Top Surveys 2019 – Which Surveys Do We Like The Most?

2019 Top Surveys

We’ve rounded up some of the fan favorite surveys of the year below.

These are the ones that received a lot of interest in 2019, and we wanted to highlight the favorites so you are aware of some of the stores you already visit daily that have great surveys that give you coupons, cash back and sweepstake entries.


When you take the Dollar General survey, you get a $3 off $15 spend coupon you can use the next time you visit the store. You also get entered into a sweepstakes drawing where the prize is a $100 gift card. You have to be over 18 to enter, like many of the other surveys, and there are 4 winners per drawing period. You can see more details on the official rules site.


Buffalo Wild Wings lets you take an online survey after you eat at one of their locations. The survey gives you a coupon for $5 off your next $25 dine-in purchase, as long as you bring your original receipt and proof you took the survey on your next visit. There are restrictions that vary, so look at your receipt to see if you need to take the survey within a specific time period and use the coupon within a specific time period.


You get two free tacos when you take the Jack in the Box survey at You’ll need to check your receipt to see what the time limitation is, but in the past it has been that your receipt is valid for 3 days to take the survey, and then your coupon must be used within 7 days.


The Dairy Queen survey is one of the best in the business since you get a free Dilly bar just for taking it. If you have trouble going to the site, you can always try the DQFanFeedback site to take the survey instead.


Dunkin Donuts has a great survey prize as well. For giving your feedback you get your choice of a free donut or a 3 oz. soft serve ice cream. I didn’t even know they had ice-cream, but hey, good to know, especially if you take their TellDunkin survey and have the free coupon.


The Zaxby’s survey doesn’t give out a concrete prize to everyone who takes it, instead you get an entry into their cash prize sweepstakes that has daily and weekly winners. You can only enter 1 time per day per person, regardless if you enter online or by mail. You might as well try to play, because who knows, you could win. If you do win, you can only get a prize once every 90 days.


Converse gives you a $5 gift card that you have to use within 60 days for taking their online survey after a purchase within 7 days. You can only enter up to 2 times every 7 day period. Make sure you read the fine print on all the surveys so you don’t miss the entry periods.


Subway’s survey is one of the best because you can enter as many times as you want. All you have to do is make a purchase at a Subway and then take their survey. Then within 30 days you can redeem your validation code for a free cookie. Subway is one of the fan favorites because who doesn’t love a free cookie.

Whataburger Survey

Whataburger, similar to Subway, gives away a free piece of food, but instead of a cookie, they give away a free Whataburger when you take their survey. You can only use one coupon per visit per person, so keep that in mind when you are redeeming your coupon.

Home Depot Survey

Taking the Home Depot survey after making a purchase enters you in the sweepstakes drawing where you have a chance to win a $5,000 Home Depot gift card. You don’t need a purchase to enter this sweepstakes either, you can simply go online to site and fill out a non-purchase survey to be entered. You can only enter 45 times per period, so keep that in mind as well.


After you eat at a McDonald’s you’ll need to be aware your receipt is valid for 7 days and your coupon is valid for 30 days. Taking the survey within the 7 day time period means you’ll get your coupon for a free BOGO food item that you need to use within the following 30 days to get your freebie food item.

The Lowe’s survey enters you into a sweepstakes where you could win a $300 prize. You don’t even need a purchase to enter this survey. You can simply go online to the site and choose the option to enter without a purchase. Keep in mind you can only enter 1 time per week maximum.

The Panda Express survey is one of the 2019 favorites because of the prize. You need to have bought something at Panda Express to enter, but once you give your online feedback, you can go to the store the next time and get a free entree when you buy 2 entrees. So bring your family or friends the next time you go to take advantage of this great deal.


After shopping at Hollister, because, yes a purchase is required to take this survey and get the coupon, you can go online within 14 days, take the survey and get a coupon for $10 off your next purchase of $50 or more at the store. This is a great deal, especially if you are a frequent Hollister shopper.


Wawa is another store with a survey you can still take or enter with even if you haven’t made a purchase there. When you enter the Wawa sweepstakes you get a chance to win a $250 Wawa gift card. You can go to the official rules site to see the full rules and details.


When you eat an iHop, you’ll get a receipt you can save to take an online survey later, as long as you do so within 3 days. Once you take the online survey, you can use your coupon for up to 30 days. The coupon will get you a free stack of buttermilk pancakes, or $4 off your order, whichever you prefer.


The Dollar Tree Feedback survey is one you don’t need a purchase to enter. Once you enter, you are part of the sweepstakes with a chance to win one of the $1,000 daily prizes or prizes valued up to $1,500 weekly. If you like entering surveys, this is a good one to enter.


Chick-Fil-A has one of the best prizes on this list, and that is a free original chicken sandwich simply for taking their online feedback survey within 2 days of your purchase. You’ll need to make a purchase to get this coupon code, but it is more than worth it to get the free sandwich on your next visit.


The Subway Rewards card isn’t an online survey like the rest of the opportunities on this page. This is a card you can swipe when you make a purchase, or you can scan your app, or you can give the cashier your phone number, all once you’ve set up a rewards account. Then, for every purchase you make, you start racking up points to get Subway rewards cash and other fun prizes.


The Payless survey you do need a purchase to enter, and once you do you’ll receive a $5 off coupon you can use on your next visit. This is another great one to take if you do a lot of shopping at Payless. You can enter an unlimited number of times each month, so if you have a few pairs of shoes to purchase, you might as well purchase them separately, with a survey inbetween each.

Advance Auto Parts Survey

Taking this survey gives you an entry to get a chance to win a $2,500 auto parts gift card. If you like sweepstakes, then you should give this one a chance. You can even enter without a purchase, if you’re not in the mood to make one.


A purchase is required to take the Mcalister’s survey. Once you take it you get a coupon to use for a free cookie on your next visit, making it more than worth it. Keep in mind you need to take the survey within 7 days of your purchase and redeem your coupon within 30 days.


The Captain D’s survey gets you a sweepstakes entry, and keep in mind you don’t need to make a purchase to enter. There is an entry limit of one per person per day and a prize limit of one per person per 90 days. If you’re a sweepstakes aficionado, this might be another to add to your daily entry list.


You need to take the Express survey within 90 days of your purchase. When you take it, you’ll get a coupon for 15% off your next purchase, so you can go on a second shopping spree when you feel like it. This is a great survey for those who love shopping at Express.


The TellMarcos survey gets you a coupon you can use on your next visit in the next 30 days. If you like going to Marcos Pizza then this is the survey for you if you also want to save money on your next purchase.

Red Lobster Survey

Red Lobster is another sweepstakes you don’t need a purchase to enter. They draw the winners weekly and there is one grand prize of $1,000 as well as 100 prizes of $50 to win. You can add the Red Lobster survey to your sweepstakes entry list for chances to win each week.

Let us know your favorite surveys to enter and if you’ve won any in the comments below.

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