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The iconic smiling redhead you probably know as the Wendy’s logo is now famous worldwide.


The Wendy’s founder Dave Thomas actually named the chain and created the logo based on his redheaded fourth daughter. Her full name was Melinda Lou “Wendy” Morse.

Her middle name was “Wendy”, which was also her nickname and what the family called her on a daily basis.

More than just the name “Wendy”, the entire store is based on the color theme red, which was inspired by the real Wendy’s bright red hair.

wendys slogan

You can see the cartoonish drawing of the founder’s daughter Wendy as the logo on the outside of every single Wendy’s store. You can also see the redheaded Wendy logo on all their food packaging, and pretty much everywhere you look when you’re in a Wendy’s.

wendys outside

Personally I think the naming story of Wendy’s, and the use of the color red, is so adorable!

wendys booths

Imagine your dad or mom naming a restaurant after you and then having it become one of the most famous worldwide with your face and name as the iconic logo.

wendys survey

Of course, Wendy’s face is not the only one plastered on the inside of the Wendy’s stores.

You can see the face of Dave Thomas, Wendy’s dad and the founder of the chain, decorating the inside of some stores in the chain.

See Dave’s smiling face in the image below:

wendys established 1969

Dave Thomas founded Wendy’s in 1969 in Ohio, US, and the restaurant is now present all over the world.

Wendy’s has grown to become the third largest hamburger chain in the world and boasts over 6,000 locations worldwide.

wendys drive thru

As it continues to expand, Wendy’s offers its customers the chance to take the TalkToWendys survey where everyone who completes it receives a buy one get one free spicy chicken or Dave’s single sandwich.

wendys cash register

Continue reading to find out how you can take part in the iconic Wendy’s survey.

wendys inside

Wendy’s Survey Details

PrizeBOGO spicy chicken or Dave's sandwich
Purchase RequiredYes
Coupon Usage Limit1 Coupon Per 30 Days
Coupon Code Valid For14 Days

TalkToWendys Survey Prizes

  • Coupon for a BOGO Spicy Chicken or Dave’s single sandwich

Take The Wendy’s Survey

  1. Make a purchase at a Wendy’s
  2. Save your receipt
  3. Go to the Wendy’s Survey Website and use the code on the receipt to take the online survey
  4. Save the code at the end of the survey and visit a Wendy’s within the next 14 days to receive your free buy one get one free sandwich Homepage

Here’s the Wendy’s survey homepage and what to expect when you visit the site: homepage

Wendy’s Survey Rules & Eligibility

  • Code valid for 14 days after taking survey, so must use your coupon within 14 days of taking the survey
  • Max coupon usage: 1 coupon per 30 days

Contact Wendy’s

contact wendys

Phone: 1 (888) 624-8140

Contact Online: Online Form

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116 thoughts on “TalkToWendys ― Take Wendy’s® Survey

  1. Mgr.Ms.portesha Johnson at the Wendy’s on 4965 flatshoals pkwy Dec ga. Site # 7980 Is a very sweet mgr.who talks to all of the customers and treat you with respect and also the employee’s we treats you with a smile and makes you feel welcome to visit the restaurant again I will visit again. Thank you ms.p.johnson.


    2. I enjoy wendys salads – keto Dieting, i would love you to create a keto salad Hamburger bacon and salad not tomatoes. I do love the baked potato! Would be nice if it was a bit crispier

  2. The Wendy’s restaurant 6156 covington hwy dec ga. The mgr. Ms.kesha Oliver/ms.keshunna /.s.tonya harris/ms.cassity/mr.john/mr.david are all so very nice and friendly when you body the restaurant all as a great smile and makes you welcome each visit thank you keep up the great work.

  3. Smith is very friendly he makes you feel welcomed each time you visit the restaurant keep up the great work thank you

    1. I asked for extra onions but they didn’t give me extra onions. Also my fries wasn’t done 3 days in a row

  4. My fries were cold ,chicken was cold.Told the cashier please make sure my food is fresh.Ohyea it will e.This is a chronic problem at this Wendys on 15 Daves Way Hamburg PA.

      1. I came in the bathroom, it was so clean I was over whelmed, I told the manager I was happy the bathroom clean, other bathrooms I won’t say lol you know what I mean.

  5. Buena atencion ,yo tenia que pagar 10 pesos y di 15 y la joven me debolvio los 5 pesos para atras, un buen gesto

  6. The service was very good just a little slow, but usually service is a whole lot better. Kyle must be new because he was only taking an order an filling the whole order before he would take another order.

  7. I enjoyed my delicious Baconator. The GM Manager greeted me. The place was really clean . My son loved his 4 for 4 meal. I will definitely come back again. OVERALL GREAT SERVICES

  8. The food was great. GM Manager were very friendly. OVERALL GREAT SERVICES. I definitely recommend Wendy’s store #00011146

  9. Wendys at Good Hope Al is by far the worst Wendys i have ever been to! Service is awful! Have been served raw chicken on more than one occasion. Normally we give at least 2 chances . They have been given way more because its the closest place to work.

  10. I love my baconators, French fries, and half & half tea…..always!!! Wendy’s has its own original recipes that I keep going back for!

  11. I used to drop extra change in donation box for Dave’s charities. Is it possible to do a round off on the purchase? ex. A Dave’s Double combo is $5.41 in Tx. Hit the roundoff key so my cost is $6 and $.59 goes to charity

  12. My spouse and I are always impressed with the Wendys in Walker Michigan.
    This restaurant is always clean and the personnel are very hospitable and prompt.
    It doesn’t really matter the time of day, we always receive top-notch food quality and professional service consistently.
    I know your founder Dave Thomas, would be very Proud of this restaurant, as we are as pleased to return.

  13. Wendy’s in Pottsville,PA store #00000412 has the 2 Best Co- GM’s. John and Jen. Always polite and professional. The store is always super clean and running smoothly. With that being said you can rest assured that I will continue to take my business to this location and be satisfied once again. Thanks John n be

  14. We love to eat at Wendy’s on 270 highway in Hot Springs,Ar . The employees are so helpful and friendly. We have been eating there for many years. The food is always delicious . The best place to eat in that part of town .

  15. Today went to Wendy’s in Walker La the service was the worst I’ve ever experienced with Wendy’s it even outdone the time the in Hammond, La served my daughter a bun with mold on it!!!! The drive thru was backed up so we went inside, the cashier decided she wanted to just ring up what she wanted to evidently, the chicken nuggets were raw, the food was cold & it was very dirty. On top of it all the cashier was talking stupidly to another customer about me so I addressed it and then asked to talk to a manager but with it all I won’t be returning to Wendy’s if they are going to support and encourage rudeness!!!!!!

    1. Not only is the food delicious but the staff is so nice. Polite and thoughtful and that’s the most important thing to me.

  16. Everytime I go to Wendy’s with my uncle & his friend for lunch, we are welcomed by the most kind, sweet hardworking staff, specifically Malee in St. Albert,#6854. Really appreciate the service and having somewhere to go eat that is always fresh, hot and clean. Thanks again!


  18. Dear Wendys,

    I WANT NAMES !!!!

    I am not pleased to inform you of how horrible your service was at your Georgia Avenue establishment located near Westfield Wheaton Mall Maryland. I had been recommended by a friend to try your “natural lemonade”, so today after a long day of work, I decided to pop in the drive thru. I ordered the “natural” lemonade, a medium fry, and a 10 piece chicken nugget meal. I was both hungry and anxious to try the lemonade. The minute I was handed the lemonade and my food, I drove off. I got to a red light and I took
    a big sip of the drink and I was VERY disappointed. The lemonade tasted like straight CHEMICALS. Matter a fact, even worse, it tasted like dishwater. I was hopeful that my food would be better but in reality, my nuggets were soggy and cold. My fries tasted barely cooked and had no salt whatsoever. And on top of that the man who worked at the drive thru, never once acknowledged my presence, he just took my money and gave me my food. I dont know what you can do but I would like a refund or I want some type of rewards. This was not fair. I had to rush to pick up my kids or else I would have went in to complain. Do something.

    1. Dear Wendy’s,

      On Friday, one of the busiest days of the week in our area, I took advantage of the rare opportunity to have lunch with my wife. With little time to spare we decided to visit the newly open location at 742 Sequin St, San Antonio, TX. We were immediately greeted by Genera, one of the most courteous, professional, knowledgeable, hospitable, and well-groomed staff members we’ have ever met in the customer service industry. Genera’s competency was obvious in her interaction with customers, fellow staff members, replenishing of the soda fountain, as well as her attention to the cleanliness of the restaurant. She appeared to be everywhere attention was needed with a smile. Her bubbly personality impacted everyone she encountered, making our visit to Wendy’s a delightful experience. Recommend you consider Genera for management, and please encourage other staff members to model the example Genera demonstrates.

      Thank You,
      Highly Satisfied Customer

  19. My daughter is allergic to tomatoes, but she loves Wendy’s ,so I get her a baconator fries and plain baconator. The last two times I have we got her food from the Wendy’s in pearl ms. It has had ketchup on it both times. I guess it is my fault for not checking before I leave and take it back it is a hassle. By the time you take it back other food is cold. I should not have to take it back in the first place. The service has been bad the last couple of times my family has ordered from this Wendy’s especially at the drive thru , the lady has been rude. To many options to have to deal with this. Will not go back anytime soon

  20. Went through the drive thru on Storey Ave, Newburyport Mass. last evening. I was greeted by a very personable employee by the name of Almon. He is a great asset to your organization! Thanks Almon!

  21. I have been going to Wendy’s for several years. I currently visit the restaurant located @ 77 Grandville St. Columbus Ohio. The food was very good hot tasty and the people there were
    very kind and business. Keep up the good work!

  22. Quita and the crew at Wendy’s in Pittsford, New York did a wonderful job and were very professional. I loved the Grilled Chicken Sandwich. Thank you so much!

  23. If you do not want a bad review so that is one way to do it as my review was very long and detailed. Wendys is going down every time I visit a store. Took me forever to get the store number finally had to call store so put it by address….you do it that way for a reason. Food is great, stores are nasty and help is unfriendly and useless..Done with Wendys forever…….

  24. Food at the Broadway restaurant is not acceptable unless you ask them to make it fresh. They will sell you whatever.

  25. Service at our Wendy’s on Cape Coral Pkwy in Cape Coral, Fl. is absolutely great. The Manager, Kevin, runs a very clean restaurant and the food is always fresh and delicious. Tiffany, the server, is one of a kind. She is so personable and efficient. She treats you like family, always greeting you by name and with a great big smile. We love going there. It feels like home. We frequent there often. Vivian & Howie

  26. I was happy to take your survey but I hate the free gift option at the end never anything I’m i’m interested in nor really feel are of any genuine quality.

  27. I did leave a comment twice now and never received a validation code for my free sandwich. Did a Tim Horton’s survey and it went thru very smoothly!

  28. Very nice manager at Stateline and 135th St. in Leawood, Ks. Efficient and on the ball. One of his staff messed up our order. He caught it, apologized for longer wait for our food and upgraded our drinks and frostys all in just a very few minutes. I was impressed that he caught the mistake before it ever made it to us,the customers. He kept a smile on his face and accomadated us very well! The food was good and the service was made great by this managers pleasant personality and great attitude! Thx!

  29. Julia at West Jordon Utah location rocks as manager. Her staff is always super nice and it’s always a quick stop in and out.

  30. On Saturday, July 20 we stopped at Wendy’s located at Blaine Road, Hartland Mi (US23 and M59). where we had lunch. Soon after leaving Wendy’s we thought for sure we had left a very valuable item behind. Dave, the manager was helpful, professional, and supportive. We cannot thank him enough for his help and support. We eventually found the item in our vehicle. Dave’s continued support and professionalism meant a lot to us. We are certain that he embodies the highest standards of a Wendy’s manager. Thank you Dave and crew!

  31. My favorite place to eat fresh never frozen food is my Wendy’s in Selden, New York Christine the manager is the best you would think she owns the restaurant that’s how proud she is of her position. You want a good hamburger, chicken sandwich etc. go to Wendy’s they are as good as home.

  32. Keep your free hamburger I’m tired of answering your comments n being told my reply is no good Wendy’s is my favorite so there keep your remarks.

  33. My sprite tasted like it had salt or sum in it. All of the workers were at the front register laughing when I walked in. They are just plain disrespectful

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