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What do you do when you’re a dentist and you decide to retire?

If your name is Don Newcomb, you decide to open a deli. A deli that will become an incredibly successful chain called Mcalisters.

mcalisters table for two

Founded in 1989 in Oxford, Mississippi by a retired dentist, McAlisters has grown into a successful Deli chain over the years.

mcalisters sign

Currently at 400 stores in 26 of the US states, the Deli has grown considerably in size since its first debut in Mississippi in 1989.

mcalisters booth

The chain serves deli-style sandwiches, soups, desserts, salads, and catering items including boxed lunches. They are, of course, famous for their sweet tea, which they carry in all stores.

mcalisters deli

They are currently owned by Focus brands, an offshoot of a private equity firm called Roark Capital Group.

The original store was a renovated gas station, which is a unique look they’ve held on to as they’ve expanded, including garage doors and black and white tiles in many of their stores.

mcalisters outside

The Deli has come a long way but they continue to strive to get better. You can help them out by taking their survey and giving honest feedback, and in return they’ll give you a nice prize, written on your receipt. It will likely be a free cookie, which is always nice.

TalkToMcAlisters Survey Prizes

Prize: Free Cookie – however the prize does vary, so make sure to check your receipt for the most updated prize Survey Details

mcalisters interior

Purchase Required?Yes
Entry MethodOnline
Receipt Valid For7 Days
Coupon Code Valid For30 Days
Can EnterUnlimited Times

How To Take The TalktoMcAlisters Survey

  1. Visit a McAlister’s Deli
  2. Make a purchase
  3. Keep your receipt with you until you have access to a device with internet
  4. Within 7 days of your McAlister visit, go to the website to take the survey using the code on your receipt
  5. Within 30 days of your McAlister visit, return to the deli and redeem your coupon code before it expires Survey Homepage

The Mcalisters survey homepage is set on a plain white background with a brown wooden paneled top and bottom. The first question prompts you to choose the language you want to proceed in, offering the choice of English or Spanish:

Mcalisters Survey Rules

  • Must make a purchase at a Mcalisters Deli
  • Must save your receipt and take the survey online
  • Must take survey within 7 days of visit
  • Must use coupon code within 30 days of visit
  • Can’t be combined with other offers
  • No cash value
  • See your receipt for more prize and rule details

Contact Mcalisters

Phone: 1 (888) 330-4313

Contact Online

Headquarters Mailing Address:

5620 Glenridge Dr., NE • ATLANTA, GA 30342

contact mcalisters

9 thoughts on “TalktoMcAlisters ― Take Official McAlisters® Survey ― Get Free Cookie

  1. I spent over 10 minutes attempting to submit a customer response as indicated on my sales receipt and I never could figure out how it is done. To make it this complex indicates that you really are not interested in my response and your do not want to deduct the $2.00 if I ever visit your establishment. Get Amazon to teach you how to operate a website.

    1. Unable to find and complete your survey for $3.00 off. Had no problem in the past but now it is impossible. My 7 days is up tomorrow and very upset.

  2. Worst food today. Asked for potato no meat. Potato came with bacon. Asked to please change potato. No meat . Potato came with ham. Friends sandwich was like it was microwaved. Terrible $25.00 not worth it. Code 100803

  3. Your restaurant is interesting, food not bad, but ordering is a real hassle. If it wasn’t for some guy that gave me $5 off coupon, I would have walked out. The order counter was totally discombobulated. The manager was there, but allowed the chaos to get way out of hand. After I was finally able to order, after waiting 20 minutes, the ordering process was extreme slow, the girl taking the order must have been new and wasn’t sure how to take the order. After we got through that, it took about 10 minutes to get the food. The receipt has a web address for comments, I followed the instructions only to find out that this went to a missing link or the link was down. I am not impressed with your restaurant or your website, better make some changes fast or too bad for McAlister’s!

  4. A co-worker and I had lunch in the McAllister’s in Slidell, LA. We both ordered salads and we have had these salads before and loved them. However, today the spinach was wilted, the chicken was freezing cold and some parts of it were actually frozen, and the cucumbers were not fresh. She had complaints with her salad as well with pieces of rotting spinach and lettuce and freezing chicken. Neither of us could finish them. As I said, I get this salad all of the time so, I was hesitant to complain. But, after I thought about it, I decided to do the survey to let you know that this happened. It is not my normal experience with your salads.

  5. I cannot get into this survey. So, I used the phone number. Please REPEAT the validation code so I could make sure I got correctly.

  6. Unable to even start the survey. On 2/25 had chef salad. It had NO egg or tomato & very little meat or cheese. Most of what I thought was lettuce was red and looked very unappetizing.


  7. Went to the survey on line as my receipt indicated. It through me into another survey shoppers values. It never came back to your survey.

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