again,maybe Nov.19th when you have a 50% off9Thanks!……Peggy

  8. Prices are too high, considering everything is donated. Some ok deals on brand name clothes. I’m on a disability, so can’t really afford the new things, most of the time. Prices should be lower,to draw more people in.

  9. Its a great place to shop. and I really like the “recycling” part of donated Items.. It helps the planet..
    in addition, I always find a “little treasure”..

    thank you..

  10. My wife and I go every Tuesday as well as when we visit Owen Sound But she always finds deals !!!!
    But we do like the idea of recycled goods

  11. the staff is great and I find some of the greatest stuff there and I have been looking for a downey ball for my washer I have been looking for one for 4 yearS!!!! AND I FOUND 2 of them !!! so u see u naver know what u will find I just lovs the place!!!

  12. the thing that I really like about value village is I can find whatever I want just in one place.The price is really good and the staff are friendly

  13. Value village at Landover Hills has been my business Center for close to 8 years now. Its a wonderful store with wonderful staffs, including a serious manager and his supervisors. thanks

  14. I love the store in new Glasgow and there are very nice people – very helpful-very caring – and at the checkout they say have a nice day and come back soon

  15. The customer survey is stupid because I have called three value villages and none of the MANAGERS know where the 19 digit survey codes is listed – so customers are just plain annoyed by this — please advise your managers so they may advise us… you are just frustrating your customers– WHERE IS THIS 19 digit code and why is it not easy to find? Are you intentionally wasting peoples time?

  16. I use to love shopping at Value Village but the prices are outrageous.. The items are donated and they charge so much. In our store you can’t even try on clothes anymore.. What is up with that?? You are not going to get covid cause you try on clothes. I know they lost my purchases on clothing. The people that work there must be getting all the good stuff cause there is not much on the racks. And it is so expensive it’s hard to buy it. I thought stores like this was for poor people. People that can’t afford buying new things. Well the stuff at Value Village is too much.

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