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Guess what the name was of the person who founded Charley’s?

If you guessed Charley, you would be right. Charley Shin used his own name as the name of the now famous Charley’s chain.

A chain he started while he was still in college in 1985. Since he was still enrolled at Ohio State College he made the first location close by.

College kids loved the cheesy Philly steaks and it became so successful in 1991 he started making plans for growth and franchising the brand.

Originally he called the restaurant Charley’s Steakery, but wisely, in my opinion, rebranded to Charley’s Philly Steaks in 2012.

With over 600 locations in 47 states and 16 countries, Charley’s is one of the most popular Philly Steak restaurants in the world, and I feel sorry for the 3 states and all the countries that have yet to experience its deliciousness.

If you eat at Charley’s and take their online survey using the instructions on your receipt, you can use the survey validation code to redeem a free original french fries and soft drink on your next visit as long as you purchase any Philly sandwich.

Keep reading to find out exactly how you can take the TellCharley’s survey and redeem your freebies.

TellCharley Survey Prizes

Prize: Free original fries and regular size drink with the purchase of any Philly sandwich

Charley’s Survey Hack

AKA how to get free cheese fries instead of regular fries

There’s a secret survey hack you can do if you don’t like soda or would rather not have the free drink. It’s what I do every time I redeem the Charley’s freebie coupon.

You can simply ask if instead of receiving the free drink you can receive cheese on your fries, making them cheese fries instead of the original fries. Every single time I have asked to substitute the free soda with cheese on my fries, they have happily done so and I absolutely love their cheese fries so it makes the prize worth redeeming for me.

Comment below if you have tried the soda for cheese on your fries substitution or any other survey hacks you’ve done with the Charley’s coupon. Details

Survey PrizeOriginal Fries & Soft Drink
Survey Prize LimitationMust make Philly Purchase to Redeem Free Fries & Drink
Receipt Valid For3 Days
Coupon Code Valid For1 Month from Original Purchase Date
Can't RedeemReal Fruit Lemonade For Soft Drink

How To Take The Charleys Survey

  1. Make a purchase at a Charley’s location
  2. Save your receipt
  3. Within 3 days of your purchase, go online to
  4. Fill out the first page of the survey, then click the red ‘Start’ button to begin the survey
  5. NOTE: If you speak a different language you can switch the survey to your preferred language. Before beginning the questions, you have the option to change the survey language by clicking the drop-down menu in the upper right hand corner of the survey homepage.

  6. Complete the survey and write down the validation code you receive at the end on your receipt
  7. Bring the validation code and your receipt to a Charley’s location within a month of your original purchase date to redeem for a free original fry and soft drink (not including the real fruit lemonade drinks).

**Note you must purchase a Philly sandwich to redeem your coupon for the free items Homepage

The TellCharley survey homepage is white and red and set on an image of a real Charley’s location.

To start the survey you can fill out the store number, date and time of your visit, type of visit, and indicate whether or not it was your first visit. You can find this information on your Charley’s receipt.

Then you can press the red ‘Start’ Button to begin the survey:

Charleys Survey Rules 

  • Purchase required
  • Must take survey within 3 days of getting the receipt
  • Must redeem your coupon within a month of your original purchase
  • Must purchase a Philly sandwich when redeeming your coupon to get the free original fry and soft drink
  • Real fruit lemonade is not included as a free soft drink prize
  • Must present coupon when redeeming offer
  • Not valid with any other coupons or offers
  • Not valid for employees of Charleys

See your receipt and the official Charley’s website for full survey rules and to get more detail.

Contact TellCharleys

Contact Charleys Online

3 thoughts on “TellCharleys ― Take Charley’s® Survey ― Free Fries

  1. Tara at Luke Air Force Base is an absolute joy to see when I go to Charley’s. She is always nice and pleasant and always takes care of me and my order is always awesome.

  2. The “Old” survey was far easier than the “new ” survey. Fire this company and go back to the original and far superior survey. No more surveys for me!!!

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