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Funny story.

Did you know the Boston Market used to be called Boston Chicken?

And did you know it was called Boston Chicken very recently, all the way up until 1995?

boston market meal

Yes, haha, it was! Interestingly enough, its funny original name didn’t hinder its success and it has been able to grow regardless of its name.

The name change fueled growth, not only with a better name in my opinion, but by adding turkey, meatloaf, and ham to the menu that used to only include rotisserie chicken and sides.

The chain was founded 1984 by Steven Kolow and Arthur Cores in Newton MA.

Boston MA

I used to go to Boston College, and freshman year I lived on the Newton Campus, so I am familiar with the area and can tell you it is absolutely stunning with beautiful nature and accompanying houses.

boston market survey

The founders saw the gourmet shop trend growing in the Newton area, and they had the idea to supplement the slow gourmet stores with a store that had the same amazing high-quality food, but was served quickly for people in a rush.

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Not only is the Boston Market prevalent in the Northeast, but it also has a strong presence in both Florida and Texas.

boston market food

Today it has grown to over 450 locations in 28 states.

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Interestingly, all locations are also company owned, and not Franchisee owned. Maybe they’ll open their doors to franchisees in the near future? Who knows.

Keep reading to learn how you can take the survey and get your free Boston Market coupon.

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As they grow and take more feedback into account, the Boston Market wants to hear your opinion at, and in return you’ll get a nice little coupon prize.

TellBostonMarket Survey Prize

Prize: Boston Market Coupon

The exact details of your coupon will be shown when you complete the online survey.

How To Take The Survey

  1. First you’ll need to order something at a Boston Market location
  2. Next, you’ll need to take your receipt with you to somewhere with an internet connection and a computer or other device where you can access the internet
  3. Finally, you can go online to and answer all survey questions

Great job and congrats! When you complete the survey questions you’ll be taken to a thank you page where you’ll be able to get ahold of your coupons and find what they specifically are! Survey Homepage

The tellbostonmarket homepage is set on a light tan background and it asks you for your restaurant number, outing time and date, transaction number, and total amount spent before you are able to move onto the page with the survey questions: Survey Rules

  • To participate you must first buy something at a Boston Market location
  • You’ll also need to keep your receipt in order to start the survey

Contact Boston Market

contact boston market

Phone: 1 (800) 365-7000

Contact Online

5 thoughts on “TellBostonMarket — Boston Market® Survey — Get Coupon

  1. I want to open a Chick-fil-a in my college town because there isnt one anywhere near here and it would make a killing. There is just no way they would accept me as a franchisee because they look for married people who are also religious. Both of which I am not.

  2. Terrible experience, no white meat, how do they not have white meat? Sides were ice cold had to heat at home. They shut the drive through down they said they were shorthanded. Reason I went was I was exhausted and didn’t want to go in. Seriously I just wanted a good meal, didn’t happen

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