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Jackson Hewitt prepares more than 2 million Federal, State and Local taxes every year, making it the second largest tax preparation company in the United States.

It is based in New Jersey and has grown to over 6,000 US locations, the majority of which, 3,000, are located inside of Walmarts.

walmart outside

It is no longer owned by its original owners, since the Cendant Corporation purchased JH for a cool $480 million in 1998 only 6 years after it was founded in 1992.

Talk about a quick success for the founding tax preppers.


In 2011, the company had to officially file for bankruptcy and a few months later became a private company.

It has bounced back from its bankrupt times and is now growing at a fast rate again, even recently being named Walmart Vendor of the year.

Jackson Hewitt survey

JH continues to thrive as the second largest tax prep organization in the US, and it does so in part by incorporating consumer feedback into its strategy.

Whether or not you are a Jackson Hewitt customer, you have the opportunity to either take their online survey, or to send a mail-in entry to participate in their sweepstakes for a chance to win $500.

A new drawing is held every week, so don’t worry if you miss a week!

Keep reading to find out how you can win the $500 for yourself.

TellJH Survey Prizes

Prize: $500 cash prize

Prize Details:

1 $500 cash prize Grand Prize winner each Entry Period

Total of 16 Grand Prize Winners Survey Details

Purchase Required?No
Entry MethodEmail Invite, URL Invite, Mail
Prize Limit/Person1
Entries Receipt Valid For1

How To Take The Jackson Hewitt Survey

No purchase is required to enter. There are four ways to enter.

Enter Online

If you have a receipt from a JH purchase, feel free to enter online.

  1. Go to the survey site
  2. Choose your language, then click next and enter your receipt number
  3. Answer all survey questions to be entered into the sweepstakes

Enter by Email Invite

If you receive an email invite:

  1. Follow the instructions to enter laid out in the email
  2. Make sure you follow all instructions and include your name,
    address, city, state, zip code, age, area code, phone and email

Enter by Promotional Material Invite

If you receive a URL from the sponsor:

  1. Put the url in your address bar and go to the website
  2. Make sure you correctly fill out your correct
    address, city, state, zip code, age,
    area code, phone, and email and Receipt Number.
  3. For the URL entry, you need a valid receipt number.

NOTE: A receipt number can only be used to enter 1 time during the sweepstakes period and can’t be re-used.

Enter by Mail – No Purchase Required

To enter by mail without a purchase:

  1. Write your name, address, email and phone on a postcard, with enough postage to:
    “Jackson Hewitt Feedback Survey Sweepstakes”, PO Box 16349, Rochester, NY 14616. Survey Homepage

The purple and white Jackson Hewitt homepage proclaims you have a chance to win a $500 prize every week if you enter the survey and that they want to hear your feedback. You can choose to take the survey in English or Spanish: Survey Rules

  • No purchase necessary to win
  • Must be a resident of the 50 US states or District of Columbia
  • Each receipt number may only be used to enter one time and cannot be re-used
  • Limit of 1 prize per person

To request a winner’s list, send a self-addressed, stamped #10 envelope with sufficient postage to:
Winner— Jackson Hewitt Feedback Survey Sweepstakes Winners
List, PO Box 16350, Rochester, NY 14616.

Read the full rules here

Contact Jackson Hewitt

Phone: 1 (800) 234-1040

Contact Online

39 thoughts on “ | Enter To Win $500 | Take Survey Now


  2. I’ve had my taxes prepared with Jackson Hewitt for over a decade and never had a single complaint. Theo and Roberta are both amazing!

  3. We went to Walmart saw Ryan he was very nice right to the point saved us some money and headache from filling. We been filling with Jackson Hewitt for more than 13 years and never had any issues.

  4. I’ve been here since 2017 on my on but I’ve April Ross since like 2013 and she is the best I ask for her all the time I love coming to Jackson Hewitt

  5. Anita Mullins at Jackson Hewitt , Wall mart location specialist was very helpful to me and my boyfriend. She was very nice and polite and helpful, we will continue to come back to her

  6. Went to Jackson Because I knew Trump and the Republicans Tax Scam was going to cost me money this year. But didn’t realize it would cost 222.00 to do short form. Since all our Write offs are taken away but the Rich will keep theirs. I will do my own next year as its easy to put the numbers on line and get the same results for free. Your people use dark screens so you cant see the Lines they fill in that are already set up and easy to scam people . Also no Senior Discounts or Military . Those that gave so much to get you rich . Sorry but This was my last time. Ill keep my money . Greed , Trump just gave you Millions and you want more. I feel sorry for those who use Walmart as a Solution for their tax refunds. The cost is totally off the beaten pack. Scam.

  7. I went to J-H last year for my 2017 income taxes. Good results, helpful person. This year, I set an appointment 2 weeks in advance and showed up on time. No place to sit while I waited 45 minutes AFTER my slotted reserved time. I was met by a woman so hostile and so unhelpful, I finally just stood up and walked out in mid-sentence. Won’t be back.

  8. Shantell Harris is truly amazing she did an outstanding job I really give her a 10 she was great with every person that walked in or called on the phone she also had her surpervisor there plus me she was fast as well great service

  9. I am very happy thatJames Hosier was able to do our taxes again this year. Awesome customer service, very helpful and available if we have any questions. He is THE best!

  10. Mrs. Nancy Stuckey Merritt tax preparer of Jackson Hewitt Tax Service has prepared our taxes for the last 3 years at walmart in Aberdeen, Md. She digs deep from all of our paperwork to find money that is owed to us. She goes over everything and explains it all to us while we are looking at the screen any questions we have she explains it. Mrs. Nancy Stuckey Merritt is a very nice person and professional.

  11. Ron Mealy of the Fairfax Va. Office Provided me with great advice an service. I was able to have a completed tax service in a comfortable and efficient aymoshere.

  12. everything was great and fine Denise Rettinger was professional and wonderful and great

  13. AWFUL! Never again. The so-called “Tax Preparer” was useless. Knew nothing about taxes, constantly relied on the JH internal search engine – totally worthless.

  14. I went to 112 Blanchard st #8 tabia starks has wonder service very perfessional I really like her service

  15. Ms Carolyn Tucker is such a nice person she always have a smile on her face and will make you laugh. I must say within these last couple of years I have been going she has always been this same polite person she will tell you anything you need to know before she starts your taxes and after she is done she will even go over the package with you to make sure you have all the correct information you need to know

  16. I’ve gone through Jackson Hewitt for five or six years now and have yet to have an issue. Great and easy way to file taxes. Thank you all!!

  17. I went to jh today in Lutherville Maryland and brandy Allen did my taxes in a few hours and we had a well-rounded conversation with helpful hints for easement of taxes as well as hints for improving my situation. I appreciated her fast service and caring remarks. She deserves a 10. Thanks brandy.


  19. Just had my taxes done by the most pleasant, helpful, thorough, and sweetest lady. Thank you Joan Rioux from Kenai. I will forever use JH because of you

  20. Ms. Barbara Criss has an amazing attitude. She was very explanatory. When I left i felt as if she answered every question in detail. I will be coming back and recommend my friends and family.

  21. I went to the one in Niagara falls on military road. The woman whom helped me was extremely nice and outgoing And very helpful i appreciated how she explained everything to me she was very thorough.

  22. It just keeps getting better! My third year in a row with JH. Many hallmarks of true professionals from the moment the process began to the very end. Every JH employee that helped me this year practiced total professional service with a smile and lively sense of humor, It was a real pleasure to receive such personalized tax return service. I recommend JH for everyone who wants terrific in person help with their 2019 federal tax return.

  23. Have been using a C.P..A. For the last ten years.. thought I would use Jackson Hewitt to save some money. Ended up costing me about the same $500 for them to do my taxes. Found it very difficult to get A hold of my CPA at Jackson Hewitt. And their hours are very limited. My old CPA will give you a copy of the entire Tax form bound and ready to go. Jackson Hewitt gave me a website and said that I can print it if I want to. They also make you pay an additional $50 to ensure that their work is correct. Live and learn I will never use this company again.

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