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Whoever runs marketing at Payless has a great sense of humor.

Did you hear about the epic prank the store pulled near the end of 2018?

Payless renamed itself “Palessi” and pretended to be a luxury brand, setting up shop in an old Armani store in LA.

It sold its $20 shoes for $600 and made $3,000 in the first few hours.

After making their purchases, Payless told customers they had been fooled. Then they courteously refunded the pranked customers and gave them their new “luxury” shoes for free.

The customers left with free shoes but without pride after falling for the prank.

If anything, this hilariously innovative prank showed that Payless shoes are high quality and you get more than you pay for.

It’s really all about perception. This proves if Payless wanted to brand and sell its $20 shoes for $600, it could, but we’re all lucky it sells them for $20.

If people ask you where you got your Payless shoes, now you can put on a fancy Italian accent and say “Palessi” and pretend they’re super expensive and high end.

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Louis and Shaol Pozez, cousins, founded the first Payless shoe store in 1956.

The company is based in Topeka, Kansas.

5 short years after Payless’ founding, in 1961, it went public with the name “Volume Shoe Corporation”, surprisingly not as Payless, as we know it today.

By 1979 it had merged with the May Department stores, but separated in 1996 to become its own independent public company.

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More recently in 2012, it was co-purchased by Wolverine World Wide, Blum Capital and Golden Gate Capital for the hefty sum of $1.32 billion dollars.

The past few years have been tough for the shoe company, as they closed all stores in Australia in 2016, with over 700 job cuts.

Then, in April of 2017, Payless actually filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy and had to close 400 US stores.

Payless is still trying to recover and improve their customer experience so they don’t need to go through more bankruptcy or fully close.

One way they try to improve is by offering a customer survey to get your feedback and opinions in exchange for a coupon you can use on your next visit.

This helps them improve and stay out of bankruptcy, and gives you a free coupon, both of which are nice!

TellPayless Details

Survey Prize$5 Payless Coupon
Purchase Required?Yes
Entry MethodOnline
Entry LimitUnlimited

Payless Survey Prize

Upon completion of the survey, you will receive a coupon code you can use on your next visit to a Payless shoe store.

  • Coupon code, likely a $5 off coupon to use on your next Payless purchase

How To Take The Survey

Taking the survey is simple. All you have to do is buy something at a Payless store, which is very easy to do, of course ;). Then you take the code printed on your receipt and enter it online at to take the survey where at the end you will receive your coupon.

  1. Make a purchase at a Payless store
  2. Hold onto your receipt
  3. Go online to
  4. Answer all survey questions
  5. Save the code presented at the end of your survey to use as a coupon for your next Payless purchase Survey Homepage

The Payless survey homepage is orange and white like their store logo, and starts by asking you to enter the 13 digit access code printed on your receipt. Here’s what it looks like when you visit: Survey Rules

  • You must make a purchase to be eligible for the survey
  • You must save your receipt so you can enter the 13 digit code printed on it to start the survey

Contact Payless

Phone: 1-877-474-6379

Contact Online

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  1. Was a rewards member. You didnt have the shoes that i buy when the discount was for less has name brand for your price to me. I buy shoes for 5 kid in the house.when management dissapointed me you show you are too big. I will go elsware

  2. Hi, I went with my two kids, a boy an a girl. I saw two pair of snakers 1, has a tag $ 2, has a tag $235. I carried d both shoes to d cashier, it was not d original price. Could someone in Authority please look into this mess at d Sangre grande branch. I bought a sneakers, but was not at all satisfy with d assistance I got. Imagine I had to ask for my receipt. D service there is not good.

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