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Fun fact time: Winn Dixie was the first Floridian company to open stock sales on the NY Stock Exchange.

It traded under the fun ticker symbol WIN, officially on the market starting February 8, 1952.

winn dixie groceries

AND, unfortunately, Winn Dixie also filed Chapter 11 bankruptcy in 2005. This bankruptcy stripped the company down to fewer stores than it had even in the 1960s.

Everyone, including the pup below, was sad about Winn Dixie’s 2005 bankruptcy.

winn dixie pup

In December 19th, 2011, BI-LO a southeast grocery store chain purchased Winn Dixie, officially removing Dixie’s own ticker from the stock exchange market.

That’s Winn Dixie’s sad stock exchange story.

winn dixie aisle

One last Winn Dixie story – Winn Dixie was actually the store’s fifth name that they adopted in 1955.

They adopted the name we all know and love today when the Davis family purchased 117 Dixie Home Stores and liked the name so decided to adopt it for all their grocery stores.

winn dixie grocery

The Davis family originally founded what we now know as the Winn Dixie chain in 1925 and it still exists today, although it is now owned by the BI-LO grocery chain, as explained above.

winn dixie carts

Since the brand is strong, the BI-LO chain allowed the stores to keep their name.

They now also offer a TellWinnDixie survey at where you can give your feedback in exchange for a great $5 off $40 coupon deal on your next purchase.

Tell Winn Dixie Survey Prize

Prize: $5 off coupon on your next purchase of $40 or more at a Winn Dixie Details

Keep in mind you’re limited to taking and using one survey and coupon per person per week, which is Sunday to Monday.

You also must print the coupon in order to use.

Purchase Required?Yes
Entry MethodOnline
Survey Limit1 Per Person Per Week
Prize$5 Off $40 Coupon
RequirementMust Print Coupon

Take The Survey

  1. You’ll first need to buy an item or more at a Winn Dixie location
  2. Then you’ll need to keep your receipt with you since you’ll need it to take the survey online
  3. Thirdly, you’ll need to go on the internet to
  4. On the survey homepage you can enter your 18 digit survey code that is printed on your Winn Dixie receipt
  5. Then, answer all survey questions
  6. Finally print your coupon so you can use it during your next Winn Dixie visit

TellWinnDixie Survey Homepage

The bold white, red and black homepage requests to get your opinion and proudly proclaims you’ll get a $5 off your next $40 or more shop when you give your feedback online: Survey Rules

  • Limited to one survey/coupon per customer per Sunday to Monday week
  • Purchase required to participate
  • Saving receipt required in order to take survey online
  • Must download and print your coupon in order to use it

Contact Winn Dixie

Phone: 1 (866) 946-6349

Contact Online

Mailing Address:

Customer Support
PO Box B
Jacksonville, FL 32203-0297

9 thoughts on “ ― Take Official TellWinnDixie® Survey

  1. I am from NE. And I love the layout of your store in Covington,La.70433. Your employees are all very helpful and very nice.

    1. w.d. is a great place to shop love it love it ive told several poople and they will continue to shop please dont change a thing

  2. While shopping, I noticed two nicely dressed men having a discussion. One of the men asked me if I needed assistance. He proceeded to help me and I was grateful. I noticed his name and asked what his position in the store was. He told me that he was the store manager. He was the nicest store manager that I have met in a long time. My comment is this: I think that his name tag should have read Stephen Sheppard, STORE MANAGER.

  3. Your people are very nice.The only thing I do not like are the long isles. They used to be cut in half. Now you have to walk all the way down to get to the next isle over. I’m 69 and have arthritis and a bad knee.

  4. I just returned from shopping and will be going back tomorrow as an error on my slip. Regardless of that, I parked on the side of the store and proceeded down the walk to the front door. One of your employees was standing out front having a smoke. Upon approach, I saw him spit on the sidewalk…yick.. I almost tripped the guy walking behind me as I moved out as not to step on the spit. Hopefully, I will eventually get the vision out of my head! Reinforcement of employees areas, pls.

  5. Good evening, On Saturday I went to Winn Dixie, I was looking for what I need in the aisles. This employee was very busy doing his job and he help me rapidly with courtesy… He also help me how to download the digital app in which I saved lot with the coupons. He is very respectful, good manners, professional and very friendly. Hope the store found more people like this particular person who really got interest in help the customer. His name is Kevin Rexford…. I really appreciate your assistance… “Kevin, You are a value employee.” thank you…

  6. this is my 3rd trip to winn-dixie and my 3rd time trying to enter the $5 coupon for survey offer but the site will not accept the code?????

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