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What has 7,306 screens and 558 theaters? And is present in 43 states plus Guam, Saipan, American Samoa and the District of Columbia?

The answer is Regal Cinemas, congrats if you guessed it!

Regal Cinemas was founded in 1989 in Knoxville, TN by CEO Mike Campbell and has grown at a very rapid pace since its founding.

December 5th, 2017, the UK theater giant Cineworld acquired Regal for $3.6 billion.

regal survey

Regal strives to be the best place for you to watch a movie, and part of the way they work toward this goal is by collecting consumer feedback via their talktoregal survey. You can take the survey to help them toward their goal as well as get a chance to win a $100 Regal Gift Card each month.


TalkToRegal Prize

Prize: $100 Regal Entertainment Gift Card

1 Gift Card will be awarded each month Details

talktoregal prize

Prize AwardedMonthly
TalkToRegal Prize$100 Gift Card
Purchase Required?None
Entry MethodOnline
Void InHawaii, Alaska, Puerto Rico, Maine
Entry LimitUnlimited

How To Enter The Survey

regal tickets

How To Enter Online With Purchase

  1. After making a purchase at a Regal Cinema, keep your receipt with you until you have internet access
  2. Then, you can choose to go to either of the following websites: OR
  3. You’ll need to enter the access code from your receipt to start the survey
  4. Finish answering the survey questions
  5. At the end you’ll be entered into the TalkToRegal sweepstakes for the month your entry was made in

How To Enter Via Mail With No Purchase

All mail in entries must be hand written – no mechanical entries allowed.

  1. Handwrite your name, address, city, state, zip code, phone, birthday and email on a postcard
  2. Mail the postcard to the following address:

    Regal Entertainment Group
    7132 Regal Lane, Knoxville TN 37918
    ATTN: Marketing

**You can enter an unlimited number of times by mail, but you must mail each entry using a separate postcard Homepage

The talktoregal homepage is very busy with 11 images on the lefthand side and an exploding popcorn bucket on the right. Where you need to focus is the middle of the page where it asks you to enter your receipt’s access code in order to begin the survey:

TalkToRegal Rules

  • No purchase necessary to win
  • Monthly giveaway
  • Only open to legal US residents who are 13 or older at the time of the giveaway
  • Employees and those associated with them may not enter
  • Void in Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto Rico, Maine and all US territories and possessions where restricted by law

See the full talktoregal rules here

Contact Regal About Survey

contact regal

Phone: 1 (877) 835-5734

Contact TalkToRegal Online

Contact By Mail:

Regal Entertainment Group
101 E. Blount Ave.
Knoxville, TN 37920

39 thoughts on “ — Take Regal® Survey, Win $100

  1. I love regal cinema. Service is best . I enjoyed my every visit at regal. Every time I noticed clining also nice. So thank you regal . I continue with you . I love you so much regal cinema !!!

    1. for $12.00 a ticket i expected the tables to be clean not sticky. hate assigned seating. folks come in late, never sure if some is disruptive around you and can not change seats. will never go there again.

  2. I tried to get through to the survey and I would have a better chance of winning the lottery, never the less. I love your theaters, my husband is handy capped and it’s so easy to get him in and out and the chairs are so comfortable, good job.

    1. What of waste of time trying to enter contest leaves more of a bad taste for going to the movies. Had to sit thru 30 minutes of commercials for everything mostly not even previews of movies to come before the movie started and then such a hassle just trying to enter contest. What a joke. Watch anything I want at home with a store bought movie before I go back it will certainly have to be something really special.

  3. When a movie is being shown in my area, I always check first to see if it is playing at a Regal Theater. I have repeatedly found the theater to be clean, personnel friendly and the goodies plentiful. I am a coupon and discount hunter and with my Regal card – I can save on future admission charge and of course the popcorn. Thank You Regal Corporation.

  4. The place is amazing I love it.If I had a billion dollars I would go their EVERYDAY!!Great seats so comfortable.I really recommend going there best movie theater EVER!!!!

  5. My experience was wonderful it had been a long time since I’ve been to the movies I had never been to regal cinema and it was great I’ll be back can’t wait

  6. I tried to use my $10.00 concession bonus card and was told it had expired on 2/28/19.
    I was embarrassed and didn’t notice the small print with the expiration date. Also very disappointed that all my points were no longer available.

  7. one of the best, clean movie cinemas in the area. service attandants helpful and quick to help with any questions you may have

  8. I have been coming to this show building for over 8 years and each time I get to watch a spectacular movie on the big screen, and now they have comfortable recline chair is awesome and the popcorn with a discount Keeps me coming back.

  9. Excellent Service was given to my husband and me. We’re seniors and don’t get out much; this was a perfect treat and experience!!

  10. My postcard sent to Regal Entertainment Group was returned by USPS. It is addressed correctly as posted above. I can send you a picture of the postcard & the yellow USPS return tab. It states NOT DELIVERABLE AS ADDRESSED UNABLE TO FORWARD

  11. I cannot afford large soft drink every time I go to see a movie I have a disability and do not work so it’s hard for me to have money to spend food and drinks can you help me with this please

  12. On our trip to the Regal Cinema located on Charlestown Rd, New Albany, In. We had to wait for 27 minutes before the movie began. It had a 6:05 start time and didn’t start until 6:32. When we asked for a refund before the movie started, there was no manager on site, or at least that is what we were told. This talk to regal survey is a joke. But to prove I was there here is my survey number 1522-112719-1735-005-01611571. Most likely we will never return to this Regal Cinema.

  13. This Short Pump movie theater was extremely dirty, food & trash all over the floors , and the bathroom were dirty also. It use to be something special to go to a movie on a rain Sunday afternoon, but with all the movies I can watch at home. I would rather stay at home where it is clean and not trashy.

  14. i am not going to do too much to answer, but the theater was nice, seating was good and the attendants were friendly . i went to the red rock regal theaters in the casino.
    my survey number –0659-12016-1708-002-03842576
    i have been to this theater at least 50 times always great.

  15. Our trip to regal cinema in williamsport pa is one that I dont plan on attending again. We asked for just water out of the soda machine and any other place we have been there is no charge for that well they charged plus couldnt even put ice in it what a joke.

  16. I recently went to Westpark 8 in Irvine California. My wife and I saw Emma. The movie experience was fine but getting in the theater was a problem.
    They made us wait in the refreshment line to buy our tickets. Besides buying a ticket and picking a seat, people where taking forever to order their food and get served. If you think this will help Regal sell more food… you’re wrong.
    Remember the customer! We pay Regal to provide an entertainment service.
    Just provide a good movie going experience to your customers and made it easy and convenient to see a movie. at your theaters.
    If not, your customers will wait until it comes available on Netflix or Amazon.
    I believe what we experienced was the beginning of the end of movie theater business.
    John Kubat

  17. link doesn’t take you straight to survey. Still could not find a place to enter Survey Access Code. What a joke!!!!!!!!! It appears that you don’t want anyone to win the $100 gift card!!!!!!!

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